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Saturday, 21 April 2012


The new "e-toll" scam the dubious ANC and his henchmen want to impose on the South-African public through their con men in SANRAL-  is totally illegal.Not withstanding the hefty opposition from all sectors of the community, businesses, unions and corporative markets- this lot of hooligans want to push forward their mobster-plan to suck the public more and more...irrespective of the whole country's opinion....irrespective if this stupid move would send commodity and food prices sky-high- and irrespective of the dire consequences it may hold for the country's economy. One might wonder why? My old reliable granpa used to say that whenever there is a threat...it comes from the devil...and in the communist camp- even the devil is been controlled by this lot of shenanigans! This whole set-up stinks of corruption, lies and deceit.

Sake-woede oor tolstelsel

Apr 18 2012 08:09 Anél Viktor

Johannesburg. – Verskeie gesaghebbende sake-organisasies het gister te velde getrek teen die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap (Sanral) en die nuwe inligting wat pas oor die Gautengse e-tolstelsel bekend gemaak is.
Hulle doen nou ’n beroep op Sanral om die e-tolstelsel op Gauteng se hoofweë uit te stel.
Mnr. Neren Rau, uitvoerende hoof van die Suid-Afrikaanse Kamer van Koophandel en Nywerheid, sê daar is nog te veel onsekerheid oor die e-tolstelsel.
Dit sluit in verwarring oor tolgeld en die manier waarop Sanral dit wil opdwing.
Rau meen dis problematies dat padgebruikers sonder ge­registreerde e-skyfies tussen vier en ses keer meer as ge­registreerde gebruikers moet betaal om Gautengse hoofweë te gebruik.
Hy sê hy het vrae oor die mate waarin “alternatiewe gebruikers” – dié sonder skyfies wat die paaie nie gereeld gebruik nie – ander gebruikers (insluitende dié wat vrygestel is) gaan subsidieer, asook die verband (of gebrek daaraan) tussen die “strafkoers” en die instandhoudingskoste van die padinfrastruktuur.
Besigheidseenheid Suid-Afrika (Busa) sê Sanral se nuwe ­tariewe gaan ’n verreikende uitwerking hê op die koste van ­sake doen in die land.
“Gauteng verteenwoordig ’n derde van die land se bruto binnelandse produk. Die gevolge gaan dus verder as die provinsie strek,” sê Busa.

Volgens die Johannesburgse Kamer van Handel en Nywerheid (JCCI) is dit ’n wanhopige poging van Sanral omdat hy weet die e-tolstelsel gaan nie werk nie.
Nog ’n bron van kommer is Sanral se voorneme om sy eie “polisiemag” aan te stel om ­motoriste te dwing om op te dok. Dit beteken dat Sanral-werk­nemers dieselfde bevoegdhede as die verkeerspolisie sal hê.
Daar is ook vrae hieroor, volgens Rau, onder meer wat sulke regulering gaan kos.
Volgens Rau, Busa en die JCCI gaan die reguleringskoste ’n verdere uitwerking hê op die toltariewe en die koste van sake doen in die land.
Buitendien kan strenger regulering nie ’n plaasvervanger wees vir swak toepassingsvermoë nie, sê Rau. Dit beteken bloot dat diegene wat nie regulasies nakom nie, geviktimiseer sal word.
“Dit is teleurstellend dat Sanral, wat beplan om die e-tol­stelsel al einde vandeesmaand in te stel, nog nie die besorgd­hede van die publiek opgelos het nie,” sê Busa.
Volgens Rau moet Sanral die inwerkingstelling van die e-tolstelsel uitstel en die geleentheid gebruik om te bepaal hoe die koste vir ondernemings en verbruikers verlaag kan word.
Die kredietgraderingsagentskap Moody’s het die gradering van die Suid-Afrikaanse nasionale padagentskap (Sanral) verlaag en kommer uitgespreek oor sy toekomstige sakemodel. Moodeys  spreek ook sy kommer uit oor Sanral se vermoë om tolgeld van padgebruikers te verhaal, veral teen die agtergrond van wydverspreide weerstand teen die stelsel. Die nodige wetgewing moet nog goedgekeur word.

This scam was planned a long time ago by the con-artists in the communist tri-angle. They went and plan a quick "get-rich" scheme for themselves- and organized that they would invest into this scam- make it a law- and force the taxpayer and the road user to fork out the dough to stiffen their private bank accounts. The public was not informed about their stunt- and furthermore- have these gremlins no mandate from the public to proceed with their con-tricks.

 Now- keep in mind that these roads were already been paid for- and furthermore- did Dawie De Villiers already set -up a fund for the roads years ago where you and me had to pay R 2.00 p/l fuel to maintain these roads. What the flippen ANC rats came and did- as with our oil and coal- they stole all the money in the fund. Now they want to tax us for items that is already been paid for- and zonk the money into their own accounts. Zwelentini Vaavi had one helluva big mouth about this e-toll scam-even had a country-wide strike organized- until the bugger was caught-out that COSATU had one fat finger in this money-racketeering pie...then Vaavi silently "dissapeared" from the tongue-wagging scenario. They are all into this- and they know- should this scam back-fire...will they have to fork out all that funds they stole from the pension fund- and repay it. Now they all of a sudden want to make "laws" to protect their sleaze scam and force the public to pay for their evil deeds.

