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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

SAPS asked why they do not protect white ratepayers being harassed, ambushed by jobless black males: Lelie Street, Benoni

White families in Lelie Street, Benoni terrified: harassed, ambushed by
 jobless black males, being watched day and night 
Mothers waiting for their children coming home from schools are being

 harassed: the SAPS should reinstate our safety, we are just sitting targets
 for these men, a white female resident writes. "Ive read the letter of
 Simon Penney concerning the men that hang around the intersection
 waiting for work. We live in Lelie Street close to the corner and these
 men sometimes sit so close to your gate that you are too scared to go
 into your property or go out.
They know every move of the people in this street because they watch

 us as we go in and out.
My question is, why can't the police do something? Must someone else be

 robbed before these men are asked to move away? 
Even mothers waiting for their children coming from school are being

Every week we read about people being hijacked in front of their homes 

and we are just sitting targets for these men. 
The security companies try to chase them away, but they just curse and

 laugh at these officers. 
I'm sick and tired of constantly being harassed by these men. 
As they apparently have a right, we ratepayers also have a right to feel 

safe when we're at home. 
Most of the time they're just lying on their bac sleeping, not even looking

 for work.
And yes, like Simon says, give us back the peaceful home and

 neighbourhood we deserve.