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Saturday, 31 December 2011


As children of the MOST HIGH GOD ~ EL-ELYON, you will see from the article
 below that on the 6th, 7th and 8th January 2012. The ANC is planning on
 kick starting their year long centenary celebration.

While our country is about to be dedicated to ancestry spirits on the 6th 

January 2011 which is exactly 37 days away , I would like to ask every Child
 of God to begin to mobilize prayer in your church or place of worship.

We must stand united at this time!!

You could either begin with one of two options:-

1) Prayer and fasting for the week of the 2nd January 2012 – 6th JanuarY

 2012 and especially focus your prayers with a prayer vigil on the evening
 of the 6th January 2012 in your church, homecell, prayer group or place
 of worship.


2) You can pray and fast for the 5th and 6th January 2011. Have prayer

 meetings at your churches and let us stand together crying out to the
 God of Israel to speak confusion into the enemies plan. South Africa will
 remain a nation dedicated to God.

Please forward this email so that we can obtain nationwide prayer

... if you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all
Isaiah 7: 9

The African National Congress (ANC) has embarked on extensive preparations

 in the past two years for the centenary celebrations. The celebrations are to
 mark the 100 years of selfless struggle by the people of South Africa under
 the leadership of the ANC in its pursuit for freedom, democracy and unity
 of all South Africans towards an order of entrenched.
We are now, as of today, 60 days away from the anticipated January 08

 celebration to commemorate the birth of the oldest and surviving liberation
 movement in the continent and African diaspora.
The year-long ANC centenary celebrations, will be kick-started at the founding

 place of the ANC 100 years ago in Waaihoek, Mangaung, in the Free State
 Province. The weekend long activites will be spread from Friday. 6 to Sunday,
 8 January 2012.
On the 6th January there will be a golf day event that will be hosted at two

 golf courses. It will culminate a prize giving by some of the ANC leaders.
On the evening of the 6th January 2012, the ANC will then host an interfaith

 night vigil to invoke the spirits of all our founding fathers and mothers of our
 movement. This very important event will be attended by Kings, Chiefs and
 Traditional Leaders and healers will also include the leaders of the African
 National Congress and our allied partners.
On the day of the 7th January 2012, there will be intercultural celebrations,

 showcasing the abundance and diversity of our proud South African national
 cultures. This activity, which will be staged for over a 6-hour period, will be
 held at the Mangaung Rocklands outdoor Sports complex.
The evening of the 7th January 2012 will be dedicated to a Presidential

 centennial gala dinner at the Free State's Vista University. This gala dinner,
 hosted by our President Jacob Zuma. In attendance of this dinner will also
 be leadership of the ANC, Alliance partners, Leagues, traditional healers,
 our stalwarts and veterans. A limited number of our international guests
 will attend the dinner.
The main celebration of the 100 years of the ANC will be held on January

 08 2012 at the Mangaung Rugby stadium. Overflow venues will be fitted
 with screens at the Cricket Oval stadium, Lochlogan grounds (Macufe
 venue) and Athletic stadium. We expect over 120 000 people to fill up 
all the venues for the main 100 years celebration activities from the 
afternoon to the evening of the 8th. As usual the highlight will be President
 Cde. Jacob Zuma's delivery of the NEC Centenary statement.
An ANC musical special stage production will end the days programme and

 bring closure to the start of ANC's year-long centennial celebrations.
The year-long celebrations will take place throughout the year 2012 with

 monthly events that will be spread in all Provinces. Various Presidents
 General and Presidents of the ANC, the collectives that led the ANC as
 well as the issues of the times will be highlighted in these lectures and the
 debates that they will generate.
The month of January will be celebrated in the Free State Province and will 

focus on the legacy of the first President of the ANC, uBaba uLangalibalele
 John Dube (Mafukuzela) who presided over the ANC from 1912-1917.
 President General Dube and the collective that served with him will be
 celebrated and remembered under the theme "100 years of Selfless
The month of February 2012 will celebrate the life of President General

 Sefako Mapogo Makgatho and the collective that led the ANC with him
 from 1917 - 1924. The life and times of President Makgatho will be 
celebrated under the theme "From Colonialism to Democratic Dispensation".
 The celebration will be in Western Cape province
The month of March 2012 will celebrate the life of President General Zacharias

 R. Mahabane who led the ANC from 1924 - 1927, and was re-elected again
 in 1936 - 1940. The theme to remember Mahabane and his collective will be
 "All shall have equal rights". Celebrations will take place in Mpumalanga.
The month of April 2012 will honour the President General of the ANC, Cde

Josiah Tshangana Gumede who served as the President of the ANC from
 1927 - 1930. The celebration will be under the theme "The people shall
 govern", which is our national month to mark the first democratic elections
 in South Africa. Celebrations will take place in Kwa Zulu-Natal.
The month of May 2012 will honour the legacy of Pixley KaIsaka Seme as 

the President General of the ANC from 1930 - 1936. His legacy will be
 celebrated under the theme "Workers and the struggle for liberation.
" Celebrations will take place in Eastern Cape.
The month of June 2012 will pay tribute to the Presidency of Albert

