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Monday, 28 November 2011


Several deliveries of bananas from Uvongo Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa
 have been infected with necrotizing fasciitis, otherwise known as flesh
 eating bacteria. Recently this disease has decimated the monkey
 population in the south coast. We are now just learning that the
 disease has been able to graft itself to the skin of fruits in the
 region, most notably the banana which is one of south africa’s
 largest exports. Until this finding scientists were not sure how the
 infection was being transmitted. It is advised not to purchase
 bananas for the next three weeks!!! If you have eaten a banana
 in the last 2-3 days and come down with a fever followed by a skin
 infection seek MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!

The skin infection from necrotizing fasciitis is very painful and eats two
 to three centimeters of flesh per hour. Amputation is likely, death is
 possible.. If you are more than an hour from a medical center burning
 the flesh ahead of the infected area is advised to help slow the spread
 of the infection. The FDA has been reluctant to issue a country wide
 warning because of fear of a nationwide panic. They have secretly
 admitted that they feel upwards of 15,000 South Africans will be
 affected by this but that these are" Acceptable numbers". 

Saturday, 26 November 2011



"The fight for freedom will continue!"

Milan, December 3, 2011: Conference on Boer Genocide

Saturday, December 3, 2011, in Milan (northern Italy), at the literary club Ritter, in Via Maiocchi 28, will be held the conference “Genocidio Boero” (“Boer Genocide”). The initiative, promoted by the cultural association Thule Italia, will have the editor of Volkstaat.org as speaker.

The dissertation, besides to deal with the White Genocide in southern Africa, namely: the racist extermination which bloody southern Africa, will present the reasons, history and dramas (past and present) of the only white nation of Africa: the Boer nation. A nation formed in Africa, after a long migration in search of freedom, who founded their own Republics on uninhabited lands or on lands regularly purchased from other tribes.
The Boer nation was the first to fight colonialism in Africa. When international capitalism moved to conquer it, after its lands proved unexpectedly to be rich in gold and diamonds, it was the victim of British concentration camps. Its Republics were annexed to the British colonies to form a great Empire: South Africa, first administered by whom the regime had classified as “whites”, and by blacks today. Two very different imperialisms, at different times, but subservient to the same international economic powers.
The Boer Genocide, yesterday and today, is also cultural and spiritual. It is the attack on the identity of a people. To destroy the Boer identity the “old” South Africa invented an artificial “nationalism”: the “Afrikaner” one; to destroy the identity of all peoples of southern Africa the “new” South Africa has invented a new artificial “nationalism”: the “South African” one.
The new “black” South Africa (the “Rainbow Nation” politically correct), born from the relationship between international capitalism and the Communist terrorists, is characterized by racist politics, racist propaganda and racist violence; against whites. It is an Empire, that denies freedom to all nations of southern Africa.
In southern Africa there are various indigenous peoples, not only blacks, and all these nations have right to be free. The concept that southern Africa would belong only to blacks: it is a racist concept, contradicted by history.
The Boer nation has the right to existence and independence, like any other, on the land of their fathers.

Opening of the Conference is scheduled at 17.30.
Come on down!


just released


Possibly the greatest display of white-ruled South Africa’s technological capability came with its development of nuclear weapons.

The casings for South Africa’s nuclear weapons, photographed at the Advena facility, near Pelindaba. Six weapons were completed, and a seventh was under construction when the project was halted.

White South Africa built six atom bombs by 1989 at the Pelindaba nuclear research facility which was to the east of Pretoria.

In 1989, the ruling National Party decided to hand power to black majority rule, but did not wish to see the weapons handed over to either a black government or one of the African National Congresses’ allies such as Libya.

The weapons storage safe, buried deep underground, at the Advena facilty near Pelindaba outside Pretoria. These were the weapon storage lockers used for holding the assembled nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapons project serves as testament to two important facts about white South Africa.

Firstly, it is yet another proof, if any was needed, of the falsity of the “environmental” theory of development. South Africa did not develop nuclear technology “just because” of its geographic location.

The development was possible because of the race of the people who lived there, and had nothing to do with the geography, climate, or any other factor.
Secondly, the fact that white South Africa developed these weapons for supposed use against its enemies, shows the delusion under which the apartheid leaders lived.