These con men even went a step further to "ensure" their "pension packages" will be quite comfortable- by illegally robbing the state pension fund to "invest" millions in order to regain millions again. Why - when caught-out- was these criminals not dragged to court...but still proceed and try to force their stunt on the public? Are they "untouchable?" Why do the prosecuting authorities not lay charges against all involved in the robbery of the state pension fund?Why do they keep-on getting away with this corruption and nobody takes them on by law?Eerie hoe the "government" can steal and pull stunts like these- and all is happy because the "government" did it?

" JOHANNESBURG. – Die feit dat staatsamptenare se pensioenfonds (GEPF) skuldbriewe van R15,7miljard van die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap (Sanral) besit, kan op ’n groot ramp uitloop, het die IVP gister gesê.

Dit kan tot 60% van die totale skuldlas van Sanral se nuwe tolpaaie verteenwoordig.

“As die tolstelsel misluk, sal die regering nie net geldelik vir Sanral moet red nie, maar ook sy pensioenfonds,” het mnr. Narend Singh, IVP-LP, gesê.

Volgens hom is dié belegging die rede hoekom die regering die tolstelsel in Gauteng so ywerig ondersteun.

 Which contributor of this pension fund did they negotiate with to take his/her private money for this con-trick?Why was the people who owns this pensions- not involved?

You see- this is how they want to operate their illegal scam: First they take money illegally from pensioners without their knowledge- then they start this scam by setting-up a front company- SANRAL. Furthermore did they hire a overseas company to manage this scam. Now they start screwing the public - without consulting anyone- to pay hefty fines to drive on roads already been paid for- then they pay back the stolen money from the earnings through the toll-fees- BUT put the INTEREST in their own pockets...very sleazy move...and me and you have to fork out the dough for this scam. They pulled this stunt already when they- (Mbeki-gang)- sold our oil, coal and Mossgas to the Chinese- paid the money back after ONE YEAR....but NEVER repaid the interest! Whenever the pension fund money is repaid through the road user- this lot of buggers will have a free ride to paradise on our expense. Now they want to pull the same "mickey"  on us again because we are the "sheeple"- and a law here, a law there- a bit of "muscle power" and threats here an' there...and we will submissively shut-up and pay so that they can get rich. ? If we try a stunt like this- these same ANC tricksters will have us in jail in no time- but THEY get away with it...HOW? Now they see they are going to get smoking- for no-one want to agree with their sleazy trick...now they want to bulldozer a "law" through their parliament to force us to get "in-line"- and hide their corruption behind a "law."

Now- they start to lie and cheat again amidst a cheatery- by upping the tariffs suddenly to R 1.75 per kilometer as to their lie that it will be 64 cents....again no public party or pensioner- or vote was approached or held - or a mandate received to proceed with this scam.All this dealings was done behind "closed doors." They don't care a damn what our food prices, transport-or deliveries will cost after these tricksters got away with this.This comes above the fact that THEY increased the fuel prices to unbelievable heights- and simply blamed it on the "Middle East conflict"- how appropriate...typically of these ANC/Communist mobsters.

I have a nasty feeling that these gangsters in the ANC/Communist party will and shall force this crap onto the public one way-or-the-other...either by intimidating the courts again (like they normally do)- either by arrogantly bugger ahead and impose this rubbish on the public irrespective of what the bench say- or- inflate the petrol price after the court-case to R 15.00 per liter. Somehow these rats will get their stolen money repaid....and we will be the dumb arseholes paying that bill.They have to move fast- the next election is on the deck- and they do not want this little prickly pear still in the way of their coming lies and corruption to rig the next election with their guillable black voters.They know this election might be a loosing one- thus they want to pull a last hefty stunt to ensure their "golden egg"- to depart after loosing to the DA to their Swiss villas "in style." This whole scheme is only thought of, implemented- and controlled by a sleazy few "hand-picked" renegade mobsters  in Lethuli-ratnest.Now they want to rape the justice system again and implement harsh "laws" to back their dubious scheme!!!!

This idiotic thievery has not even started yet- and already the confusion starts...just watch these vehicles and their number plates:

Let us see how hard the battle is ensuing so far- with the ANC rats about to throw in everything bar the kitchen zink: (Afrikaans news)-

Tesourie wil toetree tot geding oor e-tol
2012-04-23 11:00
Die nasionale tesourie het aansoek gedoen om verlof om tot die geding oor e-tol in  Gauteng toe te tree wat vandeesweek in die hoogeregshof in Pretoria aangehoor word.

"Daar sal ernstige negatiewe implikasies wees vir die toekomstige finansiering van paaie en beleggings in openbare vervoer indien 'n interdik teen Sanral (die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap) verkry word wat hom verhoed om tolgeld in te samel," het die tesourie Maandag in 'n verklaring gesê.

