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Tuesday, 29 May 2012



Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies
A home-made heroin substitute is having a horrific effect on thousands of Russia 's drug addicts

Oleg glances furtively around him and, confident that nobody is watching, slips inside the entrance to a decaying Soviet-era block of flats, where Sasha is waiting for him.

Ensconced in the dingy kitchen of one of the apartments, they empty the contents of a blue carrier bag that Oleg has brought with him – painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid, industrial cleaning oil, and an array of vials, syringes, and cooking implements.
Half an hour later, after much boiling, distilling, mixing and shaking, what remains is a caramel-colored gunge held in the end of a syringe, and the acrid smell of burnt iodine in the air.

Sasha fixes a dirty needle to the syringe and looks for a vein in his bruised forearm. After some time, he finds a suitable place, and hands the syringe to Oleg, telling him to inject the fluid. He closes his eyes, and takes the hit.
Russia has more heroin users than any other country in the world – up to two million, according to unofficial estimates.

For most, their lot is a life of crime, stints in prison, probable contraction of HIV and hepatitis C, and an early death.

As efforts to stem the flow of Afghan heroin into Russia bring some limited success, and the street price of the drug goes up, for those addicts who can't afford their next hit, an even more terrifying specter has raised its head.
The home-made drug that Oleg and Sasha inject is known as Krokodil, or "crocodile".

It is desomorphine, a synthetic opiate many times more powerful than heroin that is created from a complex chain of mixing and chemical reactions, which the addicts perform from memory several times a day.

While heroin costs from £20 to £60 per dose, desomorphine can be "cooked" from codeine-based headache pills that cost £2 per pack, and other household ingredients available cheaply from the markets.
It is a drug for the poor, and its effects are horrific. It was given its reptilian name because its poisonous ingredients quickly turn the skin scaly.

Worse follows. Oleg and Sasha have not been using for long, but Oleg has rotting sores on the back of his neck.
"If you miss the vein, that's an abscess straight away," says Sasha. Essentially, they are injecting poison directly into their flesh..

One of their friends, in a neighboring apartment block, is further down the line.
"She won't go to hospital, she just keeps injecting. Her flesh is falling off and she can hardly move anymore," says Sasha. Photographs of late-stage Krokodil addicts are disturbing in the extreme.

Flesh goes grey and peels away to leave bones exposed. People literally rot to death.
Russian heroin addicts first discovered how to make Krokodil around four years ago, and there has been a steady rise in consumption, with a sudden peak in recent months.

"Over the past five years, sales of codeine-based tablets have grown by dozens of times," says Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russia 's Drug Control Agency. "It's pretty obvious that it's not because everyone has suddenly developed headaches."
Heroin addiction kills 30,000 people per year in Russia – a third of global deaths from the drug – but now there is the added problem of Krokodil. Mr Ivanov recalled a recent visit to a drug-treatment center in Western Siberia .

"They told me that two years ago almost all their drug users used heroin," said the drugs tsar. "Now, more than half of them are on desomorphine."
He estimates that overall, around 5 per cent of Russian drug users are on Krokodil and other home-made drugs,

which works out at about 100,000 people. It's a huge, hidden epidemic – worse in the really isolated parts of Russia where supplies of heroin are patchy – but palpable even in cities such as Tver.
It has a population of half a million, and is a couple of hours by train from Moscow , en route to St Petersburg . Its city center, sat on the River Volga, is lined with pretty, Tsarist-era buildings, but the suburbs are miserable.

People sit on cracked wooden benches in a weed-infested "park", gulping cans of Jaguar, an alcoholic energy drink. In the background, there are rows of crumbling apartment blocks.

The shops and restaurants of Moscow are a world away; for a treat, people take the bus to the McDonald's by the train station.
In the city's main drug treatment center, Artyom Yegorov talks of the devastation that Krokodil is causing. 


"Desomorphine causes the strongest levels of addiction, and is the hardest to cure," says the young doctor, sitting in a treatment room in the scruffy clinic, below a picture of Hugh Laurie as Dr House.
"With heroin withdrawal, the main symptoms last for five to 10 days. After that there is still a big danger of relapse but the physical pain will be gone.

With Krokodil, the pain can last up to a month, and it's unbearable. They have to be injected with extremely strong tranquilizers just to keep them from passing out from the pain."
Dr Yegorov says Krokodil users are instantly identifiable because of their smell. "It's that smell of iodine that infuses all their clothes," he says.

"There's no way to wash it out, all you can do is burn the clothes. Any flat that has been used as a Krokodil cooking house is best forgotten about as a place to live. You'll never get that smell out of the flat."
Addicts in Tver say they never have any problems buying the key ingredient for Krokodil – codeine pills, which are sold without prescription.


"Once I was trying to buy four packs, and the woman told me they could only sell two to any one person," recalls one, with a laugh. "So I bought two packs, then came back five minutes later and bought another two.

Other than that, they never refuse to sell it to us, even though they know what we're going to do with it." The solution, to many, is obvious: ban the sale of codeine tablets, or at least make them prescription-only.