The policy of apartheid guaranteed that white South Africa would inevitably be overrun with blacks, and the possibility of using these weapons in any operational theater was, therefore, nonexistent.

White South Africa’s reliance on black labor meant that no matter where such a weapon might be aimed, whites and blacks alike would be targeted.

The nuclear weapons project stands as a tribute to Afrikaner technological and scientific ability, but was an exercise in political self-delusion, just like apartheid.”


Additional information, not in the book, but which might be of interest to readers:

- The South African nuclear weapons project was publicly acknowledged in March 1993 by then state president F.W. de Klerk. It was only announced after the weaponry had been fully dismantled and the core elements destroyed or removed.

- The United States supplied South Africa with its first supply of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) for use at the Safari-1 research reactor, commissioned in 1965 at Pelindaba. The US supplied South Africa with about 100 kilograms of weapon-grade uranium fuel until 1975, when anti-Apartheid sanctions stopped the shipments.

- Apartheid South Africa then turned to Israel for further assistance with its nuclear weapons programme. It is still a matter of debate as to how much technology Israel supplied, but it was probably limited to tools rather than actual weaponry.

- South Africa stated its own HEU enrichment program in a small warehouse in central Pretoria. As it became more sophisticated, larger premises and stricter security were needed, and in the mid-1960s, the project was moved to Pelindaba.

- At the same time, South Africa started developing commercial applications for nuclear power plants, and in 1976, construction was started on the Koeberg nuclear power station to the north of Cape Town. Apart from providing electricity, Koeberg provided plausible deniability for the Pelindada research station.

- In 1970, the South African government announced that it was building the “Y-Plant at Valindaba,” located next door to Pelindaba. The Y-Plant was commissioned in 1974 and started producing HEU in 1978.

- In 1977, South Africa’s Atomic Energy Board (AEB) produced a first full-scale gun-type nuclear device prototype (as opposed to a just a ballistic test device) without an HEU core. This 3 ton bomb, was only meant to demonstrate feasibility of the weapon, and never for actual use.

- In 1973, a group of scientists working at the Sonchem facility in Somerset West, produced the mechanical subsystems for a gun-type nuclear device. They successfully tested their design in May 1974, which proved that a nuclear explosive was feasible.

- The Sonchem success convinced the AEB to upgrade the Pelindaba facility, and by 1977, had constructed a facility in “Building 5000,” and the Sonchem team was transferred to the Pretoria area. In this building, the gun-type device was successfully test-fired using a natural uranium projectile in 1976.

- Several other buildings at Pelindaba were then created for other parts of the weapons project:
  - Building 5000 contained a pulse reactor for the experimental verification of theoretical computer models. In 1979, the reactor was used as a fast critical assembly in an experiment often referred to as "tickling the tail of the dragon" that proved the design of the gun-type device. The reactor was never again used as a pulse reactor and the facility was shut down in the early 1980s.

Building 5000 at Pelindaba, where the "Melba" device was given its "dry run."

  - Building 5100 contained the control room for Building 5000, offices, research and development laboratories and machining facilities for uranium, particularly buildings 5100 and 5200.
  - Building 5200 housed a critical facility to verify separately the multiplication factors of the two parts of a nuclear explosive device, providing confidence that the gun-type design would work. The first nuclear explosive device was also assembled in this building in 1979.
  - Building 5300 was designed exclusively as a laboratory for high explosives. Small quantities of high explosives were pressed and machined into shapes at this facility. 

- By 1977, two test shafts (216 and 385 meters deep) had been drilled at the Vastrap military based outside Upington in the northern Cape’s Kalahari Desert, with the intention of conducting an “instrumented cold test” of the first prototype, using a depleted uranium core. This would have entailed a “dry run” for a real nuclear test. The test date was set for August 1977.

The corrugated iron shed which covers the two test shafts at the Vastrap military base north of Upington. The shed was built in 1987 when Armscor considered reopening the shafts for tests after they had been abandoned ten years earlier following an international outcry.

- The US government was officially — and secretly — informed of the plans to conduct the test. The American government urged the South Africans not to conduct the test, but (allegedly) kept the information to themselves.

- The test plans were only abandoned when a Soviet spy satellite detected the preparations and the Soviets notified the US of the discovery. The US was forced to bring diplomatic pressure to bear as news of the project spread, with the French government threatening to cancel the contract for the Koeberg reactor (which was based upon French designs).