"Die nasionale tesourie sal aanvoer dat die interdik nie toegestaan moet word nie en dat die implementering van die (stelsel) vir die insameling van tolgeld moet voortgaan."

Die aansoek om 'n interdik is onder andere gebring deur die Bondgenootskap Teen Stedelike Tol (BTST) en sal na verwagting Dinsdag aangehoor word.
Intussen het die DA gesê hy gaan by die Verbruikerskommissie kla omdat Sanral wat die publiek "mislei omdat net een bedrag op sy borde aangedui word wat by tolbrûe opgerig is".
"Al drie tariewe . . . moet vir die motoris aangedui word," het mnr. Neil Campbell in 'n verklaring gesê.
Net die aflslag-tarief vir motoriste met e-skyfies word aangedui en dit is 'n taktiek van Sanral om homself "in die bes moontlike lig te stel".
Die standaard-tarief word nie aangedui nie en die tarief vir ongeregistreerde motoriste verskyn ook nie op die borde nie. - Sapa

E-tol: Dié reëls is glo onwettig
2012-04-20 21:53
Jinine Botha
Die onlangse konsepregulasies van die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap (Sanral) oor die Gautengse e-tolstelsel is onwettig, het Cosatu gister in ’n prokureursbrief aan die departement van vervoer gesê.

Die vakverbond is onder meer ontsteld omdat die publiek nie genoeg tyd gegun is om kommentaar op die konsepregulasies, wat op 27 Maart gepubliseer is, te lewer nie.

“Die publiek word kragtens wet 20 dae tyd gegun, maar die regulasies is net voor die Paasnaweek gepubliseer, wat die publiek in werklikheid net 12 dae tyd gegee het.”

Luidens die brief is nog ’n bron van kommer Sanral se voorneme om sy eie “polisiemag” aan te stel om ­motoriste te dwing om op te dok. Dit beteken dat Sanral-werk­nemers dieselfde magte as die verkeerspolisie sal hê.

“Die mag van Sanral om iemand aan te stel is teen die Strafproseswet, want slegs die minister van justisie kan dié aanstellings doen.”

Sanral het reeds in die media ontken dat hy sy eie polisiemag gaan aanstel en aantygings dat dié mag dan op voertuie kan beslag lê, as onwaar afgemaak.

Adv. James Mlawu, adjunk-direkteur-generaal van padvervoer, het vroeër gesê die konsepregulasies wat die departement verlede week gepubliseer het, is ’n tussentydse maatreël om die betaling van tolgeld op “oop” tolpaaie af te dwing totdat die wysigings aan padverkeerswetgewing gereed is. 


 Sanral nie 'gereed om te begin met e-tol'
2012-04-24 23:45
Jinine Botha en Sapa

Sanral is nie in 'n posisie om e-tol nou in werking te stel nie, omdat die proses nie afgehandel is om openbare vervoer uit te sluit nie, het die hooggeregshof in Pretoria Dinsdag gehoor.

"Alhoewel Sanral die dringendheid (van die aansoek) in twyfel trek . . . die feite is dat hulle nie op 30 April met e-tol kan begin nie, want die uitsluitings is nie in plek nie," het mnr. Alistair Franklin, vir die applikante, aangevoer.

Die applikante probeer e-tol keer omdat Sanral volgens hulle onder meer die publiek nie behoorlik ingelig het nie, dat die besluit om tolgeld te hef onredelik was en dat dit "prakties onmoontlik" is om toe te pas.

Die nasionale tesourie se aansoek om toe te tree tot die geding is vroeër Dinsdagoggend deur die hof toegestaan.

Regter Bill Prinsloo het die aansoek toegestaan omdat daar nie teenkanting daarteen was nie.

Die tesourie is die nuutste respondent in die saak.

“Daar sal negatiewe implikasies vir die toekomstige finansiering van paaie en beleggings in openbare vervoer wees as ’n hofbevel Sanral keer om met tolheffing op Gautengse hoofweë voort te gaan,” het die tesourie gister in ’n verklaring gesê.

Die Nasionale Verbruikerskommissie (NVK) sal na verwagting vandeesweek oor die wettigheid van die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap (Sanral) se kontrak met e-skyfiegebruikers beslis.

In die hofaansoek vra die Bondgenootskap Teen Stedelike Tol (BTST) die hof om ’n interdik teen die e-tolstelsel toe te staan.

AfriForum, die padvragvereniging (RFA) en die Tolhek Aksie Groep (TAG) wat uit die VF+, die Nasionale Belastingbetalersunie (NBU), TLU SA en die Federasie vir Woonwa- en Kampeerklubs (FWKK) bestaan, gaan as vriende van die hof tot die aansoek toetree.

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Kamer van Koophandel en Nywerheid, Besigheidseenheid Suid-Afrika (Busa), die finansiëledienstevakbond Sasbo en die vakverbond Fedusa het ook al hul teenkanting daarteen te kenne gegee.

Die vakverbond Cosatu het weer gister bevestig dat hy die “moeder van alle optogte” vir Maandag beplan en verskeie protesaksies in ander provinsies sal onderneem.

