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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


As I stood on platform 3 of Woodstock station in Cape Town this cold July morning- with a soft filtering rain sweeping across the wet and slippery platforms- my mind slips to long-gone days when this station used to be a bustling station with hundreds of factories adjacent the railway lines. As my eyes scanned the surroundings-  I felt a hump in my throat swelling. Cold anger rose in my inner-sanctum as I stood there...just gazing at the site I now must observe.

Do you still remember the good old days- when you used to travel by train as a child? Now THAT was one helluva experience- wasn't it? Each station you passed- was neat and orderly- no matter how big...or how small. Each station was kept to the edge of tidiness and perfection- specially inspected by the station-master himself. You see- those old days- there were a prize every month for the neatest station- and one grand-prize year-end for the over-all winner. Mostly the remuneration included a bonus for that specific station's personnel. Every-one was quite proud to be part of the team- and people used to carry their station's banner with pride. You would not see a flower pot out-of place. Yea...that was the "good old days."

Today I stood on that same platform again...as many years ago...and I only could shake my head in shame- shame that this once beautiful country was so recklessly being abandoned  to the Hyenas-  to ruin it to the bone.Today I could not stomach the reality that this once-proud little station was so neglected.

There still is a few factories around- call it the remnants of the once productive Cape Industrial suburb...but they too- will disappear very soon due to uncontrolled  foreign Chinese invasions of cheap low quality products. Around me the little station was dirty, awfully messed-up with garbage spilled on the platforms, waste lying on the stairs, rubbish all-over the tracks and against the boundary fences...and the whole area reeks of old urine. The bunks are dirty- with graffiti sprayed all-over the walls of the platform passenger -shelters.

When at last the train did arrive- late as usual- I looked at the filthy condition of the carriages,the broken windows- and I hear the ugly screeching of worn-out brake pads against the steel wheels. With a long mind-shattering screech- the unit came to a standstill in front of me. Before I could move- literally tens of people just stormed like cattle towards the doors, bumping, squeezing- and wriggling to get a place to stand inside the already over-stuffed compartments. Some just fling themselves onto the openings in-between the carriages- standing there like clowns in a deadly act in the circus amidst two very dangerous carriages. Others just squeeze and bundle into the door-openings- hanging on for dear life with their fingers onto the roof-edges. Most do not even bother to pay the fare...freeloaders.

Dazed and angry- I stumbled towards the already stuffed entrance of the carriage in front of me. I stood there for a moment- then I vaguely heard the whistle blow from somewhere far back in my muffled imagination. Hate and anger engulfed my numbed senses- I with an inhuman strength- I just launched myself towards the bunch of hanging parasites in the door-way. With every bit of power I could muster in my body- I thrust my body amidst the sweating, wriggling and dirty overalls- until I nearly fell inside the overcrowded passage inside the carriage.

I staggered upright and looked around me. The carriage was so packed with human bodies- there was not even a space to turn around. Warm breaths- reeking of halitosis- humid air- and the stench of urine filled my nostrils.I had to quickly tuck my nose underneath the lapel of my jacket as to keep the nausea feeling  back.

I looked around- try to focus between the little openings I could observe in-between the hundreds of heads in front of me- try to see what it is like in the inside....but alas...all I could observe was the broken windows, graffiti on the walls and seats of the carriage...and the thin stream of fresh urine running in-between the alley of the seats.

Yea...where were those days- the days when all was neat and disciplined- the days when people had some pride,- the days when there was still something like law and order....the days that ticket conductors did their jobs and passengers could enjoy their ride in first class in comfort and safety? Today- more and more people are bumped-off trains by the day due to overcrowding. Railway commuting turns out to be a very dangerous way of traveling with millions of legal and illegal blacks from all-over Africa streaming into the already under-financed cities and dilapidated infra-structures. Sadly- with the new ANC despots in control...all but the heavens itself have taken a solid uncontrollable crash in the "New South Africa"-  into the abyss of dilapidation with Metrorail serving as only the tip of the ice-berg...an interface of what South-Africa has become.

This all happens whilst the fat cats in the black ANC communist hierarchy are scraping the dollars by the millions in a frenzy of a "get quick-rich" scheme where brothers and buddies have the Lion-share of the top positions- reeling in a bling-bling salary life. Meantime - the rest of the populace are suffering- living in squatter camps- carried mainly on the backs of the dwindling white population.

There is no more skilled technicians- all forced-out by AA,BEE,EE...and hundreds of other "black-only" so-called "laws." Since the capture of our beloved country through the hands of the corrupt NP Brotherhood to the evil ANC communist regime.....a whole country and it's infra-structure were brought on it's knees within a record-time of 16 years by Jewish and black conventicles- who only hunger for power and might.

Nothing of the once proud industry are left- The Defence Forces, Hospitals, Education, City Councils, Energy Affairs, Transport systems, etc...all the once mighty first world technology...now just a vague remembrance of what is left from the era gone by....slumped into a third-world African quagmire of shambles. They say that when law and order disappears- that is the time when an evil mobster are born to come to his own right. This- sadly - is the case in South-Africa.....and that evil mobster- dark as the hell itself-  is running still- destroying everything of value in his path of destruction.

The railways was just a mirror of what have become of this once proud country- a Macro Economic giant in the making- a country that prospered with single inflation figures under the draconian sanctions of the New World Order powers...and a country that produced the best artisans, journeymen, scientists, doctors- and bush fighters in the world.

Now the winds of destruction spreads their dark blankets across the whole of this country's barely functional machinery- endeavoring it like a sick cancer from the inside. The puppets in control of this fast dwindling economy has no stomach to rule- in fact- they never had the credentials to be in power in the first place. This country currently- are running it's own course- leaderless and at the hands of a bunch of hooligans that prefer to enrich themselves rather that even try to set and steer the economy into more stable waters.This country will now sing the song of that man that had started this evil downward roller-coaster to oblivion- that man that once was a terrorist in name- that man that are now being hailed as a hero...Nelson Mandela. Never was the title of this man's ode so true as now. While the New World Order, Chinese and other African savages are ripping her flesh from her bones- the country will now- in despair-  be able to sing the refrain of this man's well-known ode......and the words will be her last epitaph in the annals of history - to be read by new generations that will not understand the reason for the disappearance of a once-proud country......"Let me cry for freedom."