- The Vastrap test site was abandoned, only to be opened again in 1987 when the test shafts were inspected and a corrugated iron shed built over the holes. The test shafts were publicly filled in with concrete in July 1993.

The Vastrap test shafts were filled in with concrete in 1993 under IAEA supervision.

- By 1979, the Y-Plant had produced 55 kilograms of HEU (at 80% enrichment) which was made into a core for a second experimental device named “Melba.” This device was completed in 1980, and used in a “zero-yield test” (in which a nuclear chain reaction is initiated with negligible energy output). “Melba” was then stored in stored in an abandoned coal mine at Witbank at a former military ammunitions depot, until it was moved to the Kentron “Circle” building near Pelindaba.

- By 1979, the state run arms manufacturer, Armscor, was handed control of the project to develop full-blown nuclear devices, with the AEB (now renamed the Atomic Energy Corporation or AEC) providing nuclear materials and development work.

- Armscor built a new facility, the Kentron Circle facility some 15 kilometers east of Pelindaba. The site, later renamed Advena, was commissioned in May 1981.

A side view of the storage facility at the Kentron Circle building, taken when the facility was still in use.

- At the Circle (“Advena”), Armscor extended the nuclear weapons programme from the gun-type weapons to inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) systems, and developed advanced warhead designs.

- It was at Advena that cooperation with Israel reached its zenith. Scientists from both countries worked on at least two missile, codenamed RSA-3 and RSA-4 (RSA= “Republic of South Africa”), both developed from Israel’s Jericho II ICBM. One of the RSA-3 missiles, meant for satellite launch, is today on display at the Swatkorps Air Force museum. The RSA-4 missile could, allegedly, reach any target within a 7,000 kilometer radius while carrying a 700 kilogram nuclear warhead.

The RSA-3 missile, as can be seen at the Swartkops Air Force base museum. According to published data one of the missiles, the RSA-4, would have been capable of delivering a 700 kg nuclear warhead from its South African launch site to any point on earth. The RSA range of missiles were built around the same engines that power Israel's Jericho-II missile and its "Shavit" space launcher. South Africa ended its missile collaboration with Israel in 1992 and then halted all ballistic missile development in mid-1993.

- The first floor of the Circle building had conventional workshops for making mechanical and electrical equipment; storage rooms; uranium casting and machining workshops; a large vault; integration rooms where portions of the devices were assembled; and eight "cells" for testing internal ballistics, propellants, igniters, and small quantities of high explosives for self-destruct mechanisms.

- An explosive test chamber located in one of the cells could handle up to 2.5 kilograms of high explosive. It was also used to conduct plane-wave experiments with shaped charges and to develop high-speed instrumentation for preliminary work on implosion designs. Another cell contained the "pig sty," a wood enclosure where projectile tests were done for the gun-type device.

- The designers put a "plenum" or large room above these cells. In an accident, this room would serve to dissipate the overpressure from an explosion, preventing the collapse of the roof or the walls. Holes at one end of the room would allow the explosion to vent. From the outside, the holes were disguised as ventilation ducts.

- In the early 1980s, the program employed about 100 people, of which only about 40 were directly involved in the weapons program and only 20 actually built the devices. By the time the program was canceled in 1989, the work force had risen to 300, with about half directly involved in weapons work.

A more general view of the Kentron Circle building, taken several years after the facility was closed down. It is empty today.

- The weapons storage facility at Advena consisted of a high-security vault with many smaller vaults inside. Each nuclear device was divided into two sections, a front and back. With the HEU distributed between the two halves, the design minimised the possibility of accidental detonation or unauthorised use.

- A front and back end of a device were never worked on simultaneously. Both ends could leave the vault at the same time only after three top ministers and the head of government inserted their separate sections of the code into the vault. No one person had the complete code.

- - The total mass of a completed device was about one metric ton. It had a diameter of nearly 65 centimeters and was about 1.8 meters long. Each device contained an estimated 55 kilograms of HEU.

- In the mid-1980s, construction was started on a new falcity, Advena Central Laboratories, close to the Circle building. This facility was intended to expand nuclear delivery options to ballistic missiles. Construction was completed just as the nuclear program was terminated.

 The Advena Central Laboratories, as they can be seen today. Commissioned to develop the nuclear ICBMs and other advanced weaponry, the facility was complete just as the nuclear weapons project was closed down. 

