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Friday, 7 October 2011


“ I once had a farm in South Africa: but it was destroyed by the black-racist African National Congress-government: “
The ANC government’s shocking neglect of the more than 65,000 commercial farms it has already confiscated since 1994 can best be illustrated with ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. 
Even more ominous is the fact that the regime has lodged yet another new Bill to confiscate even more land, ‘ in the public interest ’:  link:
Eyewitness accounts, Oct 2011:
Pieter Oosthuizen commented on Oct 6 2011 that his sister drove last weekend from Jan Kempdorp to Johannesburg – and that along the entire 400km distance, there only were three farms still planted with food-crops. “It used to be one continuous display of productive farms the entire distance. Now, most of the land has been torched and covered in weeds.’
Stephanie Vouros “driving to Witbank on Oct 5 2011, one could only discern barren earth. Outside Ogies there used to be lush farm-lands, now it’s just barren soil as far as the eye can see. Almost as if all the farmers decided to stop planting altogether, or they have been murdered. The farm-houses have broken-out windows and there’s no livestock – and right up to Middelburg it was the same dismal scenery. We are facing a massive famine.’

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Destruction of an African Farm – When the hyenas take over the Pridelands

By Mike Smith
9th of October 2011

The destruction of South African farms after blacks took over is legendary. It has been thoroughly recorded by Dr. Philip du Toit in his book The Great South African Land Scandal which can be read online or Downloaded from this link .

But this is not new. We have seen this destruction ever since Ghana got its independence from Britain in 1957, which lead in an era of decolonisation of Africa by the Europeans.

From Kenya, to Zimbabwe, to Congo to Angola and Mozambique, the same thing has happened everywhere in Africa. As soon as the blacks take over, destruction follows.

A few years ago I went scuba diving at Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique and saw those beautiful Portuguese villas that once graced the Beach front, all neglected for 30 odd years, the windows and doors out, the roofs of the houses gone, only to be used as building material over the hill where the blacks have created a filthy squatter camp.

There you have these beautiful villas that the blacks could live in, yet nobody lives there. They rather destroy these villas and build corrugated iron shacks from the material. How does one understand such a mindset or mentality?

If one watches the film Africa Addio then one sees the same destruction everywhere in Africa where the whites pulled out and the blacks took over. Beautiful colonial farmhouses with fireplaces, but the blacks make a fire in the centre of the living room, not in the fire place...The entire 2hr version of Africa Addio can be watched HERE .

It is one of those movies that every person should watch in its entirety at least once.

I remember about five years ago I was standing in Hermanus, South Africa and looked at all those beautiful houses in Westcliff and wondered if the same fate that has hit the rest of Africa will one day hit South Africa too.

It is not difficult to comprehend that it is only a matter of time before Westcliffe in Hermanus, Landudno, Bantry Bay, Camps Bay and Constantia will all look the same as Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola.

In the movie “The Lion King”, we have seen what happens when the hyenas take over the Pridelands. Unbelievable destruction follows.

Below are some pictures of a South African banana, citrus and sugar farm in the Eastern Transvaal near Komatiepoort and right next to the Ngwenya Lodge. The farm was sold to the ANC government three years ago and subsequently handed over to blacks.

Last week the former owners visited the area for the church’s half century celebrations and took these before and after pictures. The last picture was taken from a helicopter and shows the scope of the destruction from the air.

Most people cannot believe that the ANC can be so stupid as to continue with this destruction. Can they not see that it will ultimately lead to a halt in food production and starvation? Is that what they really want?

The answer is “Yes”. The ANC is only an agent of the world powers, whose aim it is to depopulate Africa and steal all its riches. That is why the world did nothing when Mugabe chased whites off their farmland and out of Zimbabwe. That is why the world is still doing nothing now that millions of blacks are starving to death in Zimbabwe. They rather attack sovereign countries such as Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, but leave Mugabe in charge.

What Mugabe and the ANC is doing is killing blacks en masse, through AIDS and starvation, while the world’s idiotic liberals are drooling over the beauty of the crime ridden and corrupt Rainbow Nation La-la-Land hellhole.

Mugabe and the ANC are doing what whites are not allowed to do. As long as blacks are killing blacks, the world looks the other way and applaud this “freedom” and “democracy”...but let whites of South Africa come and build schools and hospitals for blacks or feed them, then the whites are vilified from the top of the roof of the UN building to the floor of the World Council of Churches.

It is not difficult to grasp what is going on here. The World does not want whites in South Africa, because whites feed, clothe and heal blacks. This leads to blacks overpopulating the continent.

The World wants white doctors gone and the hospitals destroyed. They want white engineers gone so that everything from roads and clean water to electricity are destroyed and more blacks die, because ambulances and fire trucks cannot reach them, dirty water spreads deadly diseases and without electricity one cannot operate a modern hospital.

The World wants South Africa’s white farmers gone and their farms destroyed, because they are the ones feeding blacks, not only in South Africa, but in the whole of Africa.

In order to kill the parasites you need to destroy the hosts...well nearly.

Toe ek die fotos sien toe kom die volgende vers by my op”
Joel 2:3 - ……voor hom lyk die land soos die tuin van Eden en agter hom is dit n woeste wildernis….

  This is a sugar/citrus/banana farm right next to Ngwenya Lodge in Komatiepoort. It was sold to the SA government 3 years ago, and this is what it looked like last week when they went to attend the church's half century celebration. They matched each scene with a 'before' photo and the last photograph was taken from a helicopter where the remains (shell) of the house is visible. 

More than 300 farms were earmarked for "re-distribution" by the ANC regime...productive farms that supplied food to our markets. The white farmers were bullied off their farms-and black "commercial farmers" moved onto the land. Now- 16 years  later...this is the sad tale- as in the rest of Africa where these incompetent race took over the sources of the food supplies. This is yet another piece of evidence that the black African is a consumer...not a producer. This is also why the whole of Africa is a continent full of beggars. The ANC- in all their gluttony and arrogance to stay in power- will never admit to the facts before them.

Our production has dropped at a staggering rate- until we now- for the first time in this country's history- have to import poisonous Monsanto genetically manipulated food from the USA and China to supply our shortages. Irony is that we now import food we ourselves- grew for years. The picture is to become darker and darker as the imbecilic ANC drive their "land reform" bogus cart forward until all land will look like this: