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Monday, 17 October 2011


A while ago you signed a petition on the MyPetition website that I developed.

Firstly thank you for supporting the petition site back then, and secondly I would like to invite you to join a website that I have been working very hard on for some time. It has great petition features too - but has many other features aimed at combating crime in SA.

The website is called Turn It Around - South Africa -www.turnitaround.co.za
On this new website you can receive regular reports of crimes happening in a radius of your home or business and you can also report any suspicious activity or crimes incidents instantly online to inform others. The system is map based.

If your neighbour was hijacked or robbed - would you even know about it? High walls and security has made neighbors strangers to one another. With Turn It Around you will be informed and aware of the crimes happening around you.

You can also create or join a network. What is so great about a network? You can map out your street, your road closure or even your whole suburb and get people to join the network to share news and info faster to combat crime. 

The system allows you to send out FREE SMS alerts to all the members, post news, share events and send out bulk e-mail updates. It's very powerful yet easy to use.

You can also assign other members to help you administer the network and grow it. 

It's perfect for CPFs or proactive residents who just want to stand together to create a unified front against crime in their area.

If you are a business involved in crime prevention - you can enjoy free exposure to residents in the are by reporting incidents online.

We CAN use crime to bring us together and become one another's safety zones.

 Of course it is totally free. See how it works - click here

So this is me, Gerald (a normal hard working South African guy), personally inviting YOU to join Turn It Around to become the eyes and ears of your neighbourhood.

Pyjama patrolling - You don't need to patrol the streets after dark in fast cars to make a difference - you just need to be aware of what you see when you leave home, Report suspicious activity and report any crimes you know of on the website. The system automatically informs your neighbours and links crimes together. This Information also becomes valuable to the police and security services. The more info we share the more we can combat crime together. 

You are not alone - everyone feels the way you do about crime.

Please will you join me and help me grow the Turn It Around concept? 
I really DO need your help, I am not just saying it ; )

I have spent the last year of my life working on this and now need to attract sponsorships to grow it.
As you know attracting sponsorship is a numbers game. 

We have over 4,500 members in over 300 Subrubs - but we need much more.

So please join here - http://www.turnitaround.co.za

Be safe