- The Circle building, and planned new facility, were closed down when the weapons project was abandoned. By September 6, 1991 all of the HEU had been removed from the weapons, melted down, and sent back to the AEC for storage.

- Destruction of the major non-nuclear components of the weapons, detailed design drawings, and photos of components was completed by the end of 1992.

 “Many, if not most, US analysts believe that if South Africa has not declared all HEU produced, the missing material probably was transferred abroad, REDACTED.” -- US State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), in its now declassified report “Underground Nuclear Facilities, December 9, 1992.”
The redacted part is most likely “to Israel” as there would be no other logical recipient of such material

Friday, 25 November 2011



Monday, 21 November 2011


Die geskiedenis het telkens bewys dat mense, of groepe mense, wat met sekere
 ideologieë behep is, nie huiwer om andersdenkendes deur middel van politieke
 of ander sluipmoorde uit die pad te vee nie. Vandag 48 jaar gelede het Amerika 
se president John F. Kennedy aan die hand van die sluipmoordenaar Lee Harvey 
Oswald gesterf. Tydens die verhoor van Oswald is te kenne gegee dat Oswald 'n
 toegewyde Kommunis was. Die vraag wat dadelik ontstaan het is: Wat sou die
 betreklik jong  president Kennedy gedoen het wat horn der mate die gramskap
 van die Kommuniste op die hals gehaal het dat hy met sy lewe moes boet?  
Amerika se hoofregter Earl Warren, het egter in September 1964 bevind dat 
Oswald alleen opgetree het en daarmee was dit die einde van die storie.

John Kennedy was daarop ingestel om Kommunisme te beveg. Gedurende
 April 1961, kort na sy bewindsaanvaarding, het die Bay of Pigs-voorval
 plaasgevind. 'n Groep Kubane moes na die geweldadige Castro
 bewindoorname uit Kuba vlug. Die bedreigde Kubane wat in Amerika
 skuiling gevind het, het onder leiding van Amerika se CIA, Kuba probeer binne
 val om hulle vaderland uit die hande van die Kommunistiese diktator Castro te
 red. Die inval het misluk en die wereld se Kommuniste, met Rusland aan die 
voorpunt, het reuse propagande welslae uit die voorval geput.

John Kennedy het egter sy stryd teen die Kommuniste voortgesit. Sy grootste
 prestasie gedurende sy kort regeringstydperk, is gedurende Oktober 1962
 behaal. Kennedy het gedurende daardie maand daarin geslaag om die destydse
 Kommunistiese regering van die Unie van Sosialistiese Sowjet Republieke, 
 of te wel Rusland en sy kolonies, te dwing om sy missiel-basis in Kuba af te
 breek. Die missiel-basis wat met die instemming van die USSR se skoothondjie
 en diktator van Kuba, Fidel Castro, opgerig is, het 'n groot bedreiging vir Amerika
 en die Weste ingehou.

Teen die agtergrond van die reuse politieke knoeiery kan mense nie kwalik 
geneem word nie as hulle twyfel aan regter Earl Warren se uitspraak waarin
 hy bevind het dat Oswald alleen opgetree het. Byna drie jaar na die sluipmoord
 op John F. Kennedy, is 'n ander vegter teen Kommunisme, dr. Hendrik Frensch
 Verwoerd, in die Suid-Afrikaanse parlement in Kaapstad met 'n mes doodgesteek.
 Ook in die geval is beweer dat die moordenaar, Demetreo Tsafendas – wat tydens
 die aanval alleen opgetree het-  'n kommunis was.
Navorsing het bevind dat byna 90 persent van alle politieke sluipmoorde wat
 gepleeg word, deur sogenaamde alleenlopers gepleeg word wat een of ander
 geestes-probleem of stremming ervaar. Is die bevinding toevallig of soek die
 beplanners van politieke sluipmoorde hulle werktuie met voorbedagte rade
 baie noukeurig uit?             




Saturday, 19 November 2011



Soos n lam wat ter slagting gelei word, stap Afrikaners met ‘n tou om die keel saam met die ANC-regering op die ‘Nuwe Suid Afrika’ pad.Op pad slagpale toe.Die pad waar Afrikaners geslag was, geslag word, en geslag gaan word. En onthou maar vir Bloedrivier, en Bloukrans; – en die feit dat dit 2011 is, en die slagting meer instrumente bygekry het asook n massa vrywilligers wat die slagting van Afrikaners uitvoer.
 Ons sit met ‘n hele regering vol marxistiese, en ongeletterde diktators wat ons lewens regeer. Bykans 1 miljoen van hulle. En elkeen van hulle het die vermoeë en toenemend die wil om ons lewens te verwoes. Van die swart polisieman/staatsgeborge terroris wat die vrou in haar kar doodskiet, of misdadigers na die moordtonele toe aanry, en dan weer huis toe vat soos in die Vaaldriehoek; – tot by die verpleegster in die staatshospitaal wat jou juis die medikasie gee waarvoor jy allergies is.
 En hierdie staatsdiktators verwoes Afrikaners se lewens, en veroorsaak ons dood. Hetsy de-facto of de-jure. Met of sonder ‘n instruksie van die staat.Hoedit ookal sy: – ons staan op die rand van uitwissing; hetsy finansieël of fisies. As die Afrikaners finansieël uitgewis is, gaan bitter min van ons die fisiese uitwissing oorleef. Sonder geld gaan ons in plakkerskampe in die wintermaande omkom sonder mediese sorg, medisyne of hulp. As ons eers finansieël uitgewis is, is die stryd verby. Die fisiese uitwissing sal volg, sonder dat daar nog een moord van ‘n Afrikaner gepleeg word.
 En ons loop hierdie pad vrywillig. Net om ons werke te behou, is Afrikaners binne in groot maatskappye self betrokke by die vernietiging van ander Afrikaners.  En die maatskappye wat al meer teen Afrikaners diskrimineer is legio. Natuurlik weens dreigemente van die staat. Maar meestal uit vrye wil, en om in die ‘staat se goeie boekies te wees”.  Afrikaners kry nie meer kontrakwerke nie, en is ook nie meer op enige lyste van kandidate vir poste nie.  Dit is op sigself aandadigheid aan n volksmoord.
Die VN se definisies van n volksmoord lui dat : “die afdwing van ekonomiese omstandighede wat dit vir hom moeilik maak om te oorleef; is ‘n volksmoord’  En dit is teen die grondwet van Suid Afrika om op ras in die werksplek of enige plek te diskrimineer. Tog verbreek die regering en ook maatskappye na willens en wetens die grondwet van Suid Afrika.   In die proses is blankes in hierdie maatskappye mede-verantwoordelik vir die volksmoord van Afrikaners.   Ons mede-blankes, help om die res se kele af te sny onder dwang.
 Dit is eintlik n sieklike martelingstegniek waar jy n kultuurgroep se lede dwing om teen sy eie mense te diskrimineer.    Dit is die werk van die Satan.   En die wat daaraan aandadig is, moet die volgende weet: as jy dit doen, is JY aandadig aan die werk van die SATAN.    As jy diskriminasie teen Afrikaners in die werksplek beplan, of help uitvoer, is die oordeel van God, al wat jy nog op jou lewenspad kan verwag.   Jy het die merk van die dier op jou hand, of op jou voorkop.   Jy het Jesus verlaat, en Mammon as God gekies. Ter wille van Mammon het jy Jesus verloeën en Hom begin vervolg waar Hy teenwoordig is in Sy kinders.   Jy moet weet as jy Jesus verloeën, is daar vir jou geen hoop nie. Net die verwagting van die oordeel.   Daar is absoluut geen rasionalisering enigsens op enige plek en met enige argument, om die werk van die Satan te doen, of aan dieselfde juk te trek nie. Jy is besig om Jesus weer te kruisig as jy dit doen.    En vir die res van die skape is die einde hier. Die laaste dae.   Dae waarbinne jy nie meer kan koop of verkoop nie.   Kyk maar hoe mense nie meer hulle huise kan verkoop nie.    
