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Monday, 9 January 2012


 The plan here- is to totally get rid of the Boer/Afrikaner/Whites.


The reason: 

The NWO maggots want to put the whole of Africa

on the "beggars-list" wrt  food supplies. They are

forcing the blacks to abstain from being self 

independent producers- by giving them food

for minerals. The NWO just want to control the world's food,

mineral and water recources. This way they will control

the world.

This way- after some years- the blacks become totally 

dependent on the NWO controlled Monsanto food

" hand-outs." Once they reached

the level that the blacks cannot survive without the 

shrewd Jews hand-outs...they simply will cut the food supply-

and see to it that the NWO target of eliminating 

"unnecessary eaters" are reached in record time by 

starvation, epidemics and famine.


Where does the Boer- and the American food supplier

come in the picture?: Both these groups are a serious 

threat to the NWO "starvation plan"- because both are 

job creators, food producers- and can function 

independently without the NWO " food-chain." 


 Furthermore are this two groups capable of supplying

the starving Africa with food- and THAT is to the 

NWO maggots a definite "no-no."


Here is the step where the farm murders in South-Africa,

the "Land Distribution Plans"- and the "Land Grabs"

comes into play. The black race are being misused to help

organizing their own extinction! The Boers are the 

meager "expendable" price to pay for the " bigger picture."

For this reason also Obama was forced into presidency

by NWO strings- and the Jewish controlled ANC 

forced in S.A by NWO strings. Both the ANC and 

Obama have the same orders: "STARVE YOUR NATIONS. 

Get rid of the white producers and give the NWO 

leverage to make your nations dependent on NWO food 



Thus then is the reason that the ANC are running against

a time-clock- and must eliminate the Boer and Afrikaner

nation within a certain dead-line. 2011  Was a year that 

the CFC warned food prices would soar skywards- 

and 2012 will be the year that a total civil war will create

chaos across South-Africa due to food prices that will

  escalate too far beyond the normal black squatter's

reach- which will lead to a out-and-out clash between

the black ethnic groups and the current regime.

Rats like the NWO Jews and the ANC will then 

"disappear"- and leave the "unnecessary eaters" 

to first- destroy each other- then die of starvation. 

Only after 3 years will they "re-appear"-  to mop-up 

the chaos- and build their "New World Order " structure

in South-Africa.

Rob Davis is just another NWO instructed matelot 

executing his Club of Rome bosses orders for a 

hefty salary.

This is a dire warning to all Boers to start to re-group- 

and start to work together as a nation. Your children's

survival might just be depending on it. Stop your nitty

gritty in-fighting about politics which you as a race

don't know anything about in any-case...it is a Jewish 

thing- and stop being white traitors working for the

Free Masons, NWO and ANC to pimp your own race 

for money. When the Jew moves in this year as being 

forecast- your useless white traitor skin will not 

save you.


2012 Will be the year when the Boer nation will

walk into the fiery cauldron as been predicted by

Siener van Rensburg- and they will be lamented 

and tested by fire to cleanse the Boer nation from

all it's Afrikaner "impurities." After 5 ordeals- the 

war in South-Africa will start. The Boers have so far

encountered three  of the five ordeals already. Being pushed 

out of the job market totally to try to starve the Boer- 

will be the fourth ordeal. 


The fifth will be the all-out prosecution and incarceration 

of the Boer nation- as Siener forecast when he said

he saw our women and children in camps behind

wired fences again ( FEMA Camps liike the one in 

Kimberly now erected by the NWO???)


When the five ordeals are completed- the black 

wars will start- and Johannesburg and Pretoria will

receive their pails of blood- and war and chaos will 

erupt when a very "prominent" black leader dies 

(Mandela??)- and fire and brimstone explodes from

his coffin. (Strikes and chaos). This is then when Boer

and Brit will fight side-by-side against the black 

masses and the "Yellow Pages."


After the black clan wars between the Zulu and the

Xhosa is over- the Boer will have to do what the 

prophecies said they will have to do- cleanse the

land of all the Zulu in a total war. After that- the last 

decisive batlle will be waged between Boer and Brit for

the freedom of our nation. 


When this war is done- the Boer nation will be aided by 

the German- and the Boers will exterminate the Brit, Zulu 

and "Yellow Pages" (Chinese?) - in a final terrible onslaught

and to such an extend that the fleeing Brits and 

"Yellow Pages" will have no time to pack their bags- but 

will have to flee with only the clothes on their backs to

escape the terrible ordeal the Boers will cast upon them, 

their families and their children. 


The Zulu will be finally totally exterminated as a threat

to the Boer nation . Only then will the two republics

be free and freedom to the Boer Nation will return to

serve and offer to their God Almighty- YAHWEH- 

in a free promised land for their children.

For those who still believe this is a fairy tale.....God will 

have mercy on your souls this year...you are about to get

a very nasty rude awakening to reality.


For those who heed this warning- prepare- and join Boer 

groups as soon as possible- and prepare for the final 

chapter in our long trampled history to be written by the

last of the old dispensation Boers- before the following 

generation will walk into the promised land where YAHWEH 

will be Lord and Ruler again.



All whites eliminated from SA job-market:

 ANC newspaper

 09:42 |  Posted by Censorbugbear | 

Will the Afrikaners survive as a nation?

White women will become ‘the biggest losers’ under latest new
 anti-white job-exclusion laws in South Africa – white men have
 been excluded for past decade: it’s the Afrikaner women who
 have kept their families alive. The Afrikaner men have already
 been reduced to migrant labourers who sell their considerable
 skills outside South Africa. And - if  they are lucky and skillful
 enough, the many hundreds of thousands of Afrikaners who
 have already fled overseas permanently, can find a new niche
 for their families in new countries – away from the continent
 where their forefathers were first taken as semi-slave labourers
 by the Dutch East India Company ships from the mid-17th century.  

ANC-newspaper joyful about 'white women being the biggest losers'
Ms Gaongalelwe Tiro, a reporter at the ANC's own newspaper
 New Age, noted with considerable joy that 'white women would
 be the biggest losers" --  once the broad-based black economic
 empowerment amendment bill was enacted as expected early
 next year. She quoted Mr Andile Tlhoaele, who serves on a
 murky sub-commitee of the SA president’s black-economic
-empowerment advisory committee.  

    “The proposed changes meant they (white women) would
 no longer be entitled to benefit from empowerment
 programmes as has been the case till now," Tilhoaele
 was quoted as saying. 

And, he added joyfully: “this represents a victory for the black
 business lobby, which has been fighting for their exclusion
.” White women would no longer be regarded as legitimate
 beneficiaries of black economic empowerment once
 imminent new laws come into effect.”
Thus, the ruling Marxist Nguni-tribal chiefs who now run
 South Africa through the ‘African National Congress party’,
 are trying their very best to consign the Afrikaner/Boer nation
 to the dustbin of history. The ANC-regime does not even grant
 the Afrikaners the dignity of retaining their own ethnic-identity
 any longer: all are now described as ‘whites’ – and  the ANC
 specifically regards all the ‘whites’ as people who do not
 ‘belong’ on the southern African subcontinent.  And there's
 more: any 'white' person daring to try working in South Africa
 will be a criminal under the new BEE-law, in fact whites now
 are being 'ELIMINATED', quoting from New Age:
White women guilty of ‘fronting’ as ‘labour brokers’
could be jailed for 10 years…
Jan 6 2011 – Although the Afrikaner children

 consistently obtain the highest educational

 pass-rates in the country, it’s especially the

3,5-million-strong Afrikaner community which will

soon effectively be completely barred from the

entire South African job-sector under the ANC

regime’s new employment amendment bill.

They will not be allowed to survive as 'workers'.

The Afrikaners only have once choice left if they

are to survive in South Africa: they must become

independent entrepreneurs - or starve to death.
And the ANC-regime, together with the rest of the
 unprotesting world, crows happily, noting: “This is
 a victory for the black business lobby, which has
 been fighting to exclude white women from the job
 market’… writes ANC’s own newspaper, access the
Add caption
 article atNew Age: (or click on the page-view below)

‘ The new amendment bill now ELIMINATES all white
 people including disabled ones: ‘
The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)
 Amendment Bill eliminates all white people including the
 disabled. “The definition of black people is now clear and
 aligned with the Constitution,” Tlhoaele said. There has
 been widespread criticism that white women were
 "benefitting disproportionately" from black economic
 empowerment with their black counterparts relegated
 to the bottom rung of the drive to redress societal inequalities.
 The Black Management Forum has been leading the calls for
 white women to be excluded after it came to light that they
 were the fastest rising category of people in terms of
 employment equity. 
“Inclusion of white women had been
Tlhoaele couches this ethnic-cleansing law in the usual
 ANC-speak, saying that 'the inclusion of white women had
 been abused. This had defeated the aim of true inclusivity.
"  (ed.: true inclusivity?)
He continued: 'Now that the B-BBEE Act would take precedence
 over other legislation relating empowerment, enterprises would
 no longer be able to claim employment equity points for white
 women. Employment equity is a key element of the B-BBEE
 scorecard used to rate empowerment credentials."
  "The Employment Equity Act now still has white women as a
 designated group for “affirmative action purposes”. 
   Tlhoaele said proposed changes to BEE legislation would “go
 a long in ensuring that growing numbers of previously
 disadvantaged South Africans were drawn into the mainstream
 economy…”(Question: by excluding 3,5-million South African

It was a white English-speaking Marxist, the Trade and Industry Minister
 Rob Davies, who gazetted the Afrikaner nation's death-knell law, called
 the ' Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Amendment 
Bill ' - two weeks ago. And MPs and 'members of the public' were given
 only 60 days 'to make submissions.' Not that the ANC-regime pays attention
 to public objections: with a comfortable two-third majority in parliament,
 they can and do rubber-stamp every new bit of legislation. 

