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Friday, 4 November 2011


Is it not eerie how this con artists in Lethuli-House can pull a fast one on the unsuspecting public on a permanent basis? This regime is turning this country into a "controllable" police state....very slowly-unnoticeable- but very surely. They use the media as main spearhead to force fear into the populace- and then use their cleverly communist agenda to inflict populace control wounds through their socialist  mechanisms onto mainly the white  people of this land.

Let's have a look how it was done so-far: 1. They forced everybody in 2000 to go to the banks and FICA- updating of all your latest personal information before a certain deadline. Should you refuse to meet the deadline- they WILL freeze your bank account...THREAT.

2. They came along in 2010 - and imposed their farce RICA system- where every cellphone user WILL have to go and RICA- AGAIN supplying their database with all your latest personal information before a deadline. AGAIN- should you not comply- your cell signal would be cut. THREAT AGAIN. This was - again by the Media 24 henchmen- advertised in order to "trace " stolen cellphones! Up to today- millions are still "un-RICA-ed"- and no service was "cut." Cellphones that were stolen- and WAS RICA-ed...never were traced again. These that refused to participate in that scam...still are happily using their cellphones up to today. So much for their bullsh*t RICA farce.

3. During last month- the hollered that "everybody" will have to participate in the hell-bent "Census 2011"- and "everybody" will be counted for determining a "better service" for the populace. Should you not comply you MAY be fined R 10 000.00. (THREAT AGAIN- AND AS USUAL- MEDIA 24 WAS AT THE SPEARHEAD TO SPREAD FEAR INTO THE POPULACE). Now- use your own calculation: South-Africa roughly have 53 million "legal" inhabitants ( if we may use this term loosely). We have roughly estimated 22 million illegal immigrants- ( SAID stats)- and then we have appr. 7 million non-registered illegal immigrants. That gives us appr. 82 million dwellers across the country- Metropolitan and rural. This figure- by all means- may be far off the mark- for there are literally thousands more in the cities and rural areas that are not even taken in consideration- and then the black African, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese aliens are still streaming into our country at a rate of about 3000 PER WEEK!

OK- we will stick to roughly 82 million. NOW- remember- the so-called bogus Census lasted only from the 10th to the 30th of October...a total of only 20 DAYS! They - the ANC clever Johhnies- advertised that 1 million "Census workers"- will patrol the whole length and breadth of this land and will write "each and every household"  down. Does something start to smell like rotten fish here? ONE million Romany pickets vs EIGHTY TWO million moving, working, hiding and traveling targets? 20 days? Who is conning who?

What we observed though- is the speed that these "workers" landed in mainly WHITE areas- and worked furiously to jot-down all the WHITE residents particulars! Barely did the Census farce commenced- or you would see the white regime vans and yellow taped operators descending on the white residential areas like a swarm of locusts on a cornfield with the speed of white cuckoo excretion!  They would even visit the white residents 4-5 times a day to make sure they have ALL the details from each and every white face. Now remember- they only have a limited time- 20 days- to jot the whole populace in S.A...but still spent time to visit certain (white) homes more than once?

Some of the  questions they asked- was DEFINITELY not census related questions at all! I mean- what has my workplace, my salary, where I spent most of my time during the week, my position at work, what I do at work, etc to do with with POPULACE COUNTING? Is this yet another sleaze trick to con whites into submission again?Notice the threat again? Now- My old reliable grand pappy (bless his soul)- used to say that anything that has a "threat -tag" at the end- simply comes from the Devil! In all three these cases...the "threat-tag" was there all right- and in all three cases they forced your personal information out of you. It is so clear this NWO controlled ANC is busy updating their "human control" data bank on a regular basis.Are they also preparing us for the NWO created "Project Blue beam" operation?

Now- my colleague was at home when one of these G-Men spies arrived at her home.It was a colored female type(no white "Census workers"  were noticed- presumably only a AA operation I suspect.). My colleague was busy injecting herself with Insulin at the time this off-white Acorn shade creature arrives at her front door.My colleague's boy told the G-Men spy  that my colleague was busy- and could not come to the door immediately. This infuriated the cadaver- and she said she will be back "later." ( She never mentioned WHEN "later."

Well the "later" was about two hours "later" when my colleague was in the bath ( 21h30 appr.)- and again my colleague's boy told het politely to come in- and wait only a few moments until my colleague was dressed. This time- the G-Men imbecile threw all her toys out-of the cot- and with a lot of fanfare-produced a paper- charging my colleague with a R 10 000.00 "fine" for not "co-operating" in the bogus "Census"- and "unwillingness " to produce her credentials.She slammed the piece of long-drop paper on the table- and left without a further word into the darkness where she crawled from.