En die wat gebuk gaan onder Sataniese belastings wat deur dienaars van Satan op munisipaliteite ingestel word teen Afrikaners, vir die skuld en krag verbruik deur die swart massas; is daar ook nie meer geld om te koop nie.   Die laaste dae is hier.   Die keuse volgens die voorskrifte van hierdie dienaars van Satan is eenvoudig: Voer ons diaboliese beleid van diskriminasie teen jou landgenote uit, of sneuwel self.     En die meeste mense kies maar eerder die inkomste van Satan, as die hand van God, om voedsel te bekom. En in die proses, verloor hulle hul siele.    So wat is die vurk in die pad?  
Die eerste vurk in die pad is dat vir gewone Afrikanergesinne is daar ellende en armoede op pad.
Die diskriminêrende maatreëls van n kriminele staat, dwing armoede op Afrikaners af. En daarna volg die fisiese verswakking van individue. Mediese sorg, en gesonde voedsel bly in die slag. En dit beïnvloed die lewensverwagting van mense. Afrikanergesinne is besig om interne ballinge in Suid Afrika te word. Bejaardes in ouetehuise trek in armoedige plekkies in, omdat hulle nie meer die verhoogde rassistiese munisipale belastings kan betaal nie. En daarmee saam is hulle mediese sorg ook heen. 
 Gewone gesinne moet nou n keuse uitoefen tussen veelvuldige reuse-uitgawes elke maand. Die keuse van wat om te betaal wissel tussen die volgende:
  • huispaaiemente;
  • water en ligterekening;
  • kos;
  • motorpaaiement;
Elkeen van hierdie uitgawes is ewe groot. In die verlede was dit bloot die huis; en motorpaaiement waarmee jy moes rekening hou. Nou is daar nog twee by.  En dit alles te midde in regstellende aksie, wat een van die broodwinners werkloos laat, en binnekort beide werkloos laat.
En n staat wat die verkoop van jou huis verongeluk het deur eensydig die kredietwette te verander sonder kompensasie of plan vir die huiseienaars wat nou vasgevang was in die eiendom. En my probleem hiermee is dat die dag toe jy jou huis gekoop het, was daar wilsooreenstemming tussen jou en die bank. Jy het die eksterne omgewing in ag geneem voordat jy die besluit om te koop gemaak het. En dit het die huidige kredietwette in ag geneem, en jy het besluit om die huis te koop met die wete dat jy jou kapitaal wat jy in jou huis belê sal kan terugkry, of dat die eiendomsmark sodanig is dat jy jou huis weer sal kan verkoop. Die staat se eensydige verandering aan die kredietvereistes beteken nou dat jy vasgevang sit in jou eiendom met min kans om dit te verkoop. En as jy die slagoffer  word van regstellende aksie, of jou finansiële situasie wil verander, kan jy dit nie meer doen nie. MAAR jy word nog steeds vir die paaiemente aanspreeklik gehou deur die bank?
Volgens my, het die hele ooreenkoms tussen jou en die banke verander, die dag toe die staat die wette verander het, wat dit vir jou moeilik of onmoontlik maak om jou huis te verkoop. Die staat het eensydig jou teenprestasie onmoontlik gemaak teenoor die bank. En daarom is dit my opinie dat huiseienaars wat sukkel om hul huise te verkoop, daarop moet aandring dat alle fondse wat hul reeds in die huis inbetaal het, as kapitaal aan hulle terugbetaal word, tesame met rente en deposito’s. En daarmee saam dat die huise daarna deur die banke in besit geneem word. Jy is nie verantwoordelik vir skuld aan banke, as die staat jou prestasie onmoontlik maak nie. Soos dit nou is, word jy gekriminaliseer vir die handelinge van n kriminele en kommunistiese regering.   
Dieselfde met individue wat deur regstellende aksie geraak word. As jy as vrou sukkel om die mas op te kom omdat jou man nie kan werk kry nie, is jy dan steeds verantwoordelik vir kredietkaarte, en ander betalings?
Hierdie ANC regering dwing ekonomiese maatreëls op ons af, wat dit moeilik maak vir ons om te oorleef, en net dit is volgens die VN se definisies, reeds n volksmoord. So as jy die slagoffer van kriminele volksmoordwette is, hoe kan jy verantwoordelik wees vir skuld wat jy nie kan betaal nie? Hoe kan jy verantwoordelik gehou word vir n kriminele staat se volksmoordwette?
Hoekom moet jy die pyne vat vir n staat wat wette implimenteer wat dit onmoontlik maak vir jou om finansiele teenprestasie teenoor skuldeisers na te kom ?