But despite the authorities being aware of the problem for well over a year, nothing has been done.
President Dmitry Medvedev has called for websites which explain how to make Krokodil to be closed down, but he has not ordered the banning of the pills.

Last month, a spokesman for the ministry of health said that there were plans to make codeine-based tablets available only on prescription, but that it was impossible to introduce the measure quickly.

Opponents claim lobbying by pharmaceutical companies has caused the inaction.
"A year ago we said that we need to introduce prescriptions," says Mr Ivanov. "These tablets don't cost much but the profit margins are high. Some pharmacies make up to 25 per cent of their profits from the sale of these tablets.

It's not in the interests of pharmaceutical companies or pharmacies themselves to stop this, so the government needs to use its power to regulate their sale."
In addition to Krokodil, there are reports of drug users injecting other artificial mixes, and the latest street drug is tropicamide. Used as eye drops by ophthalmologists to dilate the pupils during eye examinations.


Dr Yegorov says patients have no trouble getting hold of capsules of it for about £2 per vial. Injected, the drug has severe psychiatric effects and brings on suicidal feelings.
"Addicts are being sold drugs by normal Russian women working in pharmacies, who know exactly what they'll be used for," said Yevgeny Roizman, an anti-drugs activist who was one of the first to talk publicly about the Krokodil issue earlier this year.

"Selling them to boys the same age as their own sons. Russians are killing Russians."
Zhenya, quietly spoken and wearing dark glasses, agrees to tell his story while I sit in the back of his car in a lay-by on the outskirts of Tver.

He managed to kick the habit, after spending weeks at a detox clinic ,experiencing horrendous withdrawal symptoms that included seizures, a 40-degree temperature and vomiting.

He lost 14 teeth after his gums rotted away, and contracted hepatitis C.
But his fate is essentially a miraculous escape – after all, he's still alive. Zhenya is from a small town outside Tver, and was a heroin addict for a decade before he moved onto Krokodil a year ago.


Of the ten friends he started injecting heroin with a decade ago, seven are dead.
Unlike heroin, where the hit can last for several hours, a Krokodil high only lasts between 90 minutes and two hours, says Zhenya. Given that the "cooking" process takes at least half an hour, being a Krokodil addict is basically a full-time job.
"I remember one day, we cooked for three days straight," says one of Zhenya's friends. "You don't sleep much when you're on Krokodil, as you need to wake up every couple of hours for another hit.

At the time we were cooking it at our place, and loads of people came round and pitched in. For three days we just kept on making it. By the end, we all staggered out yellow, exhausted and stinking of iodine."
In Tver, most Krokodil users inject the drug only when they run out of money for heroin. As soon as they earn or steal enough, they go back to heroin. In other more isolated regions of Russia ,

where heroin is more expensive and people are poorer, the problem is worse. People become full-time Krokodil addicts, giving them a life expectancy of less than a year.
Zhenya says every single addict he knows in his town has moved from heroin to Krokodil, because it's cheaper and easier to get hold of. "You can feel how disgusting it is when you're doing it," he recalls.

"You're dreaming of heroin, of something that feels clean and not like poison. But you can't afford it, so you keep doing the Krokodil. Until you die." 

Some of the names in this story have been changed

Saturday, 26 May 2012


The new Boeing 797 - taking off from an undisclosed airstrip

 Article by: White Nation Correspondent  Cape Town  - 27 May 2012

The American Aircraft Manufacturer- Boeing-  just launched their newest venture- the Boeing 797- under the utmost secrecy for trails. The pictures included was taken by an amateur photographer. This "new" concept aircraft promises to "revolutionize" air traveling and more specific- war utilization.....or does it?
Let us first have a look at this new "evolutionary" wonder:
It can comfortably fly 10,000 Miles (16,000 km) at Mach 0.88 or 654 mph (1,046 km/h) with 1000 passengers on board !
Boeing is preparing this 1000 passenger Jet Liner that could reshape the Air Travel Industry. Its radical "Blended Wing & Fuselage" design has been developed by Boeing in cooperation with NASA Langley Research Centre. The mammoth aircraft will have a wing span of 265 feet compared to 211 feet of its 747, and its been designed to fit within the newly created Air Terminals for the 555 seat Airbus A380, which is 262 feet wide.

The new 797 is Boeing's direct response to the Airbus A380, which has racked up orders for 159 already. Boeing decided to kill its 747X Stretched Super Jumbo in 2003 after little interest was shown for it by Airline Companies, but continued to develop its "Ultimate Airbus Crusher", the 797 at its Phantom Works Research Facility in Long Beach, California.
The Airbus A380 had been in the works since 1999 and has accumulated $13 Billion in development costs, which gives Boeing a huge advantage. More so because Airbus is thus committed to the older style tubular structure for their aircraft for decades to come.
There are several big advantages in the "Blended Wing & Fuselage" design, the most important being the ‘Lift to Drag’ ratio which is expected to increase by an amazing 50%, resulting in an overall weight reduction of the aircraft by 25%, making it an estimated 33% more fuel efficient than the A380, and thus making the Airbus's $13 Billion Dollar investment look pretty shaky.
"High Airframe Rigidity" is another key factor in the "Blended Wing & Fuselage" technology. It reduces turbulence and creates less stress on the airframe which adds to fuel efficiency, giving the 797 a tremendous 10,000 Mile range with 1,000 passengers on board cruising comfortably at Mach 0.88 or 654 MPH, which gives it another advantage over the tube-and-wing designed A380's 570 MPH.The exact date ! for introduction of the 797 is as yet unclear, but the battle lines are clearly drawn in the high-stakes war for future civilian aircraft supremacy.

