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Sunday, 15 July 2012



BRICS- The new -(old)- plan for the Antichrist to divide the world into manageable "blocks"- or sectors.This devious plan was on the cards long-long ago...during the Roman empire already. It is shocking to see that old habits never die- for Satan will always try to complete his demonic plans. It did not work with the Roman Empire- so he tried again during the first world war- and again during the second world war. Now he is trying again.The world will not - obviously- be conquered by the barrel of the gun- but through devious evil politicians. South-Africa was the last hope for a free country in Africa- but through the usurper de Klerk and his puppet master- Pik Botha- the white nation was led astray. The Sister hoar churches taught them whites so regularly to pray: "-and lead us not into temptation- but deliver us from evil.." Yea...then the total opposite happened though: The National Party led the whites in this country into the sport temptation- and the ANC now is delivering them unto the evil of the New World Order.The whites made their gravest mistake in 1989- when voting "yes" for the demonic NP brotherhood...and this country now will pay the price.NOW the Antichrist is preparing South-Africa for the preliminary phase of destruction. Eerie- this all is so neatly portrayed in the film "Megiddo." Have you ever seen it? If not- do yourself a favor and rent it. It is a precise factual movie of the days we now are engaged into. In the movie- we are shown step-by-step how the Antichrist will operate. If you have not seen it- go and get it. This is how the cover look-like:

In the movie- the Antichrist divide the world in 8 manageable "blocks"- as seen in this extraction from the movie:

- and here is the New World Order's division of the world in reality- of which BRICS are forming part of::

-and here is how it will be "controlled":


Now-like we said..this is nothing new- here is a map from 1941 that already shows a New World Order planning for the world:

- and an earlier map of from "The Club of Rome":

So you see- BRICS is just yet another "newer" version of the old world domination Jewish NWO demon masters.

White South-Africans...what have you done in 1989? What happened with your religious ways- your commitment and patriotism to our ancestors? Why did you went astray? What have you done?You have brought forth  the curse of YAHWE onto this sinful white nation for turning your backs on Him- listening to the NP lies and choosing the Babylonian sport gods instead!Now you will pay the terrible price- you and your descendants- up into the fourth generation of these that turned against Him...for that is what Yahweh promised the Israelites- and these after them:

(Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.

Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.-Psalm 1v 1-6)


It is a sad horrible story indeed- the reality that we allow firstly- a fully fledged and dangerous communist “Liberation”  sect  to take control of our land and of our lives as Christians. Secondly- we just sit back and allow this same communist regime to vindicate our race through murders, halt our food supplies through farm invasions and farm attacks, kill our farmers,  eradicate the  history of our ancestors piece by piece through name changes and introduction of liberal socialist propaganda into our schools- and rape our white moral values with their corruption, nepotism and African dictatorial laws and threats. The whites of South-Africa – like the whites in America and around the globe- sadly- are too busy playing “survival” capitalist games on passive mode- to realize what really is happening around them- blissfully asleep and ignorant of the fact that they are currently- living out their last few years of freedom as a white race and nation. This is their downfall- their own ignorance of obvious facts, lack of knowledge about their circumstances , failure to consolidate…and selfish arrogance to think themselves “untouchable”. Where have things so horribly gone wrong for the white man in South-Africa? The answer: THE DAY IN 1989 WHEN WE LISTENED TO THE NP MASONIC BROTHERHOOD AND CHOSE RUGBY TO REPLACE YAHWEH.Oh…why did the white nation not take heed of the following warning YAHWEH gave to the Israelites: ” And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known.- Deut 11: 28)- then maybe the liberals in Natal and Western Cape- as well as the rugby slaves in the rest of the country would’ve been able to take a more sober decision when the De Klerk NWO gangster team threw the “Yes” or “No”  gauntlet during the 1989 referendum. How do they say: ” Every nation gets the King they deserve…” None of the sinful generation of Israelites of the generation that chose the golden calf survived the desert- and so shall none of the sinful generation of Israelites of this nation  that chose the rugby calf in 1989 shall survive this desert- but will all perish for turning their backs on YAHWEH.