 Bitini Xuma who was the President General of the ANC from 1940 - 
1949. It will be celebrated under the theme "The doors of learning
 and culture shall be opened." Celebrations will take place in Gauteng.
The month of July 2012 will pay tribute to the President of the ANC Nelson

 Rholihlahla Mandela. He led the collective leadership of the ANC as President
 from period 1991-1997. This living world-renowned icon will be celebrated
 under the theme "Building a caring nation". Celebrations will take place in 
The month of August will remember ANC President General James Sebe

 Moroka who served the ANC for the period 1949 - 1952. His contribution
 will be acknowledged under the theme "Women and the struggle for
 liberation". Celebrations will take place in North West.
The month of September 2012 will acknowledge President General Chief 

Albert Luthuli. He served the movement from 1952 - 1967. He will be
 acknowledged under the theme "African Heritage and Art". Celebrations
 will take place in Northern Cape.
The month of October 2012 will pay homage to President Oliver Tambo.

 Tambo served the movement for a record breaking period since 1967 -
 1991. He will be saluted for his unprecedented dedicated leadership under
 the theme "International Solidarity". Having been entrusted by the ANC 
with the complex challenge to open up its external mission, he set off into
 the world and mobilised it to support our people's struggle. Celebrations
 will take place in all provinces, with a focus in Gauteng.
The month of November 2012 will pay respect to President Thabo Mbeki

 who served the movement from 1997 - 2007. He will be remembered
 under the theme "Let a 100 flowers blossom." Celebrations will take place
 in all provinces, with a focus in `Western Cape.
The month of December 2012 will honour our current President Jacob

 Zuma. He started serving the movement since 2007 and is still the president
 of the ANC and people of South Africa. Zuma will be saluted under the
 theme "Peace, freedom and security." Celebrations will take place in all
 provinces, with a focus in Free State.
A lot has been done in the past two years to prepare ourselves for the

 celebration of our 100 years. A National Centenary Task Team (NCTT)
 was formed whilst in all the Provinces and Regions, Provincial Centenary
 Task Teams and Regional Centenary Task Teams were established.
In these structures that are seized with the preparatory work for the year

 long celebrations as well as the mobilizations of all South Africans. People
 in the continent, as well as people in the world over will also be part of our 
100 years anniversary activities. We have also commissioned work on the
 writing of the history of the ANC by Comrade Marc Maharaj and Comrade
 Pallo Jordan. We expect the book to be ready for publication before the
 end of the centennial year.
We are proud to pronounce that a lot of work has been put into this by

 our Provincial structures such that the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Free
 State and North West have already launched their 2012 ANC centennial 
celebrations chapters. The remaining provinces of Gauteng, Northern and
 Western Cape as well as Limpopo will launch their chapters next month.
At the international level we have already addressed the Heads of States

 of the African Union through our President in January 2011. We are also
 proud to have been given an opportunity by the United Nations to
 address them on our Centenary, the occasion in which the Secretary
 General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, proudly declared that "The 
ANC is more than a political party. It is a movement-and a tangible
 expression of a vision. The commitment and sacrifice of its members
 led to the emancipation of a nation from
a racist colonial rule. This has always been the movement's strength and it
 is this vision that the world looks to now. The struggle for freedom, justice,
 human rights and against racism is a global battle. I see the ANC in the
 vanguard. Not just in South Africa but throughout the continent and the
We have undertaken visits to many countries including Germany, Russia

 as well as the United States of America to mobilize our friends and allies
 who were also part of the International anti-apartheid movement. Apart
 from welcoming centenary coordinating structures in those countries as
 well as the support that those coordinating structures will give to the
 ANC, we will also use the opportunity to thank the International community
 for the support it has given to the people of South Africa and the ANC.
As part of our programme in 2012 we will host an International Solidarity

 Conference where former anti-apartheid organisations and individuals
 throughout the world will converge on our soil to craft a way forward.
We are also aware that at an ANC-led government level, our country will

 in May 2012 host a conference to be attended by the African Diaspora.
 We are proud that this event will take place when we celebrate our 100
As we celebrate the centenary of the ANC we want the broad society of 

South Africa o join in and be part of the celebrations because the legacy
 of the ANC is the legacy of the people of South Africa!
Let us intensify our commitment and resolve of ‘Unity in Diversity'. A

 South African nation will be born if we are all committed to this founding 
value of our people who were the true midwives of the ANC and the
 freedom it led us into.
Issued by:
Baleka Mbete
ANC National Chairperson
African National Congress
Chief Albert Luthuli House
54 Sauer Street
08 November 2011
Keith Khoza 082 823 967