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Tuesday, 4 October 2011


It is with the deepest regret that the CFC took notice of yet another gruesome murder by black maggots. We- as the CFC- want to convey our sincere condolences to the families of this poor innocent white family- yet another victims of this demon-controlled so-called "Rainbow Nation."

If you take the way this poor innocent family was brutally murdered- it reminds us of the brutal slaughter of eg. Eugene Terreblanche, Dianne Fossey..and yea..many other killings by these vermin- there is a scarlet blood threat running through all of them....the Panga. This it seem- is an African murder object!

In the 1957-1960 killing spree of these black savages under the command of Jomo Kenyatta in Kenia and Tanganjika - you see those brutal murders on whites and Arabs too...the Panga. The same goes for Me. Fossey: The Panga. On many Mozambique murders on whites, the Burundi massacres...and Zimbabwe white murders...the Panga. The same goes for the two aged and helpless women that was brutally murdered and mutilated  in Odendaalsrus last year. Two years ago it was reported that the sales of Pangas soared in the De Wildt area next to Pretoria...and after that...the farm murders in that area also soared! People should have read the tell-tale signs. We see this cruel tendency on many a farm murder across SA as well. If you take a closer look at the vicious way these innocent people were attacked- you will also notice the deep smoldering hatred and jealousy of the black African vs the white race.It is a pity the whites do not want to learn- and keep-on getting these dastardly creatures to work on their farms and dwellings- and let them stay on their property. Most of these murders were committed by the white's OWN black workers!White man...WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN? GET RID OF ALL THESE MURDERING PARASITES!

It is such a pity that the white man never seem to learn from these past experiences- and still try to tame these cruel barbarian the Western way...and then also- you get simply the pure idiots that still marry and have fornication with these low-intellect Homo Habilus creatures.To top it all- you get those white rats like De Klerk, Meyer, Pik Botha..and a whole bunch of spalpeens that turns against their own race for the god of mammon- selling their own race to the hyenas.. acting as spies, infiltrators, agents and policemen to help arrest their own people. How low can a white skin stoop? No explanation needed...these white slimy toads have no conscious- and they also will have to stand trial very soon- or be killed by their own handlers.One way or the other...they are going to get what's coming to them. History is rotten with these low-life traitor conventicles.

Behind these ferocious animal-like behavior- sits even a more deadly danger...the Zionist maggots that instigate these creatures to do these evil things.They are the ones that want to get rid of the Boers. In South-Africa they belong to one capitalist Zionist company- ANGLO AMERICAN. Their war are instigated from the U.K, Netherlands and U.S.A. The use the "dumb idiot" methods to instigate these foul creatures to do their dirty work. By using the media- in this case their lapdog Media 24 scoundrels- they psychologically want to force the white to leave their farms- and leave SA. By high-lighting every murder of whites- they want to impose fear into the hearts of whites.They achieved that in the poor dilapidated "Afrikaner" echelons...but not the Boers. The Afrikaner got scared...the Boers are just getting more-and-more infuriated...and very soon the Hornet's nest are going to explode.

A genocide of whites is running since that first demonic cry of Peter Mokaba. At that point the whites should have seen the oncoming disaster...but for too long this white race have been languishing in the safety our boys in brown and blue gave them- and somehow they were under the false impression that they still will enjoy that privileges under the new terrorist command. How deeply misguided they were. They did not heed the warning. For 16 years this slaughter goes on- and up to today- not ONE international so-called bogus "Human Rights" organization or reporter hung this genocide on the big bell...regardless of Dr. Gregory Stanton's warning and upgrading of the Genocide level to level 6 out of a possible 8 before the total onslaught like in Burundi.You should think someone "up-there" are controlling these organizations to keep "mum." Well- yes-there is...the New World Order Maggots!

They waged war against the Boers many a time before to hi-jack our land and it's resources...and they are busy doing it again. History repeats itself- and like before- the inevitable is to happen- a full-scale war against the Boers for this land.They are now using idiots like the ANC and Malema to try to "cull" the Boers afore they launch their dastardly plan. They ridicule and assasinate our leaders, they try to erradicate our history, they change the names of our cities, towns and streets, they disarm us, they force us out of the job-market...and they challange us from their public podiums and their newspapers.

We know of the ANC's "Operation Iron Eagle" - disarming and then full-out killing of our people...commonly referred to as "Uhuru." The "Afrikaner" fear that dreadful war....but not the Boer.The Boer will-as before - take the hand of God...and take these low-Zionist creatures and their henchmen on.We will fight you on the plains, we will fight you in the mountains-the cities and the farms- but we will not yield to a alien invader in our land.We will fight you...man, woman and child...we are not International liberals, we are not "Afrikaner" yellow-bellies, we are not "Colonials".....we are BOERS!

So-Far...they have succeeded by driving millions of white Afrikaners out of this land. Their only problem will be their age-old arch nemesis....the Boer. The Boers went into conflict with these NWO-controlled maggots many a time...and so it will be again. The Boers have no fear of these NWO vermin- and they will not leave this land of their forefathers...but they will stand fast...and take these NWO bastards and their "dumb idiot" black ANC marauders on if it so is to be. They've done it in the past...and they will do it again.The "Afrikaners" already ran like rabbits overseas...or joined or support the sicko factory at Lethuli-House....but the Boers will not leave this land. If these maggots start a war...the Boers will come for them...and they will bring hell with them.

The time for reckoning is close- and when that happen- the Boers will remember cases like these- and cases like Willemientjie....murders on our farmers, women,aged and children...and then these low-life rats will pay dearly for this atrocities. We call on all true Boers to start to unite for this cause.


Man held for executing family


Johannesburg - A black man was arrested on Monday for the murder of a couple and their teenage son, in De Deur, south of Johannesburg, said Gauteng police.

The 20-year-old black man, who was the son of the family's domestic worker, was arrested at a nearby plot, said Brigadier Anton du Bruyn.

All the victims were shot dead.( THE NASPERS LIE)

"Their bodies were found at their house on a Walkerville smallholding on Sunday afternoon," said Du Bruyn.

"The security door was opened. There was blood on the floor in almost all the rooms."

The body of Giraldine Viana, 46, was found in the main bedroom, he said.

She was raped before being shot dead.( THE HALF-TRUTH)

Her husband Tony, 50, was shot dead in the lounge. He was found on his stomach with his hands tied behind his back.

The body of their 13-year-old son Amaro was found in the bath with his hands tied behind his back. He was a Grade 7 pupil at Linmeyer Primary School.

Police believed they were killed on Saturday night.

The man was charged with three counts of murder, rape, theft of a motor vehicle and house robbery.

He would appear in the Vereeniging Magistrate's Court soon, said Du Bruyn.


Received from a friend in Walkerville! Animals will only kill to eat, but these savages kill for pleasure.

Walkerville Killing

To those of you who have heard about the killing of a family in Walkerville on Saturday night, these are the true facts.

This did not happen in De Deur.

This happened on a plot near the Walkerville show grounds.

The Mother, Father and 12 year old Son plus the family dog, were not shot as the press claims.

They were hacked to death with pangas, the Mother was raped and then had a broken bottle rammed into her female parts.

The family was chased around their 13 room home and hacked to pieces as they ran.

The son was drowned in the bath with his hands tied behind his back.

The savages tortured this family before killing them, while drinking the alcohol they found in the house.

There were blood splashes and smears in every room of this large home.

The dog was hacked to pieces and shot.

This was done by the 20 year old son and his buddies of a black family who had worked for the family for many years.

Anyone old enough to remember the Congo and ‘Uhuru’, will recognise this.

There is a march against crime being planned, but those of us who have done this before, know that this does not help.

These bastards, when or if they are caught (the son is in custody, found with the family car), will be held in cells while becoming local hero’s.

They will probably be granted bail and someone will conveniently lose the dockets and they will walk free as is the case with so many of our criminals in SA.

This is what is going to happen more frequently.

There will be the usual cover-ups and sweeping under the carpet of these incidents to keep the citizens of SA unaware of just how bad things are here.

This is not simply crime.

This is racial extermination and they are ~Censored~ bent on chasing every white man, woman and child of any age, out of the country.

They are being fuelled by the likes of Malema and the ANCYL and the rest just turn a blind eye.