I would hereby officially like to acknowledge an Italian Group (website called volkstaat.net) and thank them for spreading information and teaching people in their country about the Boerevolk.

I would like to thank Massimiliano Maccio Maccini (Massimiliano Maccini Maccio) by name for the excellent work he is doing for the Boerevolk of South Africa.

On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2011, in Revine Lago (northern Italy), was held the 5th edition of “Return to Camelot”. At the stall of “Volkstaat.org” waved the Vierkleur; a large number of documents were available in paper format; three banners were hung; and there were various panels, each with plenty information available for visitors to read.

People sat and listened as the editor of Volkstaat.net read a letter from Oom Piet Rudolph also known as Piet Skiet.

As you can see there were a lot of people at this show. Maybe one day we can travel over there and bring much more information with us to share with you.

We the Boere Youth of South Africa invite you to make contact and associate with us any time you can.

We would like to ask our forum leaders to open a Sub forum for Volkstaat in this laer and that members of Volkstaat please come and keep us updated with your work.

Thank you.

Barend Kruger
National Youth Leader Boerevryheid.