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Sunday, 18 March 2012


"Boer" ....or "Afrikaner"....what shall it be? Now I know there is MEGA humanoids out there that will have a silent chuckle about such a stupid question. I mean...Boer or Afrikaner...what is the difference? This issue is been going on for a long time now. ...and except for the confusion it creates amongst the white Afrikaans speaking people in South-Africa themselves- it also sows the same confusion amongst politicians and people across the world. On the one side of the internet- some individuals are fiercely denying the fact that Boers and Afrikaners are one and the same. On the other side of the Net- individuals are fiercely contesting the denial of some individuals that they are "Boers"- and not "Afrikaners." They again state that a Boer and an Afrikaner are the same people with the same language and moral standings....or are they? Why would one accredited writer or person  state that he is a" Boer"...and the next accredited  writer then state he is a "Afrikaner?"

To answer this very "complicated" question...we can actually get a very simple answer when we ask ourselves the following questions on the same level:

Is an Israelite a Jew- or is he a Judean? Is a Kazakistanian a Russian? Is a Kashmerian a Indian- or is he a Pakistanian? Is a Mexican an American? Is FW De Klerk a Boer- or was De La Rey a Afrikaner? You see - most of us are going to take the "middle road"- by reasoning that a Isaelite is in fact a Jew...but when we look deeper into the Bible- we will find no trace of evidence in the Old Testament of the word "Jew." The Word - right through the old testament only refer to the ribe as "Israelites." Jacob was re-christened "ISRAEL"- and not " JEWRAEL." Thus..an Israelite and a Jew cannot be the same. The same goes for the Kazakistanian. If he was truely a Russian by heart...why then- after the cold war- did Kazakistan immediately sought independence from Russia- and today- keep their sovereignty from mother Russia? Kashmir is another good example. For decades now are India and Pakistan fighting a bitter war around this small piece of "no-mans" land...and still there is no compromise from both sides. Kashmir want independence from both it's big "brothers"...why? Mexico- on the other hand - will NEVER accept to be a parastatal of the USA...why? I mean- Mexico is part of the USA...but never-the-less choose the independent option....why? The last question- is if De Klerk will ever see himself as a "Boer.?" I don't think so. De Klerk does not even KNOW the term "Boer." Ex-con lawyers are not inclined to be honest- thus he will never even fit the criteria. Would De La Rey opt for being an "Afrikaner?" I doubt that as well. De La Rey would most probably put the whip on your back and see it as an insult if you dared to call him an "Afrikaner."

So...we are back to square one again...what then- is the difference between a "Boer"- and a "Afrikaner?" The answer my dear reader- lies within the heart...the mind....the morals! When you speak about a "Afrikaner"-(Directly translated into English as "African"- it simply means "From Africa"...like a European is from Europe. That words and terms are only generalizations of continental values...but when you look deeper into the hearts and minds of people- you will find a very different understanding what those words mean. It becomes a serious emotional issue.The "Boer" did not originate from Africa...but technically speaking from all over the Aryan world...France, England, The Netherlands, etc....but surely NOT from Africa! Thus he is NOT an "African"- but more of a "Universal Soldier"- if I may use that term...and a bloody fine soldier at that. They are factually- a sovereign farming and fighting race on their own. This can be verified through all the history in battles the Boers were involved- and mostly by the most dominant forces in the known world in the likes of Britain, Russia, Cuba, China, etc who had learned the hard way NOT to take on the Boers in combat. They even tried sanctions...but the Boers still came out triumphs. This is why these terrorist countries rather reverted to inhuman sleaze tactics like farm murders, assassinations, mass dominance through Jewish-controlled politics, ridiculing and blackening the Boers as "racists" in the world media, extermination of the Boer's leaders, infiltration in their organizations, impoverishment of their nation, usage of lame idiots and terrorist Communist Free Mason organizations like the NP, ANC  and DA to destroy the Boer's infrastructure, racism against the Boers in the workplace, ludicrous taxation, etc  to oppress the Boers.