The "New" Flying Wing desingn...or is it?

Does the Boeing 797's design not match some of the old German versions?

WHAO....AND DOUBLE WHAO! How these American Boffins can come up with wonderful technological wonders like these- makes the mind boggle....or do they in reality play the "copy and paste" game ?

To find the source where and how these American aeronautical boffins "suddenly" came up with the futuristic "Flying Wing" design- one just has to "back-trace" it's origins to a much earlier time- more specifically- World War 11. The place where this new wonder had it's origins- was a secret installation called Gottingen Aerodynamic Experimental Institute. This secret installation was the brainchild of the then German Air Vice Marshall- Hermann Goering. Goering instructed the building and experimental tests on new concept aircraft that could save Germany the war. Much new designs came to light- some took the air- to be scrapped due to the fact that their designs would never even be feasible for the war arena, some actually took part in the last days of the war- like the awesome V1 and  V2 rockets that sent terror throughout London, the Messerschmidt ME 292 that could out climb, out fly  and outmaneuver any known English aircraft at that time- including the Spitfire Mk iv...and a few more stunning new concepts.

 The German Messerschmidt ME 292

 Some did not even left the drawing board for various reasons. ...even flying saucers!  Some  of these magnificent "strange" designs that never left the drawing board - was the Messerschmidt ME P08.01, the Arado ARE 555- and the most astounding - the Horten XV111 B-2  design by Walter and Reimar Horten.  (Isn't it strange coincidence that the Americans "designed" a Flying wing stealth bomber with the same name- the B 2 bomber as well? ) What made them different from previous designs- was that all of these were "Flying Wing" designs. The Hortens designed quite a lot of Horten "Flying Wing " designs- but the XV111 B 2 -was the most likeable design to qualify for production.

The German WW11 Horten XV111 B-2

The American B2 Stealth bomber. (Note the similar wing design as the Horten XV 111 B 2)

The new planned X47 B stealth bomber on the cards

( See ww.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=566849483A21593D ) Sadly- this wonderful new family of aircraft entered the war arena a little too late to save the German dignity.
When the allies overran Berlin- the knowledge of this secret facility fell into Allied hands- and the Americans were quick to capitalize on the situation. They literally "wrapped and packaged" the whole secret installation before the Russians and British could lay their hands on it- with all the engineers, designers and builders- and shipped them to the USA in a very secret place in the Mohave Desert- now called Area 51.

There they created a secret Aeronautical plant to design new aircraft for future utilization. One must also take note that Boeing was in a battle with the British Air Industry in order to try to dominate the skies- and at that point in time- the British Comet took the air first as commercial airliner- threatening to take all-out air superiority. Had someone just told that Limeys that you cannot install square windows into a sub-sonic jet propelled aircraft- they might just had put the bunny ears on the Americans, but sadly for them- due to this small terrible oversaw technicality- all the Comets exploded mid-air like fire-crackers around Buckingham Palace on Guy-Fawkes eve...leaving the British Lords and De Havilland production team sulking  in the  mud of De Hartlends Hatfield and Northern Ireland.... handing the air superiority trophy to the Americans with Boeing launching it's 707 series  707-120- for it's first flight on December 20, 1957.

The De Haviland Comet- Note the square windows.

The first Boeing 707- the 367-80 took off for its maiden flight on 20 December 1957. It's initial trails started with a first flight on July 15, 1954.

How could they know - post war aerodynamics was not as advanced as we have today- and this disaster set the British back ages in the air transport business. This after they were still reeling from yet another air disaster  when  their first subsonic jet they build - a DFLS Hawker Hunter- (Frank Whittele designed the jet-propulsion engine in his garage)-  which also exploded in 1952 during a fly-past in front of the crowds at the Merryfield air show. The Hunter was designed to out fly the Messerschmidt 292 in battle. Sadly- by the time these aircraft was deemed "operational"- the war was already over. The Hunter never made WW11 operational status.Only after the war did designers reconfigure the design to produce a better plane.

