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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Nizelle Coetzee, businessman Martin Freites Belo attacked, robbed, Plaston White River.

Nizelle Coetzee, Venezuelan businessman Martin Freites Belo attacked,
 robbed at her Plaston White River home
|Dec 22 2011 - Nizelle Coetzee, -- (who is a daughter of ex-SAAF

 intelligence officer Wicus Coetzee, the Sudwala Kraal farmer who
 recently spent a week in jail for 'possession of illegal weapons' after
 he was turned in by his estranged wife)-- became the victim of an
 armed robbery at home on Tuesday night Dec 20 2011 reports SAPS
 LtCol Leonard Hlathi. The police officer said the couple were attacked
 Tuesday night at 22:30.
Hlathi said two unknown black males accosted Ms Coetzee and Mr

 Freites Belo when they arrived at the gate of Coetzee’s residence and
 her friend got from the car to open it.
Two shots were fired by the two black men at once. They then demanded

 that Coetzee also get out of the vehicle and forced both of them to
 the ground. 
Hlathi said that they demanded cash and all their possessions, at

 gunpoint. “The man told them to look in the car and pleaded for his
 life and his friend’s,” said Hlathi.
The men took an undisclosed amount of cash, cellphones and a laptop

 before fleeing the scene on foot.
Mr Freites Belo 's business is near the robbery scene. He said he had

 accompanied Ms Coetzee to her house because she was afraid to
 spend the night alone.
He droveslowly towards the gate as he was wary at that time of night. 
“As I was getting out of the car I heard a shot go off, it hit the ground

 close to my feet,” said Freites Belo. “I think it was a small-calibre
The men approached me, they didn’t have balaclavas on, but they were

 dressed all in black.”
According to him they demanded that he lie down on the ground and that

 they wanted money and guns. He says he had his gun in its holster
 around his waist but managed to cover it with his left arm. The robbers
 never found the weapon despite having searched him.
“Then they took our cellphones, whatever was in the car and Nizelle’s

 handbag,” said Freites Belo. 
“The men shouted at me, demanding more money. I told them to look

 inside the bag,” he said, referring to a bag in his vehicle that contained
 some cash.
He says the robbers fled on foot with their loot around the back of

 Nizelle's house and into the bush.
“As I didn’t have a phone anymore, I ran to the garage next to my shop,

 but they couldn’t help me, so I opened my shop and hit the panic button.”
J&M Security arrived within a minute and contacted the police.
A forensic team arrived promptly. Freites Belo did not want his picture in

 the local newspaper, saying he feared for his ife and feared being
He described his attackers as aged approximately 21 to 24. He thinks

 they were South African blacks and said they spoke to him in English. 
“Though I will never remember their faces, because when they pointed

 the weapon at my face they distorted their facial expressions,” said Belo.
Lt Col Hlathi said the White River police are investigating a case of

 armed robbery. Anyone with further information can contact Capt
 Sawzia Vali on 082-449-0334.
Martin Freites Bello facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martin.belo
Wicus Coetzee facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wicus.coetzee
--- There apparently was a misunderstanding which caused Mr Wicus

 Coetzee's 7-days jail-time. He was released on R10,000 after it was
 determined that 
two men called Wicus Coetzee were registered each with their

 individual ID number. Police had suspected that he had two identities.
The other Wicus Coetzee apparent had several previous convictions

 for unknown offences.
Public prosecutor Michael Mazibuko said he wanted to emphasize that

 the Wicus Coetzee they had arrested only had one ID number.
The other one belongs to a man with the same name.
Since this particular Mr Coetzee had no previous convictions he was

 released on bail. Mazibuko also stated in court that 'nothing incriminating'
 was located when they ran the ID checks on him. Investigating officer
 w/o Kobus van Niekerk testified that the following weapons were at
 Coetzee's farm: an AK-47, three .38-revolvers, shotguns, two
 303-hunbting rifles,a 306 and 308, 2,294 rounds of various ammo,
 26 hand-grenades. De police did not oppose his bail.The firearms
 are undergoing ballistics tests said the SAPS