Adv. Anton Alberts, die VF+ se parlementêre woordvoerder oor vervoer, het gesê die uitslag van die hofsaak sal bepaal of TAG-lede ook ’n optog sal hou.

Mnr. Wayne Duvenage, woordvoerder van die BTST, het gesê hulle is vol hoop vanweë die groeiende ondersteuning teen die e-tolstelsel.

Die ander respondente in die aansoek is Sanral, mnr. S’bu Ndebele, minister van vervoer, me. Edna Molewa, minister van omgewingsake, en haar direkteur-generaal, mnr. Ismail Vadi, Gautengse LUR vir paaie en vervoer, en die NVK.

Mnr. Nazir Alli, uitvoerende hoof van Sanral, het gister gesê hulle sal die hof se besluit respekteer, wat dit ook al is.

Intussen het die DA gesê Sanral mislei die publiek deur die goedkoopste tolheffing op borde langs die N1 aan te bring.

“Soos gewoonlik verskaf Sanral onvoldoende inligting aan die publiek en word die pryse wat van toepassing is op motoriste wat vir ’n e-skyfie geregistreer het en daarom afslag ontvang, op borde aangebring,” het dr. Neil Campbell, Gautengse DA-woordvoerder oor paaie en vervoer, gister gesê.

“Deur net die kleinste bedrag te vertoon word die publiek mislei. Die ander bedrae wat nie-geregistreerde motoriste gaan betaal, moet ook op dié borde aangebring word.”

Alli het gesê as mense die borde lees, sal hulle sien daar word aangedui dat dit die e-skyfietarief is. “Ons mislei die publiek dus nie.” 

Cosatu reg vir aksie teen E-tol
2012-04-23 14:27
Cosatu is gereed om met sy massa-protesoptrede te begin teen die omstrede e-tolstelsel wat oor 'n week in werking tree.

Die vakverbond het sy planne bekend gemaak vir die “moeder van alle protesoptredes.”

Op sy webwerf sê Cosatu hy begin Woensdag met protesoptrede en die groot massa-optog word vir 30 April beplan. Hy doen 'n beroep op al sy lede om Maandag van die werk weg te bly en deel te neem aan die optog.

'n Beroep is op sy twee miljoen lede gedoen om deel te wees van die optog.

Mnr. Patrick Craven, ‘n woordvoerder vir Cosatu, sê hy het nog nooit so baie mense gesien wat teen iets gekant is nie.

Hy sê die tyd het aangebreek dat die regering na die stemme van sy mense luister, het die RSG berig.

Padgebruikers met e-skyfies sal 30 c per  kilometer betaal. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Padagentskap (Sanral) sê die koste van diegene wat nie betaal nie, is bykans drie keer meer as die oorspronklike tarief.

Die tolstelsel tree op 30 April in werking. - Nuus24

"Padgebruikers sonder geregistreerde e-skyfies sal byna ses keer meer per kilometer moet opdok as geregistreerde e-tol-gebruikers om op die nuwe Gautengse hoofweë te ry.

Die tarief vir sogenaamde “alternatiewe gebruikers” van ligte voertuie – wat nie vir die e-tolstelsel geregistreer is nie – is R1,75/km, het die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap (Sanral) Vrydag in ’n kennisgewing in die Staatskoerant gesê.

Vroeër is egter aangekondig die vasgestelde standaardtarief is 58c/km vir motoriste wat nie die e-tolstelsel gebruik nie en 30c/km vir geregistreerde gebruikers.

Die DA en die Bondgenootskap Teen Stedelike Tol (BTST) het dié skielike verandering as ’n boelietaktiek uit die Sanral-kamp en die wetgewing as onderduims beskryf.

Die BTST het ook gedreig om Sanral by die Nasionale Verbruikerskommissie te verkla.

Minibustaxi’s en busse is nie in dié kennisgewing in die Staatskoerant apart geklassifiseer nie, wat waarskynlik beteken dat eienaars van voertuie wat vir openbare vervoer gebruik word, ook sal moet opdok, al het Sanral reeds aangekondig dat hy nie tolgeld sal hoef te betaal nie."

Now follows what I have so accurately predicted: Should the court ruling on 25 April rules in favor of the applicant- BTST- then the cunning ANC/Communist/SANRAL conmen would go for either of three options as stipulated in my last paragraph...and ditto- as predicted- the con men in Lethuli- rat nest already had their skunkfactory- NASPERS- at the ready. barely 2 hours after the court ruling against the rat pack was announced- whalla....there comes the (already pre-prepared)- article that the petrol price WILL increase within 4 days with 28 cents per litre.

Now the facinatiing part that is a dead give-away indicating beyond reasonable doubt that these rats planned this petrol hike specifically for the ruling- is that normally the "wise men" fortells the public of a "possible" fuel hike about a month before they actually slam you with it- sort of a little "mind game" to psychologically "prepare" you...and the " wise men" are ALWAYS (very prophetic one must add)- correct in their "predictions."

This time - however- NO "pre announcement" was made by the "wise men"- but a sudden shocker- barely 2 hours after the ruling was announced ( see times in the two articles in red)- suddenly we are "notified" out-of-the blue that petrol now WILL increase. WOW...this ANC rat-pack is SO predictable. Look at the lame excuse the illiterate correspondent flagged as reason for the "sudden" hike: " The Department of Energy said that higher international oil prices have a  impact on local fuel prices..." My my...and there we stupid gullible public thought our fuel prices were linked to Toothpaste manufacturing  prices!This is the problem with this ANC Bush twerps...they take the public for idiots...and maybe they cannot act better- for they are so far removed from the public- I do not even think they realize that there IS a "public" around them anymore. They are totally lost in their own dream world- and has no touch with reality no more...the walls of Lethuli rat nest made them all cuckoo. For them-now- it is all about a huge power-struggle to control the country after 2015...who is the present "Big Boss"- and to amass their own personal riches and power as fast as possible....marrying as many wives as possible - making little ANC rats...and the country....to hell with the "country! "Eerie how "quickly" this lot hoolahoops jacked-up our fuel prices immediately after the international oil prices on the stock market went "up". (Normally it takes THREE months for the oil price to filter to the petrol pumps.) Obviously this increase was a bit "too fast " to wait the three months. Our previous deflated oil price did not even reached us.

Yea Bru...my dad always used to say that if you wanna sell him bullsh*t- rather sell him GOOD bullsh*t then downright crap bullsh*t....and this is what the idiotic ANC lame-o's want to sell us now. We all know that they expect that the next court-session may also go the "wrong way"- and had this little price hike already well planned in advance- and the more the loose ground with their Toll-scam- the more they gonna whack the fuel price to recover the stolen state pension fund from the public.If the con artists that calls themselves the "government" did not revert to corrupt money scams to enrich themselves- and kept their dirty hands off the pension fund- as well as not do stupid things like taking loans and start to build air-castles called "toll gates"- this bandit stunts would not be necessary. This is what we call "butt -over-head" tactics. Now they try to cover one scam with yet another one- and another to follow- and another....and fuel prices now will rocket until they believe they have paid back that stolen 450 million smackeroos....or  until a fullscale civil war kicks their lousy bandit butts out of office.Hee-haa...Zimbawe.....here we come!

E-tol: Aansoek is dringend

2012-04-25 12:19

Daar was Woensdag 'n lang tou by Cresta-winkelsent 
 (Die skapies wat gereed staan vir die slagpale)

Daar was Woensdag 'n lang tou by Cresta-winkelsentrum om e-skyfies te kry. Van die mense in die tou het gesê dit vat tot drie ure om gehelp te word. Foto: Liézel Els

Die aansoek om die e-tolstelsel teen 30 April voorlopig te stop is dringend, het die hooggeregshof in Pretoria vanoggend bevind.
Regter Bill Prinsloo stem saam met die argument dat die Bondgenootskap Teen Stedelike Tol (BTST) nie vroeër die aansoek kon bring nie.
"Die groot openbare belang in die saak vanuit verskeie geledere het my ook oortuig om my oordeel te gebruik."
Prinsloo het bevind dat BTST regtelik die aansoek gebring het nadat die finale tariewe vir die eerste keer in Februarie vanjaar bekend gemaak is.
"Ek stem saam met die applikante (BTST) dat die historiese ontwikkeling van die e-tolstelsel hulle nog hoop gegee het dat die  stelsel nie in werking sou tree nie (be shelved)."


Petrolprys styg weer

2012-04-25 14:18

Die petrolprys bereik volgende week 'n rekordhoogte met 'n styging van 28 c per liter.

Die styging tree Woensdag in werking.

Diesel sal  9,4c per liter meer kos en paraffien sal verbruikers tot 12c meer uit die sak jaag.

Petrol kos voortaan R12,22 per liter in Gauteng en R11,87 per liter vir 95-oktaanpetrol.

Diesel sal nou R10,98 per liter in Gauteng kos en R10,73 per liter langs die kus.

Die departement van energie sê die hoër internasionale oliepryse beïnvloed die plaaslike brandstofprys. - Fin24


Now the rats are getting into serious trouble because the filthy scheme is still not "on the road"- and their debt and payback cut-off dates are closing in fast. They are now bellowing like cornered pigs and try to intimidate the courts to rule in their favor. Question remains...why did they start this unlawful behind-the-scenes illegal money-racketeering ?:(Afrikaans)-

Sanral-skuld lui ramp in

Mei 06 2012 05:00 Adri van Zyl

Johannesburg. – Die finansiering van Suid-Afrika se broodnodige infrastruktuurprojekte stuur op ’n ramp af.  Die uitstel van die e-tolstelsel in Gauteng plaas geweldige druk op die fiskus om op die een of ander manier geld te werf om die skuld van die Suid-Afrikaanse nasionale padagentskap (Sanral) te betaal. 

Sanral se benarde finansiële posisie is Vrydag vererger en ’n skadu is gewerp oor die vermoë van die staat om ook ander infrastruktuurpro­jekte te finansier toe Moody’s die ­kredietgradering van Sanral- en ander staatseffekte verlaag het. Dit beteken dat die kredietgradering van instellings soos Eskom en Transnet ook nou verswak is.