The British  Hawker Hunter F Mk 6

 After that the Gloster Meteors followed- also a lot of them crashing like flies being swat from the sky- the first one also at Merryfield where they approached in mist after a night fly exercise- and one took a nose dive in a suburban area  . The Meteors was accident-proned from the start. Only in 1952 alone a total of 150 Meteors were involved in accidents. One Lord (Norman) Tebbit flew Meteors- and was quoted saying on one occasion:
"I trained as a jet pilot with the RAF and lived for the 'sheer animal thrill' of flying at high speed. One day during take-off in a Meteor something went wrong and I found myself trapped in the cockpit, my oxygen mask full of blood, and the plane, which was full of fuel, on fire. I assumed Iwas going to die but, instead of panicking - I considered my options, and eventually found a way to break the glass and scramble free before passing out." Thus the Comet disasters- 5 in all- was a terrible set-back for the Limey Aeronautical congregation.

The Gloster Meteor

 Poor Lord Winton..I suppose he ran out of hankies .  It seems the Limeys just couldn't get it right. After the war- the head of the German team- Professor Dr. Albert Betz- handed the secret designs and programs  personally over to his American counterpart- Dr. Theodore Von Karmann. Straight after this- the American contracted Aircraft designer- Northrop- immediately produced a similar Flying Wing design- the Northrop XB 35. Uncanny- isn't it? It's design matched the Messerschmidt ME P08.01 to a T!

The German Messerschmidt ME P08.01

The American Northrop XB 35.

Yea...you are right...these Americans never play fair. From the day they captured and hi-jacked the German facility- it was all "cloak and dagger" games....and when the Yanks start their "cloak and dagger" games- you know they are up to no-good. They forced the German scientists to reveal all their rocket secrets- Von Braun designs- in order for the Yanks to develop booster rockets for the nice moon landings, the RAM-jet propulsion secrets to manufacture old Chuck Yeager's X1 jet propelled prototype for his speed record through the sound barrier- and naturally- the Flying Wing technology of the Horten brothers to produce the B2 stealth bomber..which now enveloped in this magnificent Boeing 797 design.So did the yanks then- on the backs of the German scientists- became that "great" nation where everything is "bigger and better."

To read more about these sleazy conspiracies where Theodore Rooseveld and his cronies in the CIA were involved- please visit: http://combatreform.org/airrecon.htm. It looks like the Yanks has always been- and are just as bad thieves as the British...copy and paste brothers in deception- are they now?
That Americans eh...never a dull moment in that great  "Land of opportunity!"

Friday, 25 May 2012


John Doe-

What a beautiful mess this so-called ANC "liberation" strugglers has brought down on a once superb first world economic giant in Africa!! Let us have a quick run-down on their achievements so far since they hi-jacked the country with the aid of the NP rat brigade:

1. Our inflation figures rose above the double figures-
2. Crime and corruption - spearheaded by government security elements-are so rife- we count amongst the highest crime capitals in the world-
3. We have been flogged off the investment list by world renown assessment houses-
4. Our Defense Force is riddled with aids teams- and speculation is that we are not able to even defend ourselves against a sloppy factory like Zimbabwe-
5. 90% of the population does not even pay tax-
6. Aliens nearly now outnumber local citizens-
7. No border control exist anymore-
8. 90% of the so-called "leaders" are half baked uneducated rotten hooligans with mile-long charges against them-
9. Most of the so-called leaders land up in jail- where they originated from in the first place-
10. The Police Force are the most corrupt organized crime syndicate in the country- where every Police Chief lands in a corruption scandal,- and 60% of the members do not even have proper education, training- or license to even carry a gun-
11. Our navy is non-existent with all our submarines out of order- one standing in the dry-dock for almost two years due to incapable service technical staff-
12. More farmers are been killed every year than in the world-
13.The president of the ANC executive council is a hardened criminal with a murder charge and extortion charges against her-
14. The president of the country have over 780 fraud charges against him, 2 scandals,2 rape charges- lots of illegitimate children, 5 wives and 21 offspring-
15. More whites has been killed than both civil Boer wars and the South-West war-
16 Our electrical supplies are dwindling due to incompetent Affirmative blowjobs that do not have the 3 dimensional capability and experience to repair broken transformers- but instead blow expensive equipment into smithereens due to stupidity -
17. For the past 5 years South-Africa has been literally bankrupt do to overspending and lavish money racketeering by the ruling clan- gold now only exist in fictitious numbers in the Reserve bank-
 18 All state Departments are in tatters-
19. Our Education system is no more functioning- and no more acceptable in the international arena-
20 More than 480 City Councils are bankrupt- as well as two whole provinces...and that's only half of it....all in 16 record breaking years by incapable buffoons that hide behind a race card.

Jane Doe-
A South African artist called Brett Murray has been causing a huge stir since his painting of South Africa’s president titled The Spear was put up in  a local gallery. The ANC have worked themselves up into a total frothy about the painting and their biggest issue with it - It’s racist. ???????
Disrespectful, maybe. Rude, maybe. But racist???
That little word that has become the political whip with which the ANC work the masses up into angry mobs and riots anytime something happens that they don’t like. And it’s becoming really really tiring.
In South Africa, the word racist has lost it’s original meaning and now only get’s used to describe a white person doing something a black person doesn’t like. You never hear it used in any other context. You can’t say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won’t hire white people, no - he’s just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE. You can’t call a university racist because they won’t accept an application from a white student with straight A’s for 8 subjects - instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they’re not racist, they’re just correcting the wrongs of the past. But god forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you’ll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say “colour shouldn’t be the issue here” because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa.
Most of the time when you are a white person and you call your fellow countrymen to be held accountable for their unacceptable words and actions such as corruption, nepotism, fraud, theft, you’ll be branded a racist.
Today, I shouted at a taxi driver who pushed in-front of me nearly driving me into the curb with no regard for the fact that I have a child in the car - I must be a racist, because only racists care about road safety it would seem.
I complained to the manager of my bank because the woman handling my account is so incompetent and hasn’t responded to one email or message I’ve left her for over 2 months!  Nevermind that my account is about to be shut down because of FICA. I must be a racist then because only racists expect service from a bank and stupidly think an organisation is going to actually do the job they promise to do in all their marketing material.
The other day my husband confronted a woman outside a shopping centre after she carelessly threw her fast food packet on the floor less than 10cm from a dustbin. Her response - "you’re just a racist". Yes, you’re absolutely right, because only racists care about keeping their city clean and litter free.
I fired a lady who worked for me once because I caught her rummaging through one of my cupboards and she had taken my passport and other belongings which I found in her bag. Her only response - "you’re a racist". Yes, yes I am. Because only racists think that stealing is a criminal offense and is done by people with no morals or conscience.
I swear being a white person in this country can be very bloody exasperating at times. The ANC has brainwashed the masses with this little word - racist - to the point that it’s actually completely lost its meaning and now get’s used totally out of context. Most days I just let it pass and I don’t go into effect of it. But today is not one of those days. Today I’m angry and today I’m sick and tired of it.
I’m not shouting at you because you’re black, I’m shouting because you’re a maniac on the roads who is a danger to society.
I’m not complaining to your manager because you’re black. I’m complaining because you’re an incompetent moron who is incapable of doing her job properly.
I’m not firing you because you’re black. I’m firing you because you’re a thief.
I’m not confronting you because your black, I’m shouting at you because you’re a messy pig who expects other people to clean up your mess.
Please get over yourselves and move out the way of the remarkably amazing black people who DO take total responsibility and who actually want this country to work for ALL the people who live in it.

If being a racist in this country means that I will stand up for my rights, fight for what is fair and true and hold everyone around me accountable for their words and actions, then I am a racist through and through. If being a racist means that I believe in freedom of speech and expression and that everyone’s point of view is relevant, no matter what colour, age or sex, then I will proudly announce to all who can hear that I am a racist. If being a racist means that I believe we should all be treated with the same rules and consequences and that no-one, especially not the President, is above the law and exempt from criminal prosecution when that law has been broken, then print me a t-shirt saying “I am a racist” and I will wear it in the streets. If being a racist means that I will not stand idly by while the few, corrupt pigs in the ANC rape this country for everything they can get with no regard for the poor and the homeless and the uneducated, then I’ll get I’m a racist tattooed on my back.
Mr Zuma and the ANC - you need to get a different vocabulary. Instead of shouting at someone like Brett Murray about a painting being offensive, maybe you should be asking yourselves why he painted it in the first place. Instead of wanting to take Zapiro to court every time he depicts the president & his shower head in one of his cartoons, why don’t you stop to realise that there is truth in everything he draws and that your angry responses are really due to the fact that he keeps hitting a nerve that’s a little too close to home.
Maybe, Mr Zuma, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. If you were honest with yourself  you’d see that people actually have very little respect for you because you have lied and cheated your way through your Presidency. You have been involved with more seedy, corrupt criminals than Horatio Cane and you have abused funds for personal gain. You have raped, lied, stolen, protected evil men and weezled your way out of prosecution and you wonder why people continue to take the piss out of you in the media and treat you with utter contempt. Even the great Oliver Tambo’s daughter doesn’t think much of you based on what she had to say about the painiting: “He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired”
You Mr Zuma and your ANC are a bunch of CANTS!
CAN’T let go of the past
CAN’T operate in your life without breaking the rules
CAN’T find your integrity with a map and a flashlight and a tour guide (unless you pay them off).
CAN’T treat women with any kind of respect
CAN’T obey the laws of this country
CAN’T stop operating from a place of revenge and hate for what’s happened in the past
CAN’T find a way forward with no agenda or payoff
CAN’T stop putting family members in government positions for which they are not qualified
CAN’T stop the out of control corruption that is rife throughout every government department
CAN’T stop getting involved in shady, underhanded deals
CAN’T seem to get the education right in this country
CAN’T say goodbye to Affirmative Action and BEE which is ruining businesses across this land
But what do I know?
I’m just a white girl talking about a black man.
I must be a racist

John Doe-

Wanneer ek jou skilder en jy is 'n gimganger wat reg eet en skoon lewe,
 vang ek dié essensie vas in my kunswerk. Het jy 23 kinders, 7 vroue en
 slaap jy met VIGSdraende hoere, skilder ek jou met jou penis in hand - want
 jy verdien dit. Jy het hard gewerk daaraan en die indruk gelos dat jy
 rondslaap, geen morele waardes het nie en seksverslaaf is [soos die ANC
 self geruime tyd publiek erken het]. Jy het jou eie waardigheid ingeboet om
te stort en jou sodanig van VIGS te vrywaar. Om dus te beweer dat jou
 waardigheid aangespreek is en dat jy verneder is terwyl kaders om jou huil
 en rassisme skree - is om van te kots. Die gedans om die Kunsgallery en
 rassistiese uitlatings is dalk net nog 'n poging om hier kort voor 'n
 verkiesing die ANC geledere vol te stop met emosionele idiote wat sal
kruisie trek al eet die verkoses kaviaar en sushi terwyl die massas askanne
 uitlek. Doelbewus dryf die ANC 'n wig tussen wit en swart met hul "one
 bullet one Boer" en dan wil Malema/Zuma en vennote weet waarom wittes nie
 hulself skaar by die ANC massas nie. Kom ons kyk hoeveel swartes ons trek
 as wittes saam sing "kill the kaffir". Die velbewuste ANC makkers wat alles
 wat sleg is voor apartheid en die witman se voete lê en alles wat goed is
aan die swartes toedig is beduidend van die lae selfbeeld wat menigte
 swartmense dryf. Op Banks se geselsprogram [wat rassisme openlik aanspreek]
 sê een Neger" I am ashamed to be black. I hate my flat nose, my fat lips
 and my course hair. I want to be white - the long flowing hair, the green
 or blue eyes, the proportional facial features. Every morning I see myself
 in the mirror but what I do not see is the white man inside me" [see this
 clip and many others on youtube starting with 'her name is miss Ann"]. Dit
 wil dus voorkom, gegee die jare se tendens dat wittes swartes as slawe
 ingespan het, nie net hier nie maar wereldwyd, 'n gevoel van
 minderwaardigheid gekweek het. Dit is tyd dat ons besef dat alles op ras en
velkleur besluit word en dat almal rassisties is - wat sekerlik verseker
 dat ons as rasse suiwer bly en ons bepaal by ons eie kultuur en wat vir ons
belangrik is. Hierdie patetiese integrasie behoefte en gelykstelling van
almal is terloops 'n swart agenda want dit is daar waar die behoefte lê.
Sekerlik wil hulle voel hulle is op dieselfde vlak as die res. Maar terwyl
 Zuma vir Cele, Selebi, boeties en sussies aanstel en beskerm en verhoë deel
met moordenaars, skelms, uitbuiters en swindelaars, wagte aanstel as
kolonelle, homself en sy familie verryk en hande skud met Mugabe, moet
 Shapiro, Murray en ander lustig op doek vasvang wat hierdie polisiestaat se
narre aanvang. Die publieke bewustheid mag dalk 'n paar opgevoede swartes
 swaai na die DA en beskaafdheid en skaamte.

- and last...but not least- The London Times-


by David Hill

Much like inheriting a billion pounds only to die broke or forfeiting a three goal half time lead; ineptocracy is one’s failure to succeed from a position of strength.
A political example of ineptocracy would be South Africa’s ruling party the ANC; who after 18 years of leading one of the most fertile and resource rich countries in the world hasn’t developed any sustainable solutions to generating wealth for its people beyond affirmative action, land redistribution and the nationalization of assets.
After almost two decades of rule, the ANC’s sole solution to endowing its people is still to merely take wealth away from others. Surely this is their failure?
Consider that South Africa is the only country in the world whose affirmative action policy favours a majority who also happens to have complete political control. In the rest of the world affirmative action is designed to favour the politically un-represented minority, not the politically strong majority.
South Africa now appears to have a system of government whereby the ruling party is elected by the non- contributing majority, who in turn are then rewarded with subsidies, goods and services paid for from the earnings of the contributing minority.
The flaw with this system is that nowhere does there exist a plan, nor an incentive, for this impoverished majority to actually start contributing to the economy and hence they continue to demand more from their elected leaders who in turn continue to deflect the wealth generation burden onto the contributing minority.
Clearly this cycle of diminishing returns is not sustainable as eventually the expectation of the non-contributing majority will become too high and the burden on the contributing minority will become too great. In the end something has got to give as no economy can bear 20 million people supporting 50 million people.
To further illustrate just how poorly the ANC has done at generating wealth solutions for its people over the past 18 years, consider Germany and Japan who at the end of World War II were completely decimated by the Allied bombings and were thus economically distraught. Neither had any industry, agriculture nor natural resources to generate wealth from, yet within 20 years both countries had uplifted themselves to being highly employed, economic powerhouses. Clearly both these governments achieved vastly more for their people with significantly less over a similar period of time and without disadvantaging any demographic.
So the fact that after two decades of complete political control the ANC has failed to secure wealth generation systems for its people beyond affirmative action and nationalisation, well is that not the very definition of ineptocracy?
13 February2012
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Satire flying all-over the show now

Yea bru- and there we have it....Jacob Zuma taking the lead as the "Stud of Stupid Land" with his "crown jewels" making headlines all across the Atlantic- his history and ways eventually catching up with him. It does not matter which way the ANC sewer rats wriggle with the courts and with the threats and excuses- one thing emerged like a sper....sorry...inkblot on a bride's garment: Jacob Zuma can as much control his sperm shooter  as he could control the money racketeering of  his renegade terrorist party! The court yesterday announced that the poor belingered ANC cannot continue with charges that the "Spermgun" could file for a defamation charge- for Zuma represent the ANC...and Zuma- like the ANC- is running unchecked with their barrels literally firing loose rounds into every available hapless receptive target.

The ANC tries to play that age-old "racism" card again...but to no avail. Let's be honest-  All Presidents have a Penis, we all know that- but they keep them in their pants more often and do not use and most  times abuse theirs like this "President". His escapade with woman in the shower debacle( friends daughter!) another woman having a child which is now labelled "Illegitimate." and also  a friends daughter ( the friend being a well known Businessman)  How embarrassing! Five  wives and about 21 children. The world has been sniggering behind his back since day one! If you want to be in high places or be in public eye and earn respect, make sure your past and present life and reputation is impeccable.This is what ZUMA is the best known for through out the world- Humping....NOTHING ELSE.!. There are black people standing up with whites, because they see the truth. They aren't brainwashed into this racist BS like sheep.

One black lady mentioned the following to me last week at work: "I was mentioning to some of my friends from overseas - they often ask me if there are lions roaming free in the SA streets! It has a romantic nuance to it : don;t you think?
Since Zuma though, I often get asked: Is it true that the president roams free with his
"mshini"  hanging loose? They are fearful their daughter's might catch something that was not washed by a shower! "

He was never President Material as far as his past and private life is concerned. He should have known that himself and brought it on himself. With the Gravy Train comes public scrutiny as well,especially if the Public are paying for the very expensive ride for him and his massive family. So sorry mate, no racism here. Zuma and the ANC have got served. They made this bed, so they might as well sleep on it.

Zuma entered the political arena with rape charges hanging around his tally whacker- supported with the string of "brides" he was forced  to marry that already produced "seed " for the new ANC generation through wedlock...( 21 of them)-all on the cost of the SA (read mainly white)- taxpayer's account.

So...let us meet the pink man who is in the centre of the shamooze- Brett Murray (Staunch Boer hater and ANC slingshot- in his own words: “Luister, die regses wat aanneem dat ek as gevolg van my wit vel enige saak met hulle het, moet gaan k*k. So eenvoudig is dit,” sê die internasionaal gerekende kunstenaar Brett Murray – met oorgawe.

This is how this little pink schmuck sees the Voortrekkers:

 The title is Voortrekker. (1991) It is an obvious play on words.  A direct translation is Front Puller.  The implied vernacular translation to English would be Wanker. The intended visual metaphor presented is being one of self satisfaction and self indulgence, with the protection of a gun.  In this case the attack was on the Boer patriarchy of the time.

-and here is his anti-Boer resume:

  Ek het die nare geluk gehad dat ek uit die land moes vlug om diensplig te vermy. Toe die ANC gewettig is, het ek met die eerste moontlike vlug huis toe gekom. As ’n klomp wit ouens om ’n braaivleisvuur staan, is daar mos altyd een ou wat reken dis nou oukei om rassistiese grappe te vertel. En dis presies daardie soort karakter wat eintlik net so ’n vae idee van my werk het, wat sal aanneem dat ek ook ’n rassis is en sal lag vir sy grappe. En daai ou moet regtig, regtig gaan k*k. Ek was in die ou Suid-Afrika krities oor magsmisbruik en ek is in die nuwe Suid-Afrika krities oor magsmisbruik. Punt.”)

For someone who hates the "Boers"- this pink rabbit fairly enjoy the opportunities those same "Wanking Voortrekkers"  created for him when he was "protected" by "Apartheid'- it seems:

Brett Murray- Educational history


University of Cape Town
Completed 1989
Master of Arts - Fine Arts
With Distinction
University of Cape Town
Completed 1985
Bachelor of Arts

So...the pink sock decided that Zuma literally was "screwing" the ANC's "good" intentions as " Democratic elected government"- right into every passing hairy paw-paw that submitted to him.(More and less where the ANC's name in reality belong...in the slime-hole.)So- he took up his eyebrush...or pinkbrush...or whatever...walk up to a Jewish gallery- and splatted the ANC's name all over the show....much to the ANC rats surprise- literally kicking their chief Induna in the nuts RIGHT before the BIG Magaung do!!WHAT TIMING!I can imagine Malema, Sexwale and the rest of the opposing Hoodlums are laughing their nuts- I mean HEADS off right-now.

Pink Brett Murray

Since Pink Brett took the rotten ANC to the Dry-cleaners- Shapiro (That age satiric  old foe of Zuma who still has a bone to pick with the old sperm slinger)- jumped onto the passing cart too- and had a good rev rammed-up Zuma's ANC crack as well. Since then- about every "artist" joined the sper...I mean MUD slinging match - with pictures of politicians ding-a-lings, floppy nipples, bobbing nuts and what the heck all- appearing across the huge internet canvass...even old Helen displaying her flab.

Here is some more of pink Brett's other anti-ANC work:

 I suppose - since the court ruling- we will be seeing a lot of "sperm" flying all-over the show from now on- even overseas- and poor old Sperm gun- wherever he goes from now- he will have to face jealous male counterparts - who literally does not like another "cock" crowing in their chicken pen- hiding their wives and sending their daughters away whenever Zumgun goes on official state visits in other countries. Also he is apt to meet very willing female counterparts who would love their dairies literally being signed by THAT - now public asset- "pen" of our own "political celeb" .Looking at his record of sowing his royal nuts across the South-African feline Smorgasbord- ...I really do not think he will mind at all. Any British and Dutch Sheilas ready to add your name to the Zuma reproduction queue?

Monday, 21 May 2012


Vrydagoggend 20 Mei 1983 het soos ander Vrydagoggende aangebreek en die einde van die werksweek aangekondig. Maar hierdie Vrydag wat so doodgewoon begin het, het in afgryse geëindig om een van die swartste Vrydae in ons geskiedenis te word. Sekondes na halfvyf (16:30) Vrydagmiddag 20 Mei 1983 – gister 29 jaar gelede – het die Kerkstraatbom die lewens van 19 mense geëis en 217 beseer.
Hierdie bom wat ongeveer 60kg militêre plofstof bevat het, is geplant as deel van die ANC se stedelike terreur-veldtog. Die destydse leier van die ANC, Oliver Thambo, het vooraf gewaarsku dat die ANC in 1983 hulle aanslae teen Suid-Afrika sou verskerp.
Die bom is in ‘n motor geplaas en die motor – ‘n roomkleurige 1982 Colt Gallant – is in die Nedbank-plein by die Poynton-gebou in Kerkstraat geparkeer. Die ANC se teiken was die Suid-Afrikaanse Verdedigingsmagte. Die Lugmaghoofkwartier was aan die een kant van Kerkstraat en die Poynton oorkant die straat het kantore van die Verdedigingsmagte gehuisves.
Die plan was dat die bom om ongeveer 5-uur moes ontplof – die tyd waarop die meeste mense op pad sou wees huis toe en duisende hulle dus op sypaadjies sou bevind. Sake het nie volgens plan verloop nie. In plaas van 5-uur het die bom sekondes na halfvyf ontplof. Dat dit nie so beplan was nie blyk daaruit dat die twee bomplanters – beide lede van die ANC – in die ontploffing omgekom het. Een van die bomplanters was tydens die ontploffing in die motor en die ander een het oorkant die straat gestaan.
Die kragtige bom het verwoesting gesaai. Ooggetuies het vertel dat ledemate oor die gebied versprei gelê het. Nooddienste was binne minute op die toneel. Ambulanse het weer en weer teruggekom om beseerdes na die destydse HF Verwoerd-hospitaal, Een Militêre-hospitaal en Kalafong-hospitaal te vervoer. ’n Ooggetuie het die toneel van stukkende menseliggame, bloed, gebreekte vensters en stukkende geboue so grusaam as oorlog beskryf. ’n Verkeersbeampte het vertel hoedat hy met bloedbevlekte klere, ’n ernstig beseerde man uit ’n brandende motor getrek het en toe desperaat probeer het om die vlamme om die man en ander slagoffers te blus.
Aanvanklik is vermoed dat meer as een bom gestel was en speurders het onverwyld na nog bomme begin soek. Uit die nabygeleë Standardbank het bankpersoneel van die bank se gordyne gebring om liggame mee te bedek. Beseerdes het om hulp gekerm. Nood is grootliks verlig deur die flinke optrede van die Burgerlike Beskermingsvereniging.
Die ANC het hulle teiken getref. Onder die beseerdes en dooies was 70 lede van die Verdedigingsmagte. Behalwe hierdie 70 dra ook ander onskuldiges vandag nog letsels wat die bom gelaat het. ’n Dienspligtige het gesê: “Nooit het ek dooies of beseerdes só soos daardie dag gesien nie.”
Tog laat die ANC geen steen onaangeroer om Afrikaners aan die sogenaamde misdade van apartheid te herinner nie.
Laat óns dan die ánder kant stel: naamlik die beleid van terreur wat die ANC gevolg het ten einde politieke mag te bekom. Dit sluit in: opleiding van terroriste, brandstigting, halssnoermoorde en die plant van bomme soos die Kerkstraatbom. En noem daarmee saam die plaasmoorde. Want hoewel nie amptelik ANC-beleid soos die terreurveldtogte destyds was nie, verroer die ANC 19 jaar na bewindsoorname steeds geen vinger om ’n einde te maak aan die moorde en aanvalle op blanke boere nie.