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Friday, 25 May 2012


Satire flying all-over the show now

Yea bru- and there we have it....Jacob Zuma taking the lead as the "Stud of Stupid Land" with his "crown jewels" making headlines all across the Atlantic- his history and ways eventually catching up with him. It does not matter which way the ANC sewer rats wriggle with the courts and with the threats and excuses- one thing emerged like a sper....sorry...inkblot on a bride's garment: Jacob Zuma can as much control his sperm shooter  as he could control the money racketeering of  his renegade terrorist party! The court yesterday announced that the poor belingered ANC cannot continue with charges that the "Spermgun" could file for a defamation charge- for Zuma represent the ANC...and Zuma- like the ANC- is running unchecked with their barrels literally firing loose rounds into every available hapless receptive target.

The ANC tries to play that age-old "racism" card again...but to no avail. Let's be honest-  All Presidents have a Penis, we all know that- but they keep them in their pants more often and do not use and most  times abuse theirs like this "President". His escapade with woman in the shower debacle( friends daughter!) another woman having a child which is now labelled "Illegitimate." and also  a friends daughter ( the friend being a well known Businessman)  How embarrassing! Five  wives and about 21 children. The world has been sniggering behind his back since day one! If you want to be in high places or be in public eye and earn respect, make sure your past and present life and reputation is impeccable.This is what ZUMA is the best known for through out the world- Humping....NOTHING ELSE.!. There are black people standing up with whites, because they see the truth. They aren't brainwashed into this racist BS like sheep.

One black lady mentioned the following to me last week at work: "I was mentioning to some of my friends from overseas - they often ask me if there are lions roaming free in the SA streets! It has a romantic nuance to it : don;t you think?
Since Zuma though, I often get asked: Is it true that the president roams free with his
"mshini"  hanging loose? They are fearful their daughter's might catch something that was not washed by a shower! "

He was never President Material as far as his past and private life is concerned. He should have known that himself and brought it on himself. With the Gravy Train comes public scrutiny as well,especially if the Public are paying for the very expensive ride for him and his massive family. So sorry mate, no racism here. Zuma and the ANC have got served. They made this bed, so they might as well sleep on it.

Zuma entered the political arena with rape charges hanging around his tally whacker- supported with the string of "brides" he was forced  to marry that already produced "seed " for the new ANC generation through wedlock...( 21 of them)-all on the cost of the SA (read mainly white)- taxpayer's account.

So...let us meet the pink man who is in the centre of the shamooze- Brett Murray (Staunch Boer hater and ANC slingshot- in his own words: “Luister, die regses wat aanneem dat ek as gevolg van my wit vel enige saak met hulle het, moet gaan k*k. So eenvoudig is dit,” sĂȘ die internasionaal gerekende kunstenaar Brett Murray – met oorgawe.

This is how this little pink schmuck sees the Voortrekkers:

 The title is Voortrekker. (1991) It is an obvious play on words.  A direct translation is Front Puller.  The implied vernacular translation to English would be Wanker. The intended visual metaphor presented is being one of self satisfaction and self indulgence, with the protection of a gun.  In this case the attack was on the Boer patriarchy of the time.

-and here is his anti-Boer resume:

  Ek het die nare geluk gehad dat ek uit die land moes vlug om diensplig te vermy. Toe die ANC gewettig is, het ek met die eerste moontlike vlug huis toe gekom. As ’n klomp wit ouens om ’n braaivleisvuur staan, is daar mos altyd een ou wat reken dis nou oukei om rassistiese grappe te vertel. En dis presies daardie soort karakter wat eintlik net so ’n vae idee van my werk het, wat sal aanneem dat ek ook ’n rassis is en sal lag vir sy grappe. En daai ou moet regtig, regtig gaan k*k. Ek was in die ou Suid-Afrika krities oor magsmisbruik en ek is in die nuwe Suid-Afrika krities oor magsmisbruik. Punt.”)

For someone who hates the "Boers"- this pink rabbit fairly enjoy the opportunities those same "Wanking Voortrekkers"  created for him when he was "protected" by "Apartheid'- it seems:

Brett Murray- Educational history


University of Cape Town
Completed 1989
Master of Arts - Fine Arts
With Distinction
University of Cape Town
Completed 1985
Bachelor of Arts

So...the pink sock decided that Zuma literally was "screwing" the ANC's "good" intentions as " Democratic elected government"- right into every passing hairy paw-paw that submitted to him.(More and less where the ANC's name in reality belong...in the slime-hole.)So- he took up his eyebrush...or pinkbrush...or whatever...walk up to a Jewish gallery- and splatted the ANC's name all over the show....much to the ANC rats surprise- literally kicking their chief Induna in the nuts RIGHT before the BIG Magaung do!!WHAT TIMING!I can imagine Malema, Sexwale and the rest of the opposing Hoodlums are laughing their nuts- I mean HEADS off right-now.

Pink Brett Murray

Since Pink Brett took the rotten ANC to the Dry-cleaners- Shapiro (That age satiric  old foe of Zuma who still has a bone to pick with the old sperm slinger)- jumped onto the passing cart too- and had a good rev rammed-up Zuma's ANC crack as well. Since then- about every "artist" joined the sper...I mean MUD slinging match - with pictures of politicians ding-a-lings, floppy nipples, bobbing nuts and what the heck all- appearing across the huge internet canvass...even old Helen displaying her flab.

Here is some more of pink Brett's other anti-ANC work:

 I suppose - since the court ruling- we will be seeing a lot of "sperm" flying all-over the show from now on- even overseas- and poor old Sperm gun- wherever he goes from now- he will have to face jealous male counterparts - who literally does not like another "cock" crowing in their chicken pen- hiding their wives and sending their daughters away whenever Zumgun goes on official state visits in other countries. Also he is apt to meet very willing female counterparts who would love their dairies literally being signed by THAT - now public asset- "pen" of our own "political celeb" .Looking at his record of sowing his royal nuts across the South-African feline Smorgasbord- ...I really do not think he will mind at all. Any British and Dutch Sheilas ready to add your name to the Zuma reproduction queue?