Jou verweer is eenvoudig : ‘Hierdie regering maak my deel van die nakoming van die kontrak tussen my en jou..(bank X) onmoontlik, en is alleen daarvoor verantwoordelik dat ek nie my kontraktuele verpligtinge kan nakom nie.” Die saak is tussen die banke en die regering, nie tussen jou en die banke nie. Die staat se wette lei dus daartoe dat ons as Afrikaners gekriminaliseer word deur landswette. En dit is boosaardig, onaanvaarbaar, en moet deur regsgeleerdes ondersoek word.
Die remedie is nie bankrotskap, of swartlys of enigiets teen Afrikaners wat hulle naam beletsel nie.
Die regsremedie is die onmoontlikmaking van prestasie vir Afrikaners in enige kontrak, deur die kriminele ANC regering. Punt.
 En al het albei individue in n huisgesin nog n werk, is die vraag : Ja, en “so what?”. Jy kan niks met jou geld doen nie.
 Jou geld is n tiende werd van dit wat jy in die weste daarmee kan koop. Jy kan vir n tiende van die prys n soortgelyke motor in Amerika, Kanada, Engeland en ander plekke koop. Jy kan 3 hamburgers met gratis koeldrank koop vir 3 dollars in Kanada en die VSA. Jy kan ontwerpersjeans koop vir n paar dollar in Amerika en Kanada. En al gebruik jy die wisselkoers, is dit steeds n tiende van die plaaslike prys. In Kanada betaal die staat jou n addisionele inkomste, as jou inkomste laer as die gemiddelde is. Jy kry gratis mediese sorg van hoëstaande gehalte in die lande.
 In Suid Afrika kry jy niks vir jou belastinggeld nie. Lees wat Rhoda Kadalie kwytraak in Ryland Fischer se boek: “Race”.
Vir die meeste is dit algemene kennis.
 So die eerste vurk in die pad reg voor ons is algehele armoede, plakkerskampe, en hel in die winter en tydens siektes en tydens etenstye. Dit is n feit. Rene Kruger, n CA het uitgewerk dat ons in die jaar 2015, ongeveer R 15 000 per maand net aan munisipale rekenings gaan betaal.
 Die tweede vurk in die pad is moontlike selfbeskikking vir Afrikaners. Ja, daar is hoop, en die internasionale reg is aan ons kant. Maar dit is en bly n groot droom, met massiewe koste-; en ander implikasies.   Staatstigting is welliswaar die hoogste vorm van beskawing, en ons Afrikaners het dit alreeds in 1852 en 1854 bereik.   Tans is dit weer ons strewe.
En uiteraard is dit n turksvy vir die ANC, en ook individue wat gevestigde belange, eiendom en bates het in die status quo. Individue vir wie die huidige regering n blote irritasie is, maar nog nie n saak van oorlewing nie. Ouens met nog geld in die bank en kos op die tafel. Maar dit is n enorme uitdaging. In terme van bestuur moet daar op die vlak van n regering gedink en beplan word. In terme van finansies moet daar aan uitgawes gedink word, wat n gewone staat sal laat skrik. Dink aan die oprigting van hospitale en die toerusting. Dink aan die oprigting van huise vir armes, kosverwerkingsaanlegte, lughawens, infrastruktuur van visserye, en die plant van 40 miljoen doringbome om ons eie bosveld te skep.
Maar dink aan die koste en energie om hierdie boodskap by ons mede-burgers uit te kry. En nie net uit te kry nie, maar aanvaar te kry, deur hoofsaaklik te fokus op die swart toekoms wat ons in die gesig staar. En dat dit die enigste vreedsame weg is om die juk van ‘n mislukte kommunistiese regeerideologie af te skud.
En dink aan die kostes en energie om hierdie boodskap langs gewone adverteerkanale en media aan die Afrikaners oor te dra.
Die gedrukte media, televisie en radiostasies word nog gebruik deur die staat om die dwangbaadjie van sielkundige oorlogvoering, en n gevoel van afgestomptheid rondom politieke werklikhede vir Afrikaners;  in stand te hou. En so ook word die dwangbaadjie rondom Afrikaners se verstand in plek gehou, wat hulle politieke pasifiste maak. So die ANC baat by hierdie dwangbaadjie wat die Afrikaners se verstand verlam, tot vandag toe nog.(dwangbaadjie= straight jacket)
Hierdie media hou die Afrikaners se emosies in plek, en sorg dat daar nie ongelukkigheid posvat nie. Kognitiewe dissonansie van Afrikaners word vermy deur die media. Want sodra ongelukkigheid, en besef van die werklikhede posvat onder Afrikaners, sal slegs aksie en n verandering aan die status quo weer tot die Afrikaners se geluk lei.  In leketaal beteken dit sodra die massas Afrikaners agterkom wat werklik aan die gang is, sal daar n enorme krag loskom, en moontlike revolusie of grootskaalse konflik tot gevolg hê.  En dit is presies wat die magte agter die media wil verhoed.    En ongelukkig is dit presies wat nodig is om Afrikaners te mobiliseer op pad na n eie onafhanklike en soewereine republiek, opgerig volgens internasionale reg.   
En dan doem die derde vurk in die pad of vir Afrikaners, en dit behels konflik.
Konflik met n kriminele regering, wat deur swart koerantredakteurs geag te word die grootste misdaadsindikaat in die land te wees.  Want hierdie staat is aandadig aan die volksmoord van Afrikaners, langs verkeie weë en met verskeie instrumente.    Hierdie staat is besig om die Afrikaners uit te wis, met alle mag en middele tot hulle beskikking. Hulle enigste uitdaging is om nog respektabel, en met pakke klere aan, n ietwat aanvaarbare internasionale beeld te wil handhaaf.    
Hierdie ANC regering se uitdaging is om n aanvaarbare openbare front te handhaaf, terwyl hulle wette, instrumente, amptenare, en verdraaiings van die geskiedenis; die moord van Afrikaners verseker.   Daarom is daar advertensieagentskappe wat biljoene rande betaal word om die beeld van Satan self te poets.
En wanneer Afrikaners die dag besluit om oorlog te maak, terwille van oorlewing, dan is dit die einde van die ANC.  Daar is nog geen oorlog verloor deur n volk wat veg vir oorlewing nie. Dan is ideologieë, vlae, volksliedere, en populiste nie meer in tel nie. Dan veg jy om jou eie bas te red.       En die fout wat die ANC gemaak het, is dat hulle die verkiesing in 1994 gewen het, maar die vrede verloor.   Hulle absolute arrogansie om die hele sielkundige verstandhouding van die 1994 verkiesing omvêr te werp, naamlik versoening; en om n swart rassistiese staat in te stel, is verraad, en bedrog en krimineel.   Die ANC se eie rassisme tans en staatsterreur, regverdig die hele bestaan van enige apartheidstelsel. 
Al wat blankes hoef te sê, is dat die huidige kriminele en kleptokratiese eienskappe van die ANC regering nog altyd teenwoordig was, en daarom was enige maatreels en staatsinstelling van destyds geregverdig.   Leeus en jakkalse kan net in hokke aangehou word, dan nie?
 Wat ons wel moet weet is dat Afrikaners aangemoedig moet word om enige staatsoptrede, of onderduimse werksaamhede onmiddelik rugbaar te maak, en aan die groot klok te hang. Ek weet nie of daar n meganisme is wat deur gewone boere op plase gebruik kan word om diskriminasie en onderdrukking en moorde aan te meld nie, en ook nie of die meganisme algemeen bekend is nie.    In kort het ons n paar groot probleme.
Eerstens besef die meerderheid van Afrikaners nie die omvang van die probleme wat hulle in die gesig staar nie, en besef ook nie die vernietigingspotensiaal van die betrokke elemente nie.     Afrikaners wat op die tradisionele media staatmaak vir hulle politieke insig en kennis, is die grootste slagoffers van hierdie kunsmatige donkerkamer.    Hulle is ons eerste uitdaging om te oorbrug.   Hoe om die massa Afrikaners te bereik?
 Tweedens sodra die massas bereik is, is die taak om hulle gemobiliseer te kry tot politieke aktivisme, en toetrede tot belangegroepe om mannekrag te kry vir die landswye probleme wat op pad is.      Op pad na enige nuwe more, is alle hulp en hande nodig. Vanaf finansies, tot vetkoek, en koffie in die fles, voorbidding en hande wat die wa deur die drif kan kry.
 Ons is spoedig met ons rug teen die muur, finansieël en fisies.
Vir baie van ons, gaan daar nie n more wees nie.