And - even worse is to still to arrive for struggling Afrikaner families

, for another highlight of the amendments has been the

criminalisation of the practice of misrepresenting BEE

credentials, known as “fronting”.
White women found guilty of ‘fronting’

could face jail terms of up to 10 years…

In terms of the proposed amendments, those involved in fronting

could face jail terms of up to 10 years or be fined 2%-10% of annual

turnover depending on the seriousness of the incident. In addition,

contracts awarded to guilty companies could be cancelled.Further

, the amended law requires the government and its agencies (and

its tender companies) to comply. The auditor-general will audit and

report on BEE compliance for government departments.Stock

exchange-listed companies will be required to submit annual

reports to the B-BBEE Commission, which the amendments propose.

The commission’s function would include supervising adherence to

the act.It would further receive and investigate complaints relating

to B-BBEE, and maintain a registry of major empowerment

transactions. “The proposals are a bold move and demonstrate

government’s commitment to ensure successful implementation

of BEE,” Tlhoaele said.“The Broad-based Black Economic

Empowerment Amendment Bill closes many loopholes in the

current BEE Act – a move that is long overdue.”    article in New Age by:gaongalelwet@thenewage.co.za

The ANC is already crowing victory over the 'elimination' of the Afrikaners -
 now barred from the entire SA work-force under this new 'amendment' -
 exactly as the nazis barred the Jews of Europe from working between
 1933 until their defeat by the Allied forces in 1945. 

 However - it's also noted by international legal experts that the ANC
-regime is not only breaking its own much-praised Constitution - but
 also the UN Genocide Convention which the SA regime has also
 signed up to.

The UN Genocide Convention defines genocide as  any of a number of
 acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national,
 ethnic, racial or religious group: killing members of the group; causing
 serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately
 inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its
 physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended
 to prevent births within the group, and forcibly transferring children of
 the group to another group. The new Black-Economic-Empowerment
 amendment definitely is 'deliberately inflicting on the group conditions
 of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in
 part". The ANC-regime wants to 'eliminate' the entire Afrikaner nation:
 and even used that specific word in its New Age newspaper article.

Genocide Convention: http://www.un.org/millennium/law/iv-1.htm

Davies gazettes B-BBEE Amendment Bill

The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Bill, which aims to to align the B-BBEE Act with other legislations impacting on B-BBEE and with the Codes, has been gazetted by the Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, the Department of Trade and Industry reported on Friday.

Image: Financial Mail
Robert Davies, Shrewd Neo-Con racist Anti-Boer Communist ANC Trade and Industry Minister
The gazetting of the Amendment Bill is the culmination of the recommendations done by the Presidential B-BBEE Advisory Council and members of the public now have 60 days to comment on the bill.
Aside from aligning the B-BBEE Bill with the Codes of Good Practice and other legislation impacting B-BBEE, the proposed amendments to the B-BBEE Act propose the establishment of the B-BBEE Commission to establish an institutional environment for monitoring and evaluating BEE.
It also intends to provide for the regulation of the verification industry by the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors and to deal with non-compliance and circumvention by introducing offences and penalties.
Davies says that the proposed B-BBEE Commission will ensure that BEE activities in the country are aligned.
"The B-BBEE Commission which is proposed in the BBBEE Amendment Bill will play a critical role including, but not limited to , oversee, supervise and promote adherence with the B-BBEE Act and Codes of good practice in the interest of the public, strengthen and foster collaboration between the public and private sector in order to promote and safeguard the objectives of B-BBEE; promote advocacy, access to opportunities, and educational programmes and initiatives of B-BBEE; and promote good governance and accountability by creating an effective and efficient environment for the promotion and implementation of B-BBEE," he said.
Davies said the bill did not leave a room for fronting with those involved in fronting and convicted likely to face 10 years imprisonment.
The bill also introduces inclusion of specific statutory offences involving fronting and other forms of fraudulent misrepresentation of empowerment status and the specification of penalties and blacklisting of entities and /or management for those offences.
Furthermore, the Bill makes provisions for empowering the Special Investigations Unit to investigate all offences involving fronting or corruption committed by both the public and private sector with regard to the application of the Act and B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.