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Friday, 6 January 2012


This sadistic racist battle from the ANC rats will go on against the Boervolk.They have a deep-rooted hate and jealousy against the Boers- and also a very demonic brown streak of fear in the inside of their pants for what the Boervolk can do. They are jealous of the fact that they never could beat the Boers in any battle- and have a deep-rooted hate towards the Boers for the fact that the Boers in their small numbers- built this country to a first-world macro economy- something millions of  black African tribes could not achieve so-far in 300 years of parasitic existence.Still today the whole of Africa- after umpteen " independence" shows....are a continent of beggars and despotic dictatorial hoodlums...riddled with tribal wars one after the other. This is the level the sewer-rats in Lethuli-House brought this once proud country to as well....and such is the road that other black hero- Obama (-or whatever his name is on his bogus birth certificate)- will lead the proud American 'democracy" into. The proud American Eagle will also- like the proud Springbok- be reduced to a scavenging Vulture- like the Springbok became a scavenging Hyena. Fact of the matter is- no black slave can run a first-world economy...it simply is just a absence of a cardinal built-in component in their backwards genetic pool. It is only the lame-brained white liberals, the white "Afrikaner" back-stabbing monkeys..devious  Jews- and naturally the ANC rat pack and their henchmen -  that do believe otherwise.

For this reason- this corrupt bunch of sub-intelligent critters will- at all times- do their utmost to keep whites - like Derby Lewis and the Boeremag members- incarcerated for as long as they could. The whole "Correctional Services" is smutted with corruption and nepotism- like the ANC- hence the new term "Corruptional Services". Astonishingly it is to see these maggots wring and push their way through all these corrupt systems they created- and also amazingly the banality of these backstreet dustbin stray dogs how they can snarl at the public protectors when they are caught...all just to keep-on enriching themselves and stay in the financial power the British/Anglo American  NWO demons and Chinese infiltrators are giving them.The World bankers , Wallstreet and IMF want our mineral resources at all times- and the only way to keep their demonic grip on our recources- is by making sure sub-intelligent monkeys like these stay in power. This is the Neo-Con Jew's "Democracy"- just another smart term for a silent oppression that will  ultimately lead to a genocide.

Now remember- these are the same lame-brain African maggots that are pumping-out thousands of "laws" on NWO orders- to keep you and me "in line"- whilst they themselves- are the flagships of rotten tomatoes! Ironic how a country can stand there and look how a bunch of half-baked nicompoops are 'running the show"- led by a shrewd clown con-man. From the slums of the black townships, from the dungeons of various prisons- and from the deep dark bushes and sewers of Dar-Es-Salaam these infested maggots  crawled into this country-just to-like the flies they are to become later-on - sit on top of the precious South-African cake and devour every piece, bit and morsel that was created through hard work to support our nation...helped by the satanic murderers in the likes of Oppenheimer, Pik Botha and the NP CODESA Brotherhood ritual. Have a look at the article below:

"Yet another corruption scandal demonstrates the truth - SA is losing the war against corruption "

 Nqondo Balfour- devious previous "minister" of "Corruptional Services."

Another day, another corruption scandal, this time in the correctional services department. Is SA becoming more corrupt, or does it just seem like it because corruption is being uncovered?

Sadly, the objective fact is that South Africa is becoming a comparatively more corrupt country, even though the absolute level of corruption is more or less static.
The details of the corruption in correctional services are not yet known. What is known is that both ANC and DA members of the committee were genuinely shocked by a report by Special Investigating Unit  chief Willie Hofmeyr in Parliament on Tuesday.
Business Day reports that at the meeting ANC committee chairman Vincent Smith said the findings were “horrific”. Another ANC MP said “they should be punished”. DA MP James Selfe said “they are the most shocking I have heard in 15 years in Parliament”.
Hofmeyr apparently declined to name the officials or the company involved since there had been, reported Business Day, “heavy litigation and there was the risk of harming potential criminal and civil cases, (and) warned that the government could be exposed to civil claims by companies that lost out in the tender process”.
But the implication is that former correctional services minister Ngconde Balfour, the Bosasa group and particularly CEO Gavin Watson, might be in big trouble, Business Day says. Department of correctional services’ annual reports show the accounting officer was then national commissioner Linda Mti, and the chief financial officer was Patrick Gillingham.
The corruption involved the inevitable “tender irregularities” otherwise known as kickbacks, for a R250million-a-year prisoner-feeding contract and a R254million access-control system. Total value of contracts between correctional services and Bosasa: more than R1billion.
This incident is just one of hundreds exposed by the media every day, yet coincidentally, the world’s most reputable anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International, has just released its findings on the level of corruption around the world.
In this list South Africa ranks surprisingly high, suggesting it is less corrupt than some European countries such as Italy, and that it ranks higher than countries that compare economically, such as Turkey.
South Africa is also much less corrupt than the vast majority of African countries, easily the most corrupt and the poorest continent in the world.
Only three African countries, Botswana, Mauritius and Cape Verde, score higher than five on the index. In total, of the 47 countries in Africa, 31 scored less than three out of 10, suggesting that corruption is perceived as “rampant”.
South Africa’s current score is 4.7 and any score above three but less than five indicates corruption is a “serious” problem. That much is pretty obvious as far as South Africa is concerned.
Since 2001, SA’s ranking has bobbed up and down not changing particularly much. In 2001, the country’s score was 4.8 – marginally better. A score of 5.1 was actually achieved in 2007, suggesting for the first time that corruption was not a serious problem.
The low point was reached in 2003 when SA achieved its worst score of 4.4.
But this index appears to mirror so many other international comparisons: South Africa’s position remains static while other countries improve. The net result is that SA slides down the list not necessarily in absolute terms, but relative terms.
On the relative scale, the fall has been really dramatic. In 2001, South Africa was the 38th least corrupt country. Now SA is the 55th least corrupt country.
What this tells us is that corruption in South Africa is a concern, but more importantly that generally speaking, all around the world levels of corruption are declining – but not here.

By Tim Cohen" 

The idiotic remarks made by this semi-educated hoodlum African she-male- is a mere echo of her husband- Charles Nqacula- and that fat overstuffed  no-gooder Nqondo Balfour's sentiments that Derby Lewis will sit in jail "untill he rots." This demonic ANC "freedom" demons are nothing short of a conglomeration of satanic disciples that are only interested in keeping their fat stinking buts on the gravy train as long as possible. Semi-educated, semi-skilled- and full of arrogance- they will make life hell for the Boervolk as long as they can. Being hamstrung and put on choke-chains by sleaze factories like the British M 16, Club of Rome- and the NWO-this ghouls  will never listen to reason...least to a "threat" from Gaye Derby Lewis.Please also take note that this whole bunch of rats are also working as "families"- ANC Cosa Nostra- and the one useless corrupt demon are only replaced by another even more idiotic demon from the same family- like Charles Nqacula been replaced by his pachyderm she-demon wife - N. Mapisa-Nqakula.

Poor Gaye...she's tryng- but unfortunately the only way to get her husband free- is when this ANC sicko-jailbird gang are been replaced by a real government- and not a bunch of bandits from Robben Island.This lot of hoodlums are using her husband and lots of other white Boers in jails across South-Africa as personal "triumph cards" to brag in front of their low-life electorate. Time is running out for this maggots- their own arrogance- like their year-long money-wasting " centenary" on taxpayers money-  will be their undoing.

                                                                                       N. Mapisa-Nqakula.

23 December 2011

Minister of Correctional Services
Ms. N. Mapisa-Nqakula.

Dear Madam Minister,
On 15 December 2011 it was reported in various South African media that you said at the opening of the new Gallows Museum at Pretoria Central Prison that you had refused Clive Derby-Lewis’s parole application and that Clive Derby-Lewis would not be set free next year on parole either. On the face of it, you seem to have already decided that Clive will not get out of prison on parole, whatever the merits of applications past and in the future. You are actually pre-empting something that you should be judging on the merits. You have decided in advance!
The media reports say that according to you, two years ago Derby-Lewis said in his parole application that when he gets out of jail, he will rest and then reveal everything about the Hani murder. You were then quoted as saying – why not now?
On 16 December 2011, on behalf of my husband, we released a statement to the press stating that what you have said is a complete lie. Clive had no parole application “two years ago” – his first application was in 2007. This was refused. In June 2010 he again applied for parole which was recommended by the parole board, and you again refused his parole.
At no time did Clive Derby-Lewis say what you have said he said in any parole application, or indeed at any time.
Maybe you were mis-advised by a member of your staff – we don’t know. You have allegedly told one of your colleagues when you were asked about Clive’s parole that your “hands were tied”. This we take to mean that you are politically unable to grant parole to Clive, whatever the merits. This is quite clear from your actions so far.
Furthermore, for the past seventeen years, on the anniversary of Hani’s death, the SACP issues press statements declaring that there must be “full disclosure” on the Hani murder, and every year we ask the SACP to come up with the evidence that there was not full disclosure, and every year they come up with nothing. Recently, you were seen on television stating that Clive must make “full disclosure”, so clearly you are on this bandwagon as well, mouthing the same disingenuous tactics of the Communist Party.
However, to now publicly declare what you have said above – that Clive will tell all once he is out of prison - which is a lie - goes way beyond political expediency.
You may have us at your mercy, and you may enjoy playing with Clive’s life, but you can’t lie in public and declare something that he didn’t say. Who do you think you are – God?
Unless you retract what you have said within three weeks, we reserve our right to take this matter further.

                                                                Clive Derby lewis

We understand the political pressure you are under from your colleagues, but we were under the impression that we were all equal under the law. This is what your government says in its much-touted constitution. To repeat, we know we are at your mercy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t defend ourselves, which we must do because what you have said is a blatant lie.
As far as Clive’s medical parole application is concerned, we are awaiting the doctor’s report to send to you. We understand that in this case as well, we have to depend on your personal decision. Clive has cancer, heart failure and high blood pressure – however, we cannot allow what you have said to go unchecked simply because we have to again go to you for Clive’s life.

Gaye Derby-Lewis

Now- we all...by now know about the Shabir Shake saga...and naturally- the corruption connected to his release. The poor kenniving bastard was released on the grounds that he " is busy dying." The bastard is STILL dying....on the Durban gholfclubs!!!Well...we all know also that these vermin stick together like cockroaches on a piece of rotten cake. If you think you have seen it all- here is yet another piece (in Afrikaans)- to be flung your way. Remember- Derby-Lewis is 75 years of age- and has cancer- but he is not to be paroled- as stated by this ANC tea-girl. . Please read the next piece  in the ANC Corruption Services's chapter:

Mediese parool vir Selebi gevra



2012-01-06 13:41

Twe vriende van Jackie Selebi het aansoek gedoen om mediese parool vir die voormalige polisiekommissaris.

Die mans voer aan ‘n bejaarde man wat terminaal siek is, hoort nie in ‘n tronk nie.

Mnre. Thabo Lesole en Sipho Thanjekwayo se argumente word in ‘n brief aan die nasionale kommissaris van korrektiewe dienste uiteengesit. Die brief is tien bladsye lank.

Hul spesiale versoek word op Selebi se mediese toestand en ouderdom gebaseer. 

Die twee meen Selebi het reeds genoeg pyn en vernedering verduur.

Mnr. Zacharia Modise, woordvoerder vir korrektiewe dienste, het bevestig dat die departement die brief ontvang het. Hy sê die departement sal binnerkort daaroop reageer.

Selebi is in Julie 2010 skuldig bevind op aanklag van korrupsie en tot 15 jaar tronkstraf gevonnis. - Sapa

So there you are.....all the old gang members are going to stick together again- and mark my unsolicited words- this old criminal will soon pull yet another Shabir Shaik move...whilst Derby-lewis " rot in jail." Also remember that the "Boeremag" whites are now languishing in jail for nearly 9 years.....AWAITING TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!