Further-more- tells history us that it was the BOERS- and NOT the "Afrikaners- that undertook the Big Trek across the Drakensberg mountains. Futhermore do we read in history about the  "BOER-wars"- and not the "Afrikaner"-wars. You also read about the BOER-leaders and generals- not about the "Afrikaner"-leaders and generals. The two greatest battles in this land were between BOER and Brit- not "Afrikaner" and Brit. The slang-term "Afrikaner"- was invented much-much later when the sleaze NP factory was created and all the dubious rattlesnakes slithered in when the war was finished- to "symbolize" the greater white race in South-Africa...but NOT indicating the Boers. By "generalizing"  the Boers with the rest of the  rubbish from the National Party ,PF and dubious Jews like the Oppenheimers and Ruperts-or the Africans-(Afrikane/Afrikaners)- you immediately take away their sovereignty, dignity  and identity- and that will just not be on. The Boers are very proud and protective of their heritage- something the ill-literalistic world does not understand- and the UN, NWO , communist ANC and their henchmen tries to eradicate as soon as possible by changing the Boer town names, street names , refusal to acknowledge the Boer nation as a sovereign nation- and advocate interracial marriages to dirty the pure white Boer bloodlines in the next generations to a mix-grill bastard tribe.Thus- to call a Boer an "Afrikaner"- means the same as to call all Germans "Nazis"- or the Scots and Irish as Englishmen. 

 The reason for this unholy hate against the Boers by the rest of the so-called "democratic" world- is because the Boers will never ever bow to any alien ruler or force- and does not and will not acknowledge the Zionist Jews of Wallstreet, The English, Americans, NWO- or ANC rule over their nation.This they have proven over-and-over in many a war. They simply will and shall rule themselves again- even if it means the last drop of their blood. They are a nation that will stand-up over and over again- for they believe in only ONE ruler- their God JAHWE....not any humanoid sleaze-factory. They are a nation of the earth- a nation of free spirits- and cannot be contained for very long afore they will break the shackles of captivity under the NWO ANC rule.

We as whites in South-Africa (that will be the Afrikaans speaking contingent)- are well aware that we are divided into two main distinctive groups.....Boers....and Afrikaners. The "Afrikaner" can be seen as a white Afrikaans speaking inhabitant of South-Africa- and at this point it  is precisely where the "generalization" stops between the "Boer" and the "Afrikaner." That is only the outside on face value. The "Afrikaner" is totally different from the inside than his counterpart in the "Boer" side.

The "Afrikaner" is a individual that is much like a Camelion...he adapts to his surroundings by changing his colors in order to survive...i.o.w he has  a Jekyll and Hyde personality that will change his appearance as the most favorable surrounding around him unfolds.He will for the one moment- be your ally when things are going for the good- but will immediately change his attitude and character to adapt to the most acceptable climate the moment that a spot trouble seems to appear on the horizon- even if it means leaving you in the lurk..He has no conscious- and therefore can feel no guilt- to him -self survival is the only name of the game- irrespective of how many other people he left dead or dying in the wake of his quest to self enhancement.

The "Afrikaner" also are very easily recognizable- for he will be the one that will- in business- try to trample on his own race, be the one that always walks around bragging about his latest successes- and who's wife will be the only "stiff-upper lip" that believes the sun blessed her back-side with a "golden ray. " In the mean-time it actually will be he Devil scrutinizing her soul with a torch! Unfortunately- you get these lame ducks in the poor society as well....but they normally are too low intelligent to realize what they actually are doing- not that the rich lame ducks do know any better- they just have a spot of arrogance added to their stupidity! These white humanoids will openly declare they are "Afrikaners"- or even better..."Liberal Afrikaners" to fit into the "New South - Africa" to please their new dog handlers. Amongst these very poor disillusioned white sacks of Donkey-dung- you will in almost all the cases- find the collaborators, agents, policemen that torture their own kind, informants- and co-conspirators that work with the enemy to torpedo their own people.In this category- you will find also those mentally retarded imbeciles that care nothing for their race- and will jump in bed with any other humanoid- whether white or dark...(normally they prefer dark.) They are the ones that will be first to adopt little dark monsters rather than their own  skin color...just to be "in." This again- runs back to the DNA that controls their self survival kit.....to be part of the "winning team." They have no heart or will to fight against any aggressor- even if it means they have to be the slave- as long as they survive.

We have lots- unfortunately most- of these low-life dregs amongst the Boer nation as well. You can name them...Smuts, Botha, Vorster, PW Botha, Diedericks, De Klerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer, Leon Wessels, Koos vd Merwe, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Gert Opperman and many more. These are all mostly from the lawyer 'escarole" and army.These lost cannibals have no history- except that of destruction- no race- no future amongst a race- and thus are lone werewolves that sometimes hunt in packs in order to destroy the good  and replace it with the evil- just to later- fight amongst themselves according to their natural bad DNA configuration- and destroy their own comrades to be at the top...self survival again. On them self- these creatures are Lilly-levered- and will lurk behind the dark of the night where they will plan their devious deeds. They are to the Boer- the human Cockroaches.The weird part is this...they also can breed!

The "Boer"- on the other hand- will be an individual that is used to be generally honest and hard-working.They- sadly- have no clue about politics- and are at the most of times- very friendly and naive....thus the reason why all the liberal conventicles of all ages tried to impose their dictatorships upon these poor people and robbed them from their inheritance time and again...like the case is today..The Boer see himself as a pure ace- will not adapt to his bad surroundings- but rather change the bad into something good- and just want to be left alone to live his life the way he does without being oppressed , governed or tied down by cosmic laws. he is s stern believer in the Bible- and walks very close to God the Almighty- JAHWE. He is a born and bred farmer that lives close to the earth- and a formidable fighter.

The Boer intensely despise the Afrikaner- and in times of war- will and shall prosecute the Afrikaner and put him against the wall for a firing squad. Mostly through Afrikaners- the Boers were sold-out, hunted, prosecuted, incarcerated and killed- and thus the reason why a true Boer will spit in the face of a Afrikaner- for in the eye of the Boer- the "Afrikaner" is a despicable low-life parasitic vermin that leeches  on the blood of his own people for self-enrichment and survival.

Thus - as we can see- it really is as simple as that...the difference amongst the different races..the Israelite and the Jew, the Kazakistani and the Russian, the Kashmirian and the Indian/Pakistani- the difference between De Klerk and De La Rey...and the Boer and the Afrikaner- in reality lies within the one self...it comes from the heart- the mind...THAT indicates in which direction we will travel in life...the narrow and straight- or the broad and croquet. One thing is for sure...the "Afrikaner" leeches will have to decide very soon where they want to bet their cash onto- the ANC and it's worldly attractions in sporting arenas and blasphemous side-shows...or the Boers inn their awakening to regroup and turn their backs to this God forsaken country towards the one and only Savior and Redeemer...YESHUA. The enemy in the Communist camp only uses these parasites for their own sleazy goals- and once used- they will spit these white rats out of their mouths like the rotten tomatoes they are...the same way the dubious ANC terrorists spat in the faces of those NP rats at CODESA.

A war is soon to come to this country- and then- according to the prophecies- many a pile of blood will flow. (Read of mainly Afrikaners)- for the Boers learned to read the signs of the times and knows their Herdsman whilst the Afrikaner is a roaming lost ship on a voyage to no-where. Thus two choices then will stare them in the face in time of conflict...THE EXECUTIONERS WALL....or THE SAVIOR'S WEDDING....for the Boers will have no mercy on any Afrikaner in these troubled times- but will destroy them and their bad seed forever from the soil of this country together with their blasphemous gentile alien invader friends and dog handlers.Too many a innocent farmer, white children, men, women and children have been brutally murdered and maimed due to the doings of these white low-life scum- and the time of reckoning is fast approaching. Their blood are calling for revenge. You "Afrikaners" better start making peace with your own Gods in the little time you have left ....because we Boers will be  arranging  the meeting!

The Afrikaners can try to run- but where-ever they hide- the Boer will find them and destroy them- even if it takes ten generations...the evil must be rooted from our bodies.Afrikaner- the time has come to choose- and choose fast. For too long you have been the cancer in the bones of the Boer nation...for many centuries have you been the front-men for alien forces that created chaos in our midst. Your time of playing double-agents , "moderate whites" and "liberal; whites" are nearly over- and then it will be time to stand up and be counted.The Lord says that you can either be hot- or cold...NOT medium...for if you are not hot neither cold- He will spit you out from his sight...ans so will the Boers.