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Sunday, 19 February 2012


World War Three in Brief

A Three World War scenario was developed several decades ago (see
Conspiratorial History).  Two World Wars have already been achieved,
 and theThird and final World War envisions an attack on Iraq, Iran
 and/or Syria as being the trigger to set the entire Middle East into
 fiery conflagration. Once America is firmly entrenched into the Middle
 East with the majority of her first-line units, North Korea is to attack
 South Korea. Then, with America's forces stretched well beyond the
 limit, China is to invade Taiwan.  This will usher in the start of World
 War Three.

World War Definition:

What constitutes a 'world war'? How many countries need to be involved? 
 And who decides at which point a number of regional skirmishes can 
be grouped together and called a World War?  At the time, who called
 the official start of World War 1 and World War 2?
And have you noticed that although the term 'World War Three' is
 freely used in the alternative press and on the Internet, all the major
 news networks have stoically avoided using any phrase reminiscent 
of World War. 
Since it's difficult to find a definition for an event which has only 
happened twice in modern history, here's my attempt at an answer
 to the question 'what constitutes a world war'?
A World War is a military conflict spanning more than 2

continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an

attack against a common enemy, and which has the attention of

the man-in-the-street due to the significant loss of life.
With that definition, we can agree that WW1 and WW2 were in fact
 World Wars (both wars involved some degree of participation from
 most of the world's then existing countries: Britain, France, Germany,
 Italy, Japan, the United States and the Soviet Union).  We can also
 agree that we are very close to achieving World War 3.  The only 
requirement left to fulfill the start of WW3 is that of a military conflict
 spanning more than 2 continents.  As soon as Israel attacks Palestine,
 or North Korea attacks South Korea or the US, or China invades
 Taiwan, we will have the next World War well underway.

World War 3 Timeline

These are, I believe, the stages of the planned Third World War:
  • Prelude - The events leading up to the start of World War Three, 
  • including Sept 11, 2001.
  • Act 1 - The Middle East.  Widespread conflict to bring the entire
  •  region into the flames of war, possibly triggered by Iran or
  •  militants in Pakistan using North Korean supplied nuclear arms. 
  •  The first Scene in this Act is the US Invasion of Iraq on March
  •  20, 2003.
  • Act 2 - Israel at War -- Against her Arab neighbors, possibly
  •  Palestine.  A Palestinian State will be established, so that all 
  • Israelis will be fully separated from Palestinians (listen out for 
  • mention of a 7-year treaty to be confirmed by a World Leader
  •  - probably Bush), only for Israel to viciously attack Palestine
  •  shortly thereafter.
  • Act 3 - Far East -- "Hair-raising nuclear confrontation that
  •  threatens mankind's existence" - Peter Lemesurier, author 
  • of The Armageddon Script, p. 223, written in 1981.  Includes 
  • China invading Taiwan and a nuclear eruption on the Korean
  •  Peninsula.
  • Act 4 - Erosion of Confidence in 'The System' so severe citizens
  •  will be panicked into giving up liberties and Constitutional form
  •  of government.  The plan calls for the dissolution of the US
  •  Constitution, triggered by a significant enough 'terrorist' attack.
  •   The ultimate intent is to introduce a global government and
  •  one-world religion.
  • Act 5 - The collapse of the US, and other Western economies 
    and morals.
  • Act 6 - Significant population reduction using natural and
  •  man-made disasters.
  • Curtain.  Who can tell how this war will end?
Both Biblical prophecy and the Illuminati plan state that Israel is the key. 
The Third World War is planned to begin when Israel goes to war against
 her Arab enemies. Then, and only then, will all the other elements begin
 to occur and they will do so in rapid succession. The plan is to have one 
disaster following another in such rapid succession that, before people 
can mentally and emotionally handle one disastrous news event, they
 will be hit with another.  It is also accurate to say that until ALL of the 
elements for WW3 are in place, the plan will not commence.
While it would be naive to suggest a specific timeline for the events 
leading up to and including World War 3, we do know that the plans 
for World War 3 are well advanced, and our leaders involved in this 
secret plan are waiting only for the right signal before all-out war begins.
We are in the last stages of the preparation to so globalize the world
 that the Masonic New Age Christ (Antichrist) can appear to receive all
 the political and economic power of the world's rulers. This is the
 Illuminati plan and Biblical prophecy (Revelation 17:12-17).
In the words of Peter Lemesurier, author of The Armageddon Script:
"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and

stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit in darkness, is almost

ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already

tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.

  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up

their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready

for the curtain to rise.  The time for action will have come."
Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats and welcome on stage the
 players of this Grand Play:
World War Three!
Intro | Prelude | Act I | Act II | Act III | Act IV |

World War 3 Statistics

For a detailed look at WW3 statistics, including the running cost of 
World War Three, the number of lives lost and the countries involved
 in World War Three, please see our World War Overview.  Further
 details will be added as events dictate.
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