I went to my work the next day after the "Census 2011" bogus stopped- 01 November 2011- and asked about 20 colored workers and three black workers if these Census ghouls visited their homes. ALL answered a resounding "NO!!!" How many black squatter camps were never visited? How many rural areas in rough terrain did they visit with their smart G-Vans? How many black areas did they visit- or was this mainly a "white operation" for Malema's type of "National wealth distribution" agenda? Now the one interesting question remains: Why are the ANC rat pack so interested in the precise counting of mainly white areas- and why all the personal questions?

To proof that this was aimed at the white populace again- and the whole "Census" operation was a crap corrupt bogus farce...see the proof in the pudding below...and judge for yourself- a letter from a person that caught one of the sleaze-operators red-handed that spilled the beans. Also notice the corrupt supervisor's reluctance and rudeness with the illegal tampering of the forms. The question here is as to why all the "operators" are tampering with the forms? I mean- If the populace will get fines for "un-cooperation" ...then surely these idiots doing the tampering must also be fined- not so? Further-more...SOMEBODY must've given them instructions to tamper- otherwise why would all of them erase and tamper with the forms?Do you smell another rotten fish already?How many forms across the country has been "tampered" with?: Why did the police- that normally have a history of arresting innocent members of public for mediocre generated  charges- not take action against this corrupt "operator?" The perpetrator was sitting there in front of them- evidence , admittance and witness galore!!

The 2011 Census Farce

The census 2011 is a farce. Attached is evidence of a Stats SA employee with eraser in hand, erasing out information on people's forms.  He was sitting at the security hut at Erasmus Road, Edenglen, Edenvale.   When I asked him what he was doing and why he was erasing, he said his supervisor told him to do this.   I asked for a supervisor name, he said "I don't know"   He continued to say "the people made mistakes and I must fix it".

I asked how many forms he was erasing out, he said, "all of them".   I asked to see which forms and he would not show me.  He would not show me from which street the forms were.  He packed them up and put them in his bag.  He would not show me what he was erasing and kept saying I must wait for his supervisor.

A poster on the lamp post gave me details of a supervisor, "Sibongile".  I called her, she tried her utmost to give an explanation as to why the numerators were erasing the forms.  Any kind of tampering with these forms is surely illegal.    As these forms will be counted electronically, I assume, hence the pencil, then any mistake made will be kicked out of the system.  Any statistician allows a percentage for errors. 

Sibongile finally arrived with another homeowner who had offered her a lift to where we were.  I asked him if he was happy with them erasing on his form and he said, absolutely not.  I also stood at the boom gate asking people as they came and went out of the street if they were happy that the forms were being tampered with.  Everyone expressed shock and reiterated that that should not be happening.

Another homeowner in front of where we were came out.  She was dismayed to find her form was at risk and asked to see her copy.  Hers, completed a week ago, they said had already gone to Pretoria.  How do we as ordinary citizens know that each of our forms have not been tampered with.  How certain are we that they have "erroneously erased" a column without our knowledge. 

How can we trust the results of this survey and how can government do what is right if our forms have been tampered with?  I fully understand the reasoning behind a census, if the results and statistics extracted from the information given is true.  However, if any numerator, or anyone else for that matter, is given full authority to erase the answers, be they correct or incorrectly filled in, then that makes this census, null and void and a complete farce.   We have wasted time and a lot of money on a census that will not reflect the true results.

If a student at school is asked to complete their examination in pencil and the prefect who is asked to collect the papers has the right to erase anything on the form, from the desk number to the students name, that would be illegal.  I want an explanation as to why numerators are allowed to tamper with a legal document. 

This is not the first time that we have seen numerators sitting on the side of the road with an eraser in their hands.  We spotted three at the boom gates on the corner of Baker Road and Steyn Avenue, Edenglen, Edenvale, I just did not catch them on camera.

Sibongile contacted her superior who was less astute and far more aggressive in his mannerism to me on the telephone.  By this point, I had flagged down a passing police vehicle and asked for their assistance.  They agreed with me that it was unacceptable for the document to be erased and they too agreed that if the census forms are being scanned electronically, it would kick out errors, which become inadmissible. 

I threatened to go to the media with the evidence in hand, the superior said, "I am giving you the go-ahead to go to the media".  I asked for his name, he refused to give it to me.  He kept provoking me for my name.  I gave him my name, he responded, "I will not give you my name". 

I handed the telephone over to the police officers who spoke to him, when the phone was handed back to me, the rude man on the other end of the phone said to me, "I have given you what you want".  I answered, "what is that?".  "I have given you to go-ahead to go to the media", he said.  "Well can I have your name", I asked.  He did not give me is name, instead he said, "You are not allowed to intimidate the numerators". 

I said "I am doing nothing of the sort".  "I can hear the shouting in the background" was his reply. 

I said that was the Census people and the police officers and no-one was being intimidated. I confirmed with the policemen that I had not intimidated anyone and that I felt the numerators themselves had handled the situation relatively well. 

I am hoping that you will raise the issue of the Census and the question around erasing forms for us to get answers from government. "

 Now talking about their "services" they want to "upgrade"- does it include for example- one of those they "promised" since 1995 as shown on the pics below as well?: