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Sunday, 19 February 2012


It’s said that sounds can heal, soothe the heart of the most savage beast,
 sometimes bring on love. But sound can also kill, destroy, and maim. 
Certain sounds can even drive humans mad—like the insistent, relentless
 infrasonic sound attackingthe people of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
 and Woodland, England that ‘s invading their thoughts and haunting
 their dreams…Is it industrial, natural, or HAARP?

While eerie sounds continue booming and wailing across the world [See
 in Ontario, Canada the sounds began during spring of 2011 and continue to this day.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
An incessant hum—rising and falling—it fades away to almost nothing only to
 return with a greater intensity. The nightmarish hum’s causing sleeplessness,
 irritability, lack of appetite and depression to skyrocket.
For a brief period the godawful sound ceased. But reports are streaming in that
 it’s started again—and it’s worse this time.
It’s real: Incessant pulsing hum mapped with instruments
While many suspect the activities of industrial plants on a small island offshore
 are the cause of the hum, experts that investigated the manufacturing noise
 found no link between it and the hum in Windsor.
The strange Windsor hum has a local officials demanding answers. [Video]
Curiously people thousands of miles away in Woodland, England are also 
experiencing a recurrent, maddening hum. No industrial center lies near the 
English town.
The case of Woodland, England
A mysterious hum driving the citizens of Woodland, England mad began to be
 heard about the same time as the noise was first noticed across the Atlantic
 in Canada.
The infrasonic hum—sometimes dipping just below the range of human hearing
—can cause small objects to vibrate and tables to shake.
The noise and constant low-level vibration has raised concern in the
 medical community, not only because of the adverse health effects longer 
term, but also because the general level of irritability and rancor amongst the
 townspeople has increased.

Reports have emerged that some people are suffering mental breakdowns and
 seizures similar to those experienced by people with epilepsy.
The Telegraph newspaper investigated the Woodland Hum. [Video]
Finding the cause has become a priority because some of the townspeople
 of Woodland, England are now literally losing their minds.
Insane hum invades dreams turning restful sleep into disjointed nightmares
Meanwhile, the deadly, unrelenting sound permeates their every waking hour—
it’s even invaded their restless dreams.
Annoyance turns to anger turns to madness…Animals revolt
The animals of Woodland are not immune to the hum. Some have become
 lethargic, while others have become overtly aggressive and are reacting badly 
to the constant humming.
Sheep at one location had to be sedated and some usually docile dogs have
 attacked people or other dogs without warning.
Some of the residents of the town have taken to crawling on their hands and 
knees in an attempt to discover where the sound is coming from—but acoustical 
experts claim the sound is everywhere and has no point of origin that can be
One possible clue regarding the hum: Both Windsor and Woodland are at the same 
general latitude. While that may be just a coincidence, it’s nevertheless interesting.

Earth harmonics, geomagnetic anomalies…or HAARP?
In a recent interview with Geochange Magazine about the strange earth
 harmonics, eminent scientist, Professor Dr. Elchin Khalilov, gave this analysis:
“[The]…possible cause of these sounds…may lie at the Earth’s core. The fact is
 that the acceleration of the drift of the Earth’s north magnetic pole which 
increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level
 today points to intensification of energy processes in the Earth’s core, since
 it is processes in the inner and outer core that form the Earth’s geomagnetic field.”
But Khalilov was addressing the possible cause of the sky quakes and
 harmonics mystifying people throughout the world. The hums of Windsor and
 Woodland are not the same.
Neither can geomagnetic or subterranean harmonics account for a continuous
 nose that has lasted the better part of a year. Any noise made by solar flares 
interacting with the geomagnetic field or earth core-mantel harmonics are 
transitory lasting only a few hours to a day or so at best.
Could the infrasonic hum be caused by the infamous HAARP?
Rare photo: ‘Belly of the beast’ inside HAARP research building
about anything one can imagine and is at the core of many popular
 conspiracy theories. HAARP has been accused of the mysterious mass deaths
 of animals, anomalous weather, weather control, crop failures, insect 
infestations, the bizarre death of sea life, earthquakes, tsunamis, and various
 atmospheric phenomena—to name but a few.
Some conspiracy theorists strongly argue they have evidence that the
 U.S. government has embarked upon a program that works concurrently
 with atmospheric aerial aerosol spraying (chemtrails).
While HAARP’s activities may not be creating much of what some believe the 
partly classified military science project is responsible for, it is having a
 measurable effect on the Earth’sionosphere.
HAARP artificially induced ionic aurora
Some experiments have involved such exotic things as “seeing” into the Earth from
 across the world, creating artificial auroras, and affecting the electrified field
 of regions of the planet.
Could ongoing radio transmissions be affecting the upper atmosphere and
 precipitating resonant frequencies that cause the maddening regional hums
 by the proper sound wave?
Yes! It’s not just possible, but likely.

high-frequency vortex transmission that can create the effects such as those 
experienced by the helpless townspeople of Windsor, Canada and Woodland,
What’s worse, there’s some evidence that the frequencies generating the low
 humming are also affecting the brainwaves of those exposed to it. Not only
 is the sound a health hazard, as some medical experts warn, but the resonant
 vibration and radio frequency could eventually drive everyone exposed to it into
 certifiable lunacy creating a spreading epidemic of uncontrollablemental illness.
The evidence is building that HAARP is causing people to go mad.