As this 16 years of ANC  hi-jacked “rule” progressed- so did they- communist style- systematically broke down all the disciplinary systems and code of conduct that kept South-Africa standing firm as a country and a proud nation against the Jewish NWO onslaughts of sanctions, war and media ridicule for almost 40 years. Now their evil game is in the process of moving in it’s second transformation level- the level that will bring total socialism into our homes. ..the level that Jacob Zuma so gleefully (naturally being paid to)- introduced as “The Second Transformation.”   Zuma himself – as a paid Zionist puppet in  “The Plan” – signed South-Africa- the last white bastion in Africa with Christian values-away into this demonic corporation….BRICs Inc.
South Africa was introduced by the Zionist masters to a 6 point plan:
1. Mandela- The key-  to open the gates of hell. ( The NWO introduced the ANC communists to South-Africa through him)
2. Mbeki- The Erradicator- (He was tasked to eradicate all white Western Social behavior and opposition- disarming all possible threats to ‘The Plan”)
3. Zuma- The Imposter- ( He was put in place to pose as a “democratic” leader in order to introduce firstly “soft” communism and socialism on all walks of life- by first demolishing all western-style nationalism, independent infrastructures, faith, economy and private structures- replacing it systematically by state take-overs of all private assets, importation of illegal aliens to destroy the current social and welfare structures, impoverishment of the local populace in order to submit the population to state grants and dependency. This move is to “blackmail” black voters into submission to vote for the current regime – or starve. When the whole of the country is in sincere debt and most of the populace hungry- the “state” will act as “redeemer” and take control of all resources and livelihoods- thus everything will belong to the “state”- controlled by the SACP This will then already transformed SA from “soft communism” into a fully socialist and fascist police state)
4. The next black dictator after Zuma will be The Enforcer- (To enforce communism and socialism through tyranny and prosecution- Introduction of a active  Police State)
5. The following dictator will be The Controller ( It will be his task to control the population and resources in the communist and socialist system through law enforcement and security forces- Fully functional Police state)
6. The introduction of the Antichrist- who will control the world and South-Africa through a global Socialist system.

BRICKS is that level- the level in which the communist manifesto is to be implemented into each and every home across the globe- the level that will submit all nations under the heel of one supreme evil rule- the level that will once and for all- take away the liberty of being a free nation, free citizens, free speech- and freedom of movement. BRICS is the level that will control each and every nation from the communist Zionist controlled United Nations- the main seat that ultimately will hand power over to the Zionist Antichrist – who will control the whole world through the Black Pope- overseen by the Elders of Zion- regulated by the Illuminati- using their disciplinary tool in the United Nations and controlled enforcement through the BRICS   system.
(And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.- Rev 13:1 and 2) This is what the white race across the globe now see  enfolding right in front of their eyes- yet choose to be blind communist slaves – being led to the horrible abattoirs of hell. Wake up children of the Almighty- wake up or be damned. The blade of the Grim reaper’s axe is already against your roots. This all was planned right from the beginning in SA- right at the CODESA wormhole – by the Masonic Oppenheimer paid National Party and the De Klerk/Botha brotherhood…ruthless paid agents with no conscious …puppets of the Zionist Antichrist. (Please see the movie “Megiddo”- to fully realize the far-reached consequences of this evil master plan.)


The initial BRIC alliance of countries includes Brazil, Russia, India and China. The foreign ministers of these four countries first met at the initiative of Russia on 9 July 2008, during the G8 summit in Japan. South Africa officially became a member nation on 24 December 2010, after being formally invited by the BRIC countries to join the group. The group was then renamed BRICS – with the “S” standing for South Africa.
- Sources:
The main aspirations of BRICS is to reform the global financial system and to become a diplomatic counterweight to the West (or so they say), objectives that presently appear quite achievable considering that investment inflow into BRICS countries has been growing by leaps and bounds since 2010, and amounted to an estimated $193bn in 2011, a figure which is expected to double this year. These facts were confirmed by the UN World Investment Report 2012, released last week. (Source)
Prior to South Africa’s admission, and in the aftermath of the group’s first formal summit in Yekaterinburg, Russia, on 16 June 2009, the group announced a need for a new global reserve currency. The announcement instantly sparked a fall in the value of the dollar against other major currencies. This fact on its own is already an obvious indicator that BRICS poses a threat to western nations and particularly the United States.
In March 2012, during an interview with international TV channel CNN, South Africa’s Trade an Industry Minister, Rob Davies, said that the BRICS countries were questioning whether the governance of global finance institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were still relevant today. He also announced that trade between South Africa and other BRICS countries had grown immensely by 29 percent. He further performed his ‘communist duty’ quite diligently by attempting to appease negative U.S. sentiments by explaining why the proposal of the BRICS nations to move away from the dollar as a trading currency was not intended to be a slap in the face of the U.S. – (Source) — And yes, for those who don’t know this – Rob Davies is a member of the South African Communist Party (SACP).
It has been argued that BRICS have little in common besides strong post-Cold War growth and large populations, and that their merger is for economic rather than political reasons. There is even strong sentiments of praise for the BRICS group of nations and their willingness to work together despite their different political systems, which is of course a complete and utter load of bollocks! Has the world completely forgotten about communism?
Has anybody considered the possibility that the driving force behind this group is none other than the old adversary called, Communism, and that these vipers are wearing a different veil — all singing the same chorus but with a slightly modified tune?
Blade Nzimande, big chief of the South African Communist Party (SACP), and Minister for Higher Education and Training (God help our children) had the following to say about South Africa’s inclusion into the BRICS group:
“This is indeed a very significant development, which the SACP should welcome as a potentially progressive platform through which we can advance the key economic growth and developmental objectives of the national democratic revolution.”
- (Blade Nzimande as published on the Communist University website)
The mere fact that South Africa’s Communist University has made use of Google Groups, a FREE service initially developed and funded in the U.S., to host blabbermouth Nzimande’s drivel is but yet another sign of their hypocritical outlook on life.
Whether it be democratic revolution, economic revolution, or whatever – REVOLUTION is the only thing these bastards ever think and talk about… Have they ever ONCE stopped for a moment to contemplate the barbarity of their crazy philosophy, and the number of unnecessary deaths and human suffering it has caused over the ages?
Here’s a quick reminder:
USSR: 20 million deaths; China: 65 million deaths; Vietnam: 1 million deaths; North Korea: 2 million deaths; Cambodia: 2 million deaths; Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths; Latin America: 150,000 deaths; Africa: 1.7 million deaths; Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths; the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power: about 10,000 deaths.
- Courtois, Stéphane. (1999). “Introduction: the crimes of communism” in The Black Book of Communism. pp. 1–32.

So what connection does BRICS have with communism?
Russia, China, and South Africa’s connections with Communism is clearly obvious, but Brazil and India’s are not… This posting will thus point out a few unapparent facts concerning the last named two countries — as briefly as possible, while at the same time providing links to external sources, which readers can explore at their own leisure. Brazil’s connection is relatively easy to present to readers, but India’s is somewhat complex and hazy, with roots dangling in the teachings and practices of the devil himself… Stay tuned, and you’ll see why!
While the history of communism in Brazil is neatly summarized in a few words in an online article titled, Communism in Brazil, it creates the erroneous impression that the current ‘democratic’ Brazilian political landscape was never seriously infected by this shady philosophy…. until you read the final paragraph:
“As the Communists moderated their positions, the Vargas regime gave amnesty to many of the Communist prisoners who were still being held. The Communist revolution had ended, however, for the time being. The Communists decided to take part in the democracy of Brazil, because they were now allowed to do so. One day, when the proletariat became more developed, they would start the Communist revolution.” – Sound familiar?
Dilma Rousseff is the current and first female elected President of Brazil. She was inaugurated on the 1st of January 2011. (See: Ex-guerrilla to be Brazil’s first female president). It is widely accepted among political analysts that she was handpicked by the former Brazilian President Luis Jose Inazio Lula Da Silva, or “Lula” – a committed Marxist revolutionary. – (Source)
“Lula” anoints Dilma Rousseff under the banner of the Communist Party of Brazil.
Picture Source: Romanticpoet’s Weblog
Rousseff’s father, Pedro Rousseff (born Petar Rusev), was a Bulgarian lawyer and an active member of the Bulgarian Communist Party in the 1920s. He fled political persecution in Bulgaria in 1929, settling in France. He arrived in Brazil in the 1930s but soon moved to Buenos Aires – returning to Brazil several years later, settling in São Paulo, where he succeeded in business.
Dilma Rousseff followed in her father’s footsteps and became a socialist during her youth. Following the 1964 coup d’état she joined various left-wing and Marxist urban guerrilla groups that fought against military rule. She participated in the militant activities of the Comando de Libertação Nacional—COLINA (English: National Liberation Command) and advocated Marxist politics among labour union members. She was captured and jailed between 1970 and 1972.
Reports that Rousseff was apparently tortured while in detention is often exploited by the main stream media in exactly the same fashion Nelson Mandela’s long jail term has incessantly been hammered into people’s heads. I suppose it’s all part of the effective technique that plays on the guilt emotions of the masses, thereby encouraging people to act compassionately.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is welcomed by South African President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria on 18 October 2011. GETTY IMAGES – Sourced from: www.daylife.com

Socialism in India has a long tradition and represents a significant part of the country’s historical political heritage… However, groups involved with various forms of communism in India have over the ages fragmented into a multitude of different parties – the most radical currently being the Communist Party of India (Maoist), an underground (banned) movement, which aims to overthrow the government of India through people’s war means. – See also: ‘Maoists looking at armed overthrow of state by 2050′.
The Indian National Congress is at present India’s dominant political party. Although it is today recognised as the largest and one of the oldest democratic political parties in the world, a socialist pattern of development was set as its goal for India way back in the year 1931. A socialistic pattern of development was again presented as its goal in 1955. A year later, the Indian parliament adopted ‘socialistic pattern of development’ as official policy, a policy that came to include land reforms and regulations of industries – (Source – PDF file 300k). The word “socialist” was added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by the 42nd amendment act of 1976.
Other dominant political parties in India include the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Communist Party of India (Marxist).
Occultist Roots of the Indian National Congress
The Indian National Congress was founded in 1885 by several members of the complex occultist movement, known as the Theosophical Society, a society which was officially formed in New York City, United States, in November 1875, by the Illuminati operative Helena Blavatsky in collaboration with a couple of other weird characters such as: Henry Steele Olcott, a lawyer and writer, and William Quan Judge, a mystic, esotericist, and occultist. In 1878 Blavatsky and Olcott moved to India together and established the Theosophical headquarters there. Blavatsky left under a cloud of suspicion in 1885, having been accused of faking materializations of teachings from her Masters-???  Back in Europe in 1888 she published her major work The Secret Doctrine. The book “is an attempt…to reconcile science, the Ancient Wisdom, and human culture through…cosmology, history, religion, and symbolism.” – (Ellwood, Robert S. “Theosophy,” in The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal edited by Gordon Stein (Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1996), pp.759-766.) According to Blavatsky herself, “The chief aim of the…Theosophical Society [was] to reconcile all religions, sects and nations under a common system of ethics, based on eternal verities.” – (Source)
The present-day New Age movement is said to be based to a considerable extent on the Theosophical tenets and ideas presented by Blavatsky and her contemporaries. “No single organization or movement has contributed so many components to the New Age Movement as the Theosophical Society. … It has been the major force in the dissemination of occult literature in the West in the twentieth century.” – (Source)
Incidentally, the theory of the Atlantean origins of the Aryan race was also developed by Blavatsky. Her ‘research’ and subsequent theories on the subject contributed to the rise of Nazism… The society’s seal incorporated the Swastika, Star of David, Ankh, Aum and Ouroboros symbols – (Click here to view the image). The significance of all this imagery would be well worth exploring, but let’s leave that for another day, shall we?
The vast amount of PRO-Theosophical material available online is truly astonishing… One cannot help but wonder whether the sheer extent of it all was purposefully designed and ‘planted’ to brainwash the masses and further the agenda of the ‘Masters of Darkness’, and whether the growing number of westerners who are delving into Theosophy and other systems of eastern esoteric philosophy (many of whom who call themselves “Christian”) have become totally blind to the fact that Blavatsky was describing God’s adversary in her writings when she said:
“Lucifer is dine and terrestrial light, the ‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan,’ at one and the same time.”
– (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II – Anthropogenesis, H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, 1888, The Theosophical Publishing House, 1979, p. 513.)
“[H]e [Lucifer] is the mysterious personage about whom legends are rife in the East, especially among Occultists. It is he who changes form, yet remains the same. He is the Nameless One. . .who has so many names. . .He is the Initiator.”
– (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, p. 232. by Helen Blavatsky)
There’s only ONE spiritual entity with many names and whose very nature is unknown, and that’s Satan himself… But – I’d prefer to leave this intense topic for the sister blog, as I’m on the verge of wandering totally off topic.
The bottom line is that the Indian National Congress, who adopted a socialist pattern of development, and who eventually became the largest and oldest democratic political party in the world, was established by a group of Satanists.
The Indian National Congress has to certain extent displayed similar colours as the African National Congress (ANC)… They are anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-Islam, and show an unnatural favouritism to the Indian Muslim community, and focus only on issues of the Indian Muslim community to gain Muslim votes. They have revised history textbooks to present a Marxist bias, and whitewashed the record of Atrocities committed by Muslim Emperors and Kings on Hindus during six-hundred years of Islamic Rule over India. They are soft on Islamic extremism, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic terrorism and Islamism. They scrapped the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA) immediately after winning the elections in 2004. They’ve been accused of deliberately fragmenting Hindus while consolidating conservative Muslim votes. They’ve been involved in numerous corruption scandals, such as the 2G spectrum scam, for example. They’ve also been accused of covering up their scams using state resources.
- Sources:

Communism is Satanic

and they are regrouping…
The BRICS leaders at the summit venue; (from left) Rousseff, Medvedev, Singh, Hu and Zuma