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Tuesday, 15 May 2012



I can tell you today, you can put it on the political archives when it happens, you can replay it. I am going to lead the ANC. I will lead this ANC, whatever it means by 'leading it"

- Julius Malema-  Sexwale Apprentice.

Now this is was very predictable...though still very interesting. The CFC published this picture already in 2011- whilst all opposing parties were vehemently denying there was a very stringent tension in the monkey ranks for the next elected  position as Alpha monkey. Three warring factions- gearing-up for the final show-down in Magaung for the big prize...who will lead the monkey tribes after 2015?

On the one side- we have Jacob Zuma- criminally accused - full of clowning and permanently seeking for his machine gun...backed by the Gupta Indian clan, Chinese conspiracy..and naturally the impoverished black local and illegal alien beggars he dumped on state grants to vote for him. On the other side- we have Tokyo Sexwale- rich tycoon through his connections with the "Robben Island Old Boys Club" dealings and wheelings of the sold oil, Mossgas and lots of pre-'94 white saved funding robberies from the state coffers....and backed by the Mbeki /Ncgacula Xhosa gang.. . and a man who "never" want to be in politics- but silently were sneaked in a year ago by the ANC committee as "Minister of Housing. ( A position he staunchly objected to for it was "politics"- but gladly accepted for it brought hm closer to the" throne room" ). Lastly- yet not least- we have Cyril Rhamaphosa...that dark business side horse waiting in the wings- trained and funded for the "new" role as  next "president" by the Zionists and Free Masons in the likes of Roelf Meyer et at.They trained Mandela this way- and now Ramaphosa is been trained and instructed the same way.

So...now- as we move ever so closer to the final battle of the tribes- the monkey troop is getting more and more restless- and the barking at each other starts to echo across the mountains in challenge....allies start to form.In the past Sexwale lurked in the shadows- but we all knew that Sexwale was and is a staunch Mbeki supporter...and the fact that Zuma pulled a stunt in Pholokwane to usurp Mbeki and kicked him and his Xhosa clan out of power and Mbeki out of his high-roller position as so-called "president"- made Sexwale a bit upset and seeking revenge for his buddy.

 If Mbeki spent less time frolicking around the globe on the taxpayers cost- and attended more of his time in his country- maybe he would have noticed the slick Zuma jumping onto his cold seat- but yea...Mbeki never were accustomed to the South-African way of the Nguni....he spent most of his life training slick racist anti-white communist moves in Russia with Joe Slovo- and bumping British Liberal Bimbos in London. So- Zuma showed him the true nature of the "black politics " in Africa...just like Dingaan showed Tsjaka...and Panda showed Dingaan...and Sexwayo showed Panda and so on- that is African way of "politics".....coup de etat is the name of the game.

Now the circle of life was busy taking  it's course...and Zuma again- was now also facing his own set of  problematic "African politics" -with one after the other law suit popping out-of his closet full of rotting historical corpses- from the Quatro human rights violations- to rape cases- to corruption charges...all amounting to a staggering 780 charges. Zuma was getting flak from all sides- and was heading to be the first "president" to be locked-up before he even completed his first term in office as chief monkey of the clans- with the Scorpions zooming in on the critter- opening file after file on the slippery gangster.Zuma had to do something if he still want to dig into the sudden riches offered to him on a platter by his sneak attack on Mbeki. So-  our national clown decided enough was enough- and decided to disband his hunters...the Scorpions. It seems that these Robben Island critters just cannot stay away from old habits eh?

So...after the series of court attacks-(which his henchmen saw to that the bench was good and solid being threatened and rigged by chosen "judges")- resulting in all charges to be "dropped"- the next round of doom started from a total different corner...in the form of yet another paid monkey ....Julius Malema. The fat boy suddenly appeared from no-where- and also appeared to be one wild uncontrollable card that challenged the poor corrupt chief gangster on every corner...and wherever Zuma turned to rest his  arse- Malema was somewhere close by - ready to put tacks on his seat. Zuma knew that "somebody" was behind Malema- using the latter in a "dumb idiot" plot against him....but who could it be? Somehow Jacob had info that the name Sexwale keeps on popping-up wherever he seek answers. Yea...we all know that Malema was in fact- Sexwale's "apprentice." (A fact Malema denies and also denies that Sexwale has paid him a hefty sum of R 1000 000 into his family trust .)

Now Sexwale was as powerful in the troop as Zuma- and taking the latter head-on in a one to one scenario- might damaged his ratings in the troop...so he opted for the next best move...get rid of the "dumb idiot." Well- true to his nature- and like the Scorpions- Zuma had to - yet again- get rid of a pesky tick...and kicked Malema out-of the ANC youth-game. That's Zuma....if something bothers you and poses a threat...get rid of it..just like he did with Eugene Terreblanche too when the latter was amassing the "Far right Wingers." Just make sure you are on a "visit" out of the country when the "rid" part is in progress. Maybe Zuma should have concentrated less on the "Far Right Wingers" in his witch-hunts against whites...and more on the "Far Left Wingers" sitting at his side.

Now the circle of life nearly reached his completion. The troop are torn three ways- with three powerful Nguni Alpha males facing each other.This is the reason why we see Julius Malema starting to bark again ( at Jacobs peril and frustration)Sexwale has -yet again-commandeered his "apprentice" - and his time- he is more openly in his backing of Malema- and more desperate as the Magaung show-down closes in.He want to get rid of Zuma- by using Malema as spear-head with the ANCYL, the YCL- and the unions. He want the country to turn into turmoil and the Zulu impis removed from power through-if it have to be- a civil war. The Xhosa Nostra is on the attack against the Zulu kingdom again...like so many times in history. Again there might be another power-shift between the monkey clans. Once they have tasted power- they will never relinquish it...that is the African way.

It surely must be quite confusing inside the branches of that dubious Lethuli-tree...with the "Central Monkey Committee" - headed by that she-female monkey Winnie Mandela-who must choose the next Alpha monkey- to get to grips which branch to jump for. I mean- you've got the old ANC monkeys , backed by the old Communist monkeys- facing the young ANC monkeys- backed by the Young Communist monkeys - who are in turn in control of the COSATU monkeys- who is in loggerheads with the Old Veteran monkeys- who cannot stand the union monkeys and so on and so on. It really must be as confusing as trying to put a homeless bum under house arrest.

Sexwale  is very nervous that  Ramaphosa might side-slip him and quickly fill the "empty space"- should Zuma flee with all his stolen millions through sleaze deals...and he- Sexwale- moves too slow.  This is the reason why Malema now openly declared "war" on the "old" ANC- and swore vengeance to "take over" the ANC. He now have powerful backing...and paid instructions.He still has a huge bone to pick with Zuma for that humiliating "knuckle rap" in public after his Zimbabwean holiday trip...and fat man did not forget that- nor the ban from the ANCYL either. Thus..he will be gunning for the " Spermgun " this time with literally "all guns firing.". We will - again- hear that bellowing boombox underneath his nose - rolling thunder from the mountain tops and stages of the stadiums . I wonder what he will sing this time..." Kill the old farts" maybe?maybe somebody better tell Jacob where he's lost "machine gun" are to be found...for he will sorely be in need of it very soon...unless..well..he pulls yet another Zuma-trick from his hat again.

So...please read the following articles, sit back, get your popcorn...and enjoy the show(while the country is going down the quagmire.) The "Apprentice" is on the loose again.

Zuma swyg oor gerugte van komplot

2012-05-23 00:00

KAAPSTAD. – Pres. Jacob Zuma wou nie gister reageer op bespiegelings dat van sy kollegas deel was van ’n komplot om hom uit die kussings te lig nie.
Vrae oor die heraanstelling van die omstrede voormalige hoof van misdaadintelligensie, lt.genl. Richard Mdluli, is ook deur Zuma na die polisiedepartement verwys.
Tokyo Sexwale, minister van behuising, is vroeër deur Mdluli uitgewys as een van die rolspelers in ’n komplot om van Zuma ontslae te raak.
Die ander wat volgens die Mdluli-verslag glo deel was van dié komplot, sluit na bewering in Mathews Phosa (tesourier-generaal van die ANC), Fikile Mbalula (minister van sport), Jeff Radebe (minister van justisie), Tony Yengeni, (senior ANC-lid) en Cassel Mathale (premier van Limpopo).
Sexwale het ’n klag teen Mdluli by die openbare beskermer (OB), adv. Thuli Madonsela, ingedien.
Zuma het gister in vraetyd in die Nasionale Vergadering op ’n vraag hieroor deur Leonard Ramatlakane, Cope-LP, gesê hy het nog nooit ’n intelligensieverslag getiteld “Ground Coverage Intelligence Report”, waarin dié bewering glo gemaak word, gesien nie.
Zuma het gesê hy kan nie vrae beantwoord op grond van ’n verslag wat hy nog nie gesien het nie.
- Die Burger

HUMAN Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale's bid to lead the ANC is likely to gain support from expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema and his allies.


CONFIDENT: Minister Tokyo Sexwale

Those who support Tokyo must never be criticised or called names

Hinting that he might throw his weight behind the former businessman if Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe did not challenge for the job, Malema described Sexwale as a "business man of note" who qualified to be president of the ANC.

"Those who support Tokyo must never be criticised or called names," Malema said.

The ANCYL has made no secret that it wants Motlanthe to replace Zuma.

Weekend reports suggested that Sexwale was ready to take on Zuma, with a list being circulated to garner support from ANC members, particularly in the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape. The campaign has been dubbed "Anything But Zuma" (ABZ).

Yesterday Malema warned against the danger of writing anyone off, saying Sexwale like everyone else who is an ANC member in good standing, qualified to be at the helm of the party.

"If members want him they will elect him," he said, before cautioning that this did not mean he was voicing his support for Sexwale to succeed Zuma.

ANC veterans such as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Sexwale, who have publicly backed Malema, had been approached to help the embattled youth leaders. They believed that a political solution rather than a suspension was the answer to the stand-off between the league and its mother body.

Malema denied receiving money from Sexwale.

"I have not received his money ... but I wish he would have given me some of it," said Malema, leading to thunderous laughter from the floor.

"If he had given me I would not be ashamed, it's money from a comrade not a coward."

It emerged at the weekend that a company started and partly owned by Sexwale allegedly paid at least R100000 to Malema's family trust.

Malema said he was not for sale.

"Imagine a man like me who knows money being bought with R100000," he asked.

He would not discuss reports that he owed R10-million to the taxman.

He said he was eagerly awaiting the conclusion of a probe by the Hawks and the public protector into alleged corruption on his part relating to On-Point engineering, a company linked to tenders in Limpopo.


Malema and allies plan to 'reclaim' ANC

May 15, 2012

EXPELLED ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema is positioning himself to lead the ruling party - no matter how long it takes.


POLITICAL BATTLE: Expelled ANC Youth League leaders Sindiso Magaqa, Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu during yesterday's press briefing in Johannesburg. PHOTO: SIBUSISO MSIBI

I can tell you today, you can put it on the political archives when it happens, you can replay it. I am going to lead the ANC. I will lead this ANC, whatever it means by 'leading it'

Speaking for the first time since his expulsion from the party last month, Malema told journalists in Johannesburg yesterday that he and his suspended aides would fight until they reclaimed their "rightful" positions in the ANC.

"I can tell you today, you can put it on the political archives when it happens, you can replay it. I am going to lead the ANC. I will lead this ANC, whatever it means by 'leading it'," he said.

He was flanked by suspended ANCYL secretary general Sindiso Magaqa and spokesman Floyd Shivambu, who nodded in agreement.

Malema said he had had a taste of being leader for a few months when he served as a provincial executive committee member in Limpopo.

The three youth leaders were sanctioned for violating the ANC's constitution, comments about overthrowing the government of Botswana and for comparing President Jacob Zuma unfavourably to former president Thabo Mbeki.

Reiterating that there was a political agenda in instituting the chargers that led to the ANC national disciplinary committee's decision to "purge" them, Malema said they "would fight and ultimately win this political battle, whatever it takes".

Malema said he was not worried and thought what was happening to him now was a test that would mould him into a better leader.

His eyes were fixed on the big prize - leading the ANC.

"It doesn't matter what time it takes, but from here on we are going straight to the ANC and we are going 200km per hour," he said.

Malema denied having anything against Zuma, whose leadership style he recently compared to that of a dictator. The same applied to ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe, he said.

"When we see them we greet them. We hug, we laugh because there is nothing personal. They are our leaders, but we've been subjected to an unfair process." - nhlabathih@sowetan.co.za


Malema calls for the removal of Mdluli

May 14, 2012


Lt-General Richard Mdluli must be removed from the police service, expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said in Johannesburg.

