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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


A small, stone ‘car’ was among 

discoveries made in 2011, in the 

Kiziltepe district of Mardin province

 in eastern Turkey 

The “toy car” is on display alongside toy dolls and whistles — all made out 
of stone — at the Mardin Museum [map]. Archaeologist Mesut Alp reports 
that the toy car is at least 7,500 years old — dating back to the late Stone Age.
When speaking with the Cihan news agency and reporters with Todays
 Zaman, Alp insisted that the item is a toy car.
Culture and Tourism Director of Mardin, Davut Beliktay, confirmed that
 the exhibit piece as a 7,500-year-old toy car.
Beliktay said that the car is “like a copy” of cars today; adding that it also
 resembles a tractor. However, he didn’t explain how a toy car could be 
7,500 years old.
Commenting on the other ancient toys, he said: “We believe that the
 whistles and dolls are 5,000 to 6,000 years old. The whistles are still in
 working condition.”
Beliktay told the press that comprehensive information regarding the
 7,500-year-old toy car will be released soon.
While I think that anomalous history is interesting; I am thinking that this
 is a toy chariot, and not an inexplicable toy car. I wish they would explain 
exactly how they think they have a toy car that is thousands of years old, 
and not a toy chariot, which is far more plausible.

Of course I am only judging by what I see in online pictures. I suppose this
 could be regarded as compelling evidence of time travel, or other-worldly visitors.
What do you think: Does the museum have the world’s oldest toy car? Or 
could it be a model chariot, or something else?
Turkish museum hosts world’s oldest car toy
Turkish museum hosts world’s oldest car toy
Car toy belongs to Sumerian era another Archeologist noted.
Cairn excavations take place in Turkey’s historic southeastern province
 of Mardin’s Kiziltepe district unearthed world’s earliest car toy with a 
seven thousand five hundred years old history.

Archeologist Mesut Alp, indicating that the car toy as world’s oldest one claimed 
so far; “we found five to six thousand years dolls and whistles just with a surface 
search in addition,” explained.
“This is a very nice sample pertaining to social life of the era,” he added.

Car toy belongs to Sumerian era another

 Archeologist noted.