Dit kan daartoe lei dat die koste verhoog om finansiering te bekom vir die massiewe infrastruktuurpro­jekte waarmee hulle besig is. ’n Instelling se kredietgradering bepaal hoe geredelik beleggers ­bereid is om daardie  instelling se ­effekte te koop en teen watter  ­rentekoers die beleggers dit kan bekom. Dit is juis wat die beleggingsmarkte gevrees het, veral omdat die finansiële stabiliteit van Sanral wankel weens die uitstel van die e-tolstelsel. 

Kenneth Morare, hoofontleder van Sanral by die kredietgraderingsagentskap, lig die finansiële volhoubaarheid van Sanral uit as een van die redes vir die aanpassing aan sy kredietgradering.  Marshall Brown, portefeuljebestuurder van Investec, sê Sanral is vir sy inkomste afhanklik van tolgeld en die steun van sy enigste aandeelhouer – die regering. 

Selfs voor die afgradering van Sanral se effekte was daar geen twyfel nie dat die regering sou moes instaan vir  Sanral se skuld as tolgeld nie ingevorder word nie. 

Die regering waarborg die terugbetaling van 50% van die skuld van R20 miljard waarvoor Sanral effekte uitgereik het.  Brown sê die toewysing van ’n bykomende R5,8 miljard aan Sanral in vanjaar se nasionale begroting bewys die regering se verbintenis tot die padagentskap omdat hy besef hoe belangrik sy projekte is vir ekonomiese groei. Die regering het Vrydag in ’n verklaring ná ’n kabinetsvergadering aangekondig dat ’n ministeriële komitee aangestel is om “dringend stappe te doen om te verseker dat Sanral se finansiële stabiliteit nie geraak word nie”. 

Uit die verklaring blyk dat die regering nie onbewus is van die ernstige implikasies wat die uitstel van die e-tolstelsel kan hê nie.  “Die besluite wat ons neem en die stappe wat alle Suid-Afrikaners nou doen rakende die toekoms van die Gauteng-hoofwegverbeteringsprojek sal ernstige gevolge inhou vir die manier waarop toekomstige infrastruktuurprojekte gefinansier sal word,” lui die verklaring. 

Die groot gevaar waarop die re­gering in sy verklaring wys, is dat die omvangryke infrastruktuurprogram – wat van die uiterste belang is vir ekonomiese groei en ’n verbetering in die lewenstandaard van Suid-Afrikaners sal meebring – in die gedrang kan kom. Dit is presies wat die gevolg gaan wees van die  verlaging van Sanral-effekte se gradering tot net-net beleggingsgraad en dié van ander Suid-Afrikaanse staatseffekte tot beleggingsgraad met groeiende risiko.

Olga Constantatos, kredietontleder van die portefeuljebestuursmaatskappy Futuregrowth, wat net in effekte belê, sê die koste van politieke inmenging in die e-tolstelsel kring uit na die vermoë van ander staatsinstelling om finansiering te werf.  Die aanpassing van die kredietwaardigheid van  staatseffekte beteken dat dit duurder gaan word om geld te werf omdat die risiko van die beleggings hoog is.  

Constantatos sê dit is ’n ongelukkige nadraai van die Gauteng-hoofwegverbeteringsprojek wat met die goedkeuring van die regering aangepak is en uitmuntend en binne sy mandaat deur Sanral uitgevoer is.


Sanral en staatspensioene

Mei 03 2012 05:00 Jean-Marie de Waal

Kaapstad. – Net die helfte van die R15,7 miljard se skuldbriewe wat die staatsdiens se pensioenfonds (GEPF) in die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Padagentskap (Sanral) besit, word deur ’n regeringswaarborg gedek, het in ’n voorlegging deur die GEPF aan die staande komitee vir finansies aan die lig gekom. Kundiges is bekommerd oor die GEPF se blootstelling aan Sanral, veral met die jongste uitstel van die instelling van die e-tolstelsel in Gauteng.

’n Dringende interdik teen die heffing van tolgeld deur Sanral is Saterdag toegestaan en die instelling van e-tolheffings is met ’n maand uitgestel.  Arthur Moloto, voorsitter van die GEPF en ook ’n lid van die parlement, het in die sitting laat blyk net 50% van die skuldbriewe wat in Sanral gehou word – amper R8 miljard s’n – word deur ’n regeringswaarborg gedek. Omdat Sanral ’n statutêre liggaam is, bestaan ’n onderliggende waarborg in elk geval vir die volle bedrag, het hy egter benadruk.

Tim Harris, die DA se skadu­minister van finansies, het egter in ’n verklaring gesê Pravin Gordhan, minister van finansies, moet aan die komitee verduidelik hoe die res van die waarborg gedek sal word. Dit sal steeds die goedkeuring van die nasionale tesourie verg, al is Sanral ’n statutêre liggaam. John Oliphant, waarnemende GEPF-fondsbestuurder, het by navraag gesê die GEPF se blootstelling aan Sanral se e-tolprojek kom eintlik neer op net sowat 1% van die R1 000 miljard se beleggings onder bestuur.

Oliphant het benadruk die GEPF het volle vertroue in sy belegging.  Ook die Openbare Beleggingskorporasie (OBK), wat die GEPF se beleggings bestuur, het verlede week gesê ondanks die probleme met die e-tolstelsel glo hy steeds vas in sy belegging. Oliphant het wel genoem dat die sloering met die instelling van die e-tolstelsel ’n uitwerking op die opbrengs op die belegging in Sanral sal hê.

Hy het ook beklemtoon dat sy opbrengs op die belegging hoofsaaklik afhang van wat die kredietgraderingsagentskappe besluit.  Sanral het ’n AAA-gradering, maar hy word dopgehou om te kyk of sy gradering afwaarts aangepas moet word.  Toe die skuldbriewe in Sanral in 2008 gekoop is, is ’n beleggingsopbrengs van sowat 9% verwag.

“Ons verwag steeds só ’n opbrengs, hoewel die uitstel van die e-tolstelsel ’n uitwerking op Sanral se vermoë sal hê om sy skuld te delg,” het Oliphant gesê.  Hy glo die kwessie oor die rol van kredietgraderingsagentskappe word misgekyk in die huidige debat oor die GEPF se beleggings in staatsinstellings. Die GEPF hou ook skuldbriewe in ander staatsinstellings.

Hy hou byvoorbeeld 60% van Transnet se skuldbriewe.  Harris meen dit is kommerwekkend dat die GEPF ongedekte blootstelling van amper R8 miljard het indien die e-tolstelsel nie in werking gestel word nie. ’n Verswakte kredietgradering van Sanral sal verder ’n negatiewe uitwerking op die land se kredietgradering hê wat dit vir Suid-Afrika duurder sal maak om geld te leen.

Harris het gister die voorsitter van die staande komitee vir ­finansies, Thaba Mufamadi, gevra om ’n uitnodiging aan Gordhan te stuur sodat daar aan die komitee verduidelik kan word wat die ­huidige skuldvlakke van Sanral is weens die uitstel van die e-tolstelsel, asook om die regeringswaarborg vir Sanral, te verduidelik.



This communication is not a legal opinion in any way whatsoever and only forwarded to yourselves for comment and for further discussion.

As you are all aware, motorist in Gauteng will be paying “toll fees” for the use of the new upgraded Gauteng freeways, to fund the Gauteng freeway development project.

Instead of motorist being billed monthly and receiving a statement for the usage of the E-Toll roads and which usage is linked to your motor vehicle license plate number (VLN), Sanral is currently pushing and encouraging motorist to rather purchase an E-Tag and to register as an E-Tag user, or to register as a VLN user.

In return for purchasing and registering as a E-Tag user / VLN user they promise that motorists may then qualify and be entitled to discounts, be categorized as either a E-Tag user or a registered VLN user to be entitled to discounted tolls.  Should you elect not to register with Sanral, you will however not be entitled to any discounts or lower tariffs.

At first glace and when comparing the normal toll rates, to that of the discounted toll rates when you elect to register, the normal and reasonable uninformed motorist would be guided only by the discounts when signing up for registration.

After perusal of Sanral Terms & Conditions however, and which must be signed prior to registration, you will immediately note that the advantages of registering as an E-Toll user is very limited and comes with various onerous and one sided terms and obligations favoring only Sanral.  Many clauses in their terms and conditions are being viewed by ourselves as well as other institutions as being either unlawful or in contravention of the Consumer Protection Act. 


1.                  The discounts promised, and categorization as a registered E Tag user will not apply to all toll roads.
2.                  The onus is placed on the registered E-Toll user to establish their user categorization and/or the tolls applicable to a specific E-Toll road.  The motorist can obtain the information from Sanral website.
3.                  A motorist who registers and thereafter fails to comply with any of Sanral’s prescribed terms and conditions, will be deemed to be an E-Road violator and their account can be referred to a collection agency called “Violations Processing Centre” which is a division of Sanral itself. (See paragraph 2 of Sanral terms & conditions). 
4.                  Motorist who register will be billed and will be liable for toll transactions recorded according to the user VLN or E-Tag.
5.                  Motorist who register agree and understand that their liability to incur toll when the motor vehicle passes a tolling point and that the amount of toll is calculated with reference to the tolling point and not with reference to the KM traveled before the user reaches the tolling point.
6.                  Motorist who register are given 3 payment options for topping up their E Toll accounts namely, Pre-Paid Accounts, Manual Top Up Payments, Automatic Top Up Payments, all associated with the risk taking into account that you are contracting with a wholly owned State Company where corruption is at the order of the day.
7.                  Motorists who register further agrees and undertakes to ensure at all times that there is sufficient funds in the E-Toll account and should you fail to make sufficient payments into your E-Toll account will give Sanral the right to hand over your account to VPC for collection purposes.
8.                  Motorists who register and who elect to link their E-Toll account to a credit card bank account, debit card further authorizes Sanral to:
a.       debit the motorists account to fund the E-Toll account for Toll fees incurred when raised;
b.      undertakes to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the account
c.       places the duty on the motorist to notify Sanral of bank account detail changes.
9.                  A registered motorist undertakes and agrees to settle all E-Toll transactions within any period required by Sanral.
10.              Should the registered motorist fail to make payments when required to do so, Sanral will have the right without notice to the motorists to suspend the motorist account, to red list the E-Tag and to hand the account over for collection to VPC.
11.              The registered motorist further agrees that failure to make payment in respect of an E-Toll transaction in terms of the terms & conditions may result in criminal proceedings against themselves.
12.              By registering the motorist agrees and understands that a statement of charges will be available on the E-Toll website for download and that should hardcopies be requested, that Sanral will have the right to charge for furnishing such copies.
13.              Registered motorists agree that any payment made to Sanral will be utilized against the oldest charge to the most recent.
14.              Registered motorist E-Toll account will be suspended if not used for a period of 12 months and will have to be reactivated. (at a charge).
15.              Registered motorist agrees further that Sanral will not be held responsible for any loss or damage a motorist may suffer as a result of incorrect banking details being provided by the user and captured by Sanral except for instances where Sanral or its agent acted with gross negligence.
16.              Registered motorists agree to be liable for additional fees and attorney charges which may be incurred by Sanral in the collection of outstanding E-Toll amounts.
17.              Registered motorists further consent to the onerous provision that it will be deemed that the fees charged by Sanral are correct and the onus is placed on the motorist to prove that such charges are incorrect.
18.              Registered motorists will not be provided with a receipt when they proceed through the tolling point.  A tax invoice may however be requested but then at the expense of the motorist.
19.              By registering for an E Tag account the onus is placed on the motorist to change the motor vehicle details linked to the E Toll account when you lose possession of the vehicle or where ownership in respect of the vehicle is transferred to a third party.  Failure to do so will mean that the motorist will remain liable for any E-Toll charges incurred.
20.              By registering the motorist acknowledges and accepts that by purchasing an E Tag and registering same does not in itself necessary result in a valid passage on an E Toll Road and that you may be prevented by Sanral to continue driving on the E Road.
21.              By registering, the motorist agrees and accepts that Sanral will be entitled and without notice to the motorist to suspend an E Toll account and to Red List an E Tag, for failure of any of Sanral terms & conditions.  Should the motorist later prove that there was no transgression of Sanral terms & conditions, theywill have no claim against Sanral as in terms of the agreement such claims are waived by the motorist in favor of Sanral.
22.              Whilst ownership in the E Tag and E Tag holder remains the property of Sanral the risk of loss, theft or damage passes to you upon delivery.
23.              By registering, the motorist irrevocably authorizes Sanral or its duly authorized agents to obtain from any institutions where they may have an account or any credit bureau any information concerning themselves.
24.              By registering the motorist further acknowledge and accepts that Sanral may unilaterally update and amend their terms & conditions and that the motorist has consented to such amendments and has agreed to abide by such amended terms & conditions. 
25.              By registering for an E Tag, the motorist is affording Sanral a blanket indemnity for any wrong doing, loss or damage that the motorist may have suffered by using the E road.
26.              A registered motorist further agrees to an unlawful provision in consenting to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court of Pretoria in respect of all matters arising out of the terms & conditions.

A copy of Sanral terms and conditions is attached hereto for your ease of reference.


1.                  Motorist will be billed for the use of the E Toll, without automatically being liable for such use, in the event of receiving incorrect readings from Sanral, theft, cloning of number plates, or the cloning of a motorist personal information etc
2.                  The onus will be on Sanral to prove that it was the motorist’s vehicle that traveled the recorded distances.
3.                  Payments will be made and effected by the motorist into a Sanral bank account.
4.                  Sanral’s collection division (VPC) will have no jurisdiction over non registered motorists.
5.                  Motorists will be entitled to monthly statements without any charge.
6.                  Motorists would be entitled to dictate how payments be allocated in respect of Toll road usage.
7.                  Motorists who do not register would not automatically be liable for additional fees or attorney charges.
8.                  The onus remains on Sanral to prove that the fees charged and for which the motorist is debited are correct.
9.                  Until an exemption notice is published motorist will be entitled to a receipt when paying for E Toll road usage.
10.              In the event of a dispute with Sanral regarding outstanding charges, Sanral will not have the right to prevent the non registered motorist from continued use of the E Toll road.
11.              Losses suffered by non registered motorist can be recovered by way of civil action.
12.              Sanral will not have the right to have access to any private information of a non registered motorist.
13.              Sanral will not have the right to amend any terms & conditions without the motorist agreeing to such amendments.
14.              In the event of litigation, Sanral will have to issue a civil Summons or proceed criminally against the motorist in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act and will be forced to litigate against the motorist in a Magistrate’s Court who has jurisdiction over that motorist. (It is unlawful to consent to the jurisdiction of a specific Magistrate’s Court).

The above comment is made and must be read in conjunction with various sections of the National Credit Act, and the Consumer Protection Act.  Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact writer hereof.

Yours faithfully

Deon Botha