"He is a serious threat to state security. Mdluli said I participated in the plot against President [Jacob] Zuma. My name is there, I have never been part of any plot," Malema told reporters.

Mdluli was moved as head of the crime intelligence unit to another position last week. So far, he has had fraud and corruption, and murder charges against him, dropped.

Malema said fabrication of information was a serious threat.

"Now our phones are being listened to. When you greet on the phone... then you must greet Mdluli."

He said moving him to a different position did not help.

"If we can't trust the police, who are we going to trust?"

Malema said people could not even accept police protection because then "you are driving with Mdluli permanently".

He said people were living in fear.

"We are creating a police state. We are being policed."

This applied only to people who expressed a different view, said Malema.

"So... if I was responsible for those things, the man must be asked nicely to resign, and then he can be offered ambassador something nice... Somalia... and then you deploy him there."


 ‘Sexwale bel my en bied sy hulp aan’

2012-05-14 22:58

Maryna Lamprecht

Julius Malema sê Tokyo Sexwale, minister van huisvesting, het hom ná sy skorsing uit die party gebel en sy hulp aangebied.

“Ná my skorsing het kameraad Tokyo my gebel en gesê: ‘Ek is hier. As jy my nodig het, bel my. Ek kan jou verseker as jy enige hulp nodig het, sal ek jou help,’ ” het die uitgeskopte ANC-jeugligaleier gister op ’n mediakonferensie van die Nasionale Persklub in Illovo, Johannesburg, gesê.

Dit was die eerste keer dat hy die media toegespreek het sedert sy finale appèl teen sy skorsing uit die ANC twee weke gelede misluk het.

Hy het egter ontken dat hy geld van Sexwale ontvang het.

Volgens Beeld se susterkoerant City Press het Malema se Ratanang-familietrust in 2010 ’n skenking van minstens R100 000 van Mvelaphanda Beherend ontvang. Sexwale het Mvelaphanda begin en het nog aandele in die maatskappy.
Dié koerant het ook berig dat Sexwale beplan om Zuma die stryd aan te sê in die ANC-leierskapstryd in Bloemfontein.

Malema het gesê hy leef nog altyd van aalmoese van senior ANC-lede, maar Sexwale is nie een van hulle nie.

“Ek wens ek het geld by hom gekry. As hy my nou geld wil gee, is dit nie te laat nie. Veral geld wat van ’n kameraad af kom en nie van ’n lafaard nie. Maar Tokyo kan my nie koop nie, niemand kan my koop nie. Ek is nie te koop nie,” het hy gesê.
Hy het ontken dat hy ooit tenderprosesse beïnvloed het.

“Al die mense wat ek ondersteun het, selfs Zuma, het nie vir my geld gegee nie. Ek het hulle om politieke redes gesteun. ’n Man soos ek is verveeld met R100 000. Ek ken geld en ek weet wat geld kan doen. Ons kan nie die menings en aspirasies van die massa vir R100 000 verkoop nie en ook nie vir enige ander bedrag nie. Ons moet oortuig wees.”

Malema het gesê ondanks sy skorsing beplan hy ’n toekoms in die ANC.

“Ek sal die ANC lei. Ek het reeds die ANC in Limpopo gelei voordat ek geskors is. Ek sal ’n leier van die ANC wees, maak nie saak hoe lank dit vat nie. Sit dít in jul argiewe.”

Malema wou nie kommentaar lewer op gerugte dat sy Ratanang-familietrust die Suid-Afrikaanse Inkomstediens (SAID) glo R15 miljoen skuld nie.

“My belasting is persoonlik, dit behoort nie aan julle nie. Hoeveel ek die taksman skuld, is tussen my en hom en julle moet dit respekteer. Ek is ’n private burger. As daar ’n ondersoek is na my belasting, sal ek dit hanteer ... ek is nie bekommerd nie. Wat ook al gaan gebeur, gee my nie nagmerries nie, ek kan dit hanteer.”

Malema het ontken dat bouwerk aan sy huis in Sandton gestaak is omdat hy nie sy rekeninge kon betaal nie. Tog het hy gesê hy het van sy luukse motors ontslae geraak omdat hy nie meer ’n salaris van die ANC kry nie en hy ry nou